Do your sales results suck and you aren’t sure why?

Posted on 14 Nov 2021
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Bad questions result in bad answers, great answers only come from great questions

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Learn to get the answers you want by asking the questions they need

Buyers don't know how to buy from you, they don't really understand what you do and they certainly don't know what to ask you or what answers to give to your questions.

Compounded on - the seller outcome is known (give me money), but the buyer outcome is nebulous (I get *????*).

The only way around this is for the seller to ask better questions, allowing the buyer to give the answers they need to ensure the right outcome.

Join for 5+ examples of better types of questions for sellers to ask.

You'll learn:

  • Why you are getting the wrong answers
  • Why buyers sometimes give you all the right signals.... then ghost you
  • How to properly frame difficult questions
  • And 5+ practical examples of questions to ask

The mentors in this video

Scott Cowley I help founders who sell, but aren't *sales*people, build repeatable processes that win

You should book a call with me if you are a non-salesperson who has to sell and/or lead a team selling a product/service with a lifetime value of at least $5,000 AND you’re struggling with reliable, repeatable sales performance. Lead generation, booking meetings, closing, reducing no shows, etc

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