Talk to Mentors from these 25 SaaS companies that genuinely want to help you grow

Getting a mentor to help you in your SaaS journey can make an incredible impact in your growth. In this post, we’re highlighting 25 growth mentors from 25 different high growth SaaS startups that you can book calls with. It’s never been easier to find a SaaS mentor!

SaaS is an awesome space to be in.

  • Low barriers to entry
  • Recurring revenue
  • Almost infinite scalability

But for every high profile success story, there are literally thousands of failed startup attempts.

Yep, failing = learning, but it still sucks.

Mentorship can improve your odds

In the SaaS world, everyone’s bat shit crazy about the latest growth hack tactics.

But the best growth hack of them all though is the oldest in the book.

  • Talk to successful people doing things similar to what you want to do
  • Ask them what worked for them (and what didn’t work)
  • Leverage their insights to prevent the type of mistakes that are totally avoidable
  • Build relationships with them in the meanwhile

The skills necessary to excel at growth in SaaS are ridiculously broad.

  • Product management
  • Performance marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Social media
  • And the list goes on and on…

It’s impossible to be an expert at everything.

But being able to jump on a call with an expert on-demand and talk through your challenges can be a life saver.

How to find a SaaS mentor (the old way)

Traditionally, finding a SaaS mentor’s been a royal pain the ass.

Depending on which blog post you read, the advice can differ.

What most blogs recommend:

  • Do your homework, find someone you admire and lock-in
  • Give first, do something nice to catch their attention and win their respect
  • After enough rapport’s been built, ask them to be your mentor.

While this sounds great in theory, it’s time-consuming and kind of awkward.

The new (easy) way

  • Signup to GrowthMentor
  • Filter mentors by expertise, company, industry, language, and price
  • Book a call with them 


  • Zero time wastage
  • Zero awkwardness
  • You know they’re game to mentor  
  • The mentors are all rock solid since we vet them 
  • The mentors hail from respected SaaS companies and have real-world experience (they aren’t preachy coaches)

Below are 25 mentors that are currently working in high growth SaaS startups.

Feel free to click into their profiles to learn more about the nuance of what they can help you with.

They are all super friendly and are down to help you out.




  • Mentor Name: Marcus Svensson
  • Role: Head of Growth
  • Website:
  • Product: IP reverse look up B2B lead generation
  • Founded: 2014

How Marcus can help you with your SaaS


Growth Hacking

Leading cross-functional team at Albacross, the closer marketing and product work, the more efficient and great outcome of your test you will see. Writing about “Growth Hacking” and Growth Marketing from time to time.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

You can drive as much traffic you want if you have no clue how to convert it, its just a waste of resources. CRO is an essential part of growth of your company.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is definitely one of the most powerful tools to leverage your business, bootstrapped or not. But also one of the most common way companies doing it all wrong, research, quality, and planning is key to any success.

Technology and Tools

I’ve tried well over 100+ tools related to marketing/sales/analytics, love to try new things. Set up the right tool stack for several SaaS companies who work with SME customers.

What mentees are saying about Marcus

We had a great call about Facebook retargeting ads using custom audiences. It was great to hear from another head of growth what’s working and what’s not working. I definitely recommend anyone in a growth role working in SaaS to book a call with Marcus. Great guy and super friendly.

Fotios Panagiotakopoulos - Founder at GrowthMentor


  • Mentor Name: Corey Haines
  • Role: Head of Growth
  • Website:
  • Product: Stripe finance business intelligence
  • Founded: 2013

How Corey can help you with your SaaS


Growth Hacking

Foundationally, you’ll want to: 1. Do heavy customer research via interviews, surveys, and research 2. Position your product among the competition with a compelling unique selling point 3. Establish clearly defined guiding principles and values Then, begin experimenting with growth strategies and tactics in various channels: 1. Ideate and compile a list of experiments 2. Score and prioritize your ideas 3. Start testing and investing 4. Analyze and either optimize or discontinue the experiment.

Product Market Fit

I’m a champion of Brian Balfour’s product/market/channel/model fit methodology that takes multiple factors into account when going to market with a product. Many startups struggle with finding marketing traction because they use faulty strategies that were not meant for their type of business. The three key components to product/market fit are: 1. Alignment in product/market/channel/model 2. Positioning 3. Brand messaging framework

Content Marketing

Heavy experience in producing blog posts, podcasting, using video, webinars, and guides. In that, I specialize in customer research, keyword research, content research, and all other SEO research required. I also help with content promotion tactics with SEO, email marketing, community participation, social media, and even some creative forms of advertising.

What mentees are saying about Corey

Corey is a great human being. He cares and offered superlative advice. Corey has solid knowledge and understanding in the Bootstrapped and Funded SAAS marketing initiatives. He knows how to provide real results with sustainable growth! I highly recommend booking a call with Corey as a SaaS Growth Marketing Mentor

Henry Hernandez - CEO Digital Strategy Group


  • Mentor Name: Kalo Yankulov
  • Role: Co-founder
  • Website:
  • Product: Marketing automation SaaS
  • Founded: 2018

How Kalo can help you with your SaaS

  • Design and implement a complete marketing automation strategy.
  • Build personalized, targeted lifecycle campaigns that increase conversions, retention, and revenue.
  • Create an effective onboarding campaign that converts trial users to paying customers.
  • Write retention email sequences that increase your customer lifetime value.
  • Choose the right marketing automation tool.

Previously, I’ve created several bootstrapped startups and helped dozens of other businesses increase their revenue.

I sold my last business HeadReach to a lead competitor.

I’ve worked for and advised a number of industry experts and startups, both venture-funded and bootstrapped like Simvoly, LemonStand, UpViral, Metrilo, Neil Patel and Patrick Vlaskovits about UX, content distribution, outreach marketing, and lead generation.

What mentees are saying about Kalo

It was great to go over my content marketing questions with Kaloyan. He is a great listener and helped me confirm some of my previous assumptions, as well as propose new ways to up my acquisition game. Highly recommend Kaloyan!

Daniil Kopilevych - Head of Growth at


  • Mentor Name: Abhay Khurana
  • Role: Head of Growth
  • Website:
  • Product: Digital marketing software for events
  • Founded: 2012

How Abhay can help you with your SaaS

Content Marketing

Develop a content/inbound marketing strategy that profitably drives awareness and leads for your business. Find the small handful of audiences and topics that you can productively contribute to, develop the content plan, define measurement metrics, and learn how to ship content as quickly as possible.

Product Market Fit

Conduct prospect & customer research that identifies the problem/solution/benefit mix of the company’s product. Then develop a core identity, message, and personality that communicates that fundamental value according to the needs and preferences of the market.

Outbound Marketing

Experience building an outbound marketing team – prospecting, copywriting, call/voicemail script development, SDR recruiting/training/management/coaching, direct mail.

What mentees are saying about Abhay

Abhay was fantastic, great guy and extremely knowledgeable about everything growth related. Managed to easily simplify the issues I was having and drill down to what is important. Would highly recommend talking to him!

Hector Hughes - Founder Hoodies for the Homeless


  • Mentor Name: Baptiste Debever
  • Role: Co-founder and Head of Growth
  • Website:
  • Product: Gamified feedback SaaS
  • Founded: 2018

How Baptiste can help you with your SaaS

Marketing Automation

I have set up numerous automation within my own business, but also for our users at Feedier, especially using Zapier. I’m definitely happy to help out and give advice. Time is money, manage it wisely. There is nothing complicated, it’s all about using the right tools.

Technology and Tools

I have built my SaaS from scratch and happy to help on the design, development or anything related. I can help you define the right structure, in order to define a maintainable and scalable software. I have also a deep knowledge in architecture and the different tools out there. More info at

Product Market Fit

I have learned numerous lessons from starting my own software, and there are a lot of key points I’d be happy to share and make sure you take the right approach when it comes to validating your product market fit. Happy to answer any question you would have before;

What mentees are saying about Baptiste

Baptiste gave me some very helpful advice in regards to how to rebuild my pricing/payments system which I wanted to overhaul. In addition to the advice, he actually shared a resource after our call that was the EXACT solution I needed, saving me a ton of time and hundreds of dollars that I would have otherwise had to spend on developing a solution. I highly recommend Baptiste, and I know I will be booking sessions with him in the future.

Tyrel Johnson - Founder at Shotcrew


  • Mentor Name: James Gill
  • Role: Co-founder
  • Website:
  • Product: Analytics, live chat, and marketing automation for high growth companies
  • Founded: 2006

How James can help you with your SaaS

Product Management

Management of the GoSquared platform for 10+ years. Experience both managing product first-hand (ingesting feature requests, using data to inform decisions, understanding competitive landscape, and using instinct) to define product roadmap, and leading product management as a discipline within the team.

Content Marketing

Led the content marketing efforts for GoSquared for over 10 years – writing 100+ blog posts on product design, growth, business, and more. Also extensive experience in lead generation, and overall content marketing strategy.

Design / UX

Over 10 years of first-hand experience designing and implementing SaaS products, marketing sites, user onboarding flows, and more. Primarily in B2B. Extensive knowledge of Sketch, Adobe Illustrator, HTML, CSS, Marvel, and more.


  • Mentor Name: Hale Schneider
  • Role: Head of Growth Marketing
  • Website:
  • Product: Growth hacking process automation software
  • Founded: 2015

How Hale can help you with your SaaS

Content Marketing

Content can be used in your marketing strategy at every step of the funnel. I work with Contentools, the content marketing platform and have seen what works and what doesn’t from all sorts of content marketers on the platform.

Mindset Coaching

To have real success we must face and overcome our limiting beliefs and create habits that facilitate our growth. Mindset is the most important piece of the puzzle.

PPC Strategies

Platforms: Facebook/Instagram, Google Adwords, LinkedIn, AdRoll I love using paid traffic to get people in a funnel. A/B Testing and Retargeting is great.

What mentees are saying about Hale

Hale is an absolute gun. I came into the session looking to cover one topic, we ended up covering that and plenty, plenty more. Loads of great ideas. Thanks mate!

Mark Patchett - ex VP of Growth @ Resident | $10m- $300m in 18 months


  • Mentor Name: Daniil Kopilevych
  • Role: Head of Growth
  • Website:
  • Product: Customer communication platform for support, marketing, and sales
  • Founded: 2016

How Daniil can help you with your SaaS

Customer Success

I’m working on a customer communication/success/support/service software, so happy to advise on the best strategies to help you: – improve your customer success game overall – increase retention, revenue, referral and reviews

Content Marketing

If you’re a relatively small/young company, you need to focus on producing decision-stage content first to quickly acquire competitor’s customers as they’re the optimal source of leads for you at the start. I’ll show why and how to do that.

Outbound Marketing

I performed hundreds of outbound campaigns to close dozens of $10K+ deals. I can help you: – choose the optimal target audience – get your target audience’s data quickly – create the best message – advise on outreach software to use

Growth Hacking

I perceive growth hacking not as a separate discipline. Growth hacking is a state of mind which helps you do all your standard marketing activities more effectively keeping in mind limited resources and unlimited growth potential.

What mentees are saying about Daniil

We had a very productive session on SaaS content strategy. Daniil provided me with some actionable advice and answered all my questions thoroughly. I’d recommend him to anyone having content-related questions!

Kacper Staniul - Growth at Prowly


  • Mentor Name: Mauricio Giordano
  • Role: Co-Founder
  • Website:
  • Product: Event software platform
  • Founded: 2016

How Mauricio can help you with your SaaS

Technology and Tools

If you have technical questions and need to talk with a knowledgeable developer, you can contact me. If you have questions on specific tools or technologies, please take a look at my profile.


We bootstrapped from $0 to > $1mi ARR in a couple of years. I know how to run your company on a low budget and how to do sales that serve as an investment for your company.

Product Management

I’m the CTO of InEvent, so I can help you manage your product team, build your roadmap, decide what to do when customizations are requested by your customers and more.

Outbound Marketing

Outbound sales, I can help you set up campaigns that convert, cold emails for different industries, cold calling and also account expansion. Most of my help is directed to enterprise sales, deals of at least $ 10k / yr.

What mentees are saying about Mauricio

Mauricio was very attentive during our session and made sure he fully understood our market and business model before giving advice. He shared his experience as a technical founder but also how he overcame challenges with non-technical aspects of running his startup. He also shared super valuable insights as a YC company. Very happy with advice given.

Masood Raza


  • Mentor Name: Brian O’Sullivan
  • Role: Head of Growth Marketing
  • Website:
  • Product: Software that uses Google Analytics to show you the names of the companies that visit your website 
  • Founded: 2012

How Brian can help you with your SaaS

I enjoy data-driven growth.

My background is in Google Analytics (spent 7 years on the team at Google) and A/B testing.

The last few years have been spent on SaaS growth.

I was a manager on the Dropbox Growth team and am now running Growth Marketing at Leadfeeder, a B2B SaaS scale-up.

Content Marketing

Content marketing has been a core focus at Leadfeeder for the last 1.5 years. Interested in discussing your strategy, hiring, agency vs in-house, etc.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

I have been doing CRO for over 10 years. Experience with high-volume sites (Dropbox) and lower volume sites. Wins range from 100% increases to 8-figures in terms of business impact.


  • Mentor Name: Marcos Bravo C.
  • Role: Marketing Strategy – Currently LiveChat Brand Ambassador
  • Website:
  • Product: Live chat and chat bot software
  • Founded: 2002

How Marcos can help you with your SaaS

Venting Frustration

Not everyday is a sunny day, but quitting is for…well quitters. As also a fellow entrepreneur I want to help finding the best way to get rid of the frustration and how to see the light in the end of the tunnel. Spoiler: I’ts all about keep driving.

Social Media

Once you have a voice and something to say is time to amplify it and scream at the top of your lungs. Get Social Media right and you will get immediate feedback, interactions and eventually a group of loyal fans ready to spread the word. Learn to listen and how to react on times of crisis.

Mindset Coaching

Understanding and evaluating the priorities in your company is key, knowing how to create a team that will fight next to you is an upmost priority so you don’t have to fight alone. Know how to set up the plan for succeeding in the arena of business.

Content Marketing

How to create a voice for your company, find values and a style that people can relate to. Content is the best way to make people trust in your brand, the next step being buying from you and becoming a loyal customer


  • Mentor Name: Trent Waskey
  • Role: Director of Marketing
  • Website:
  • Product: Platform that delivers AWS cloud cost savings
  • Founded: 1997

How Trent can help you with your SaaS

I caught the bug for marketing by running digital at various startups. I quickly learned my passion was building a gorgeous brand, and pairing it with SEO and a great paid strategy.

After moving into the world of SaaS I got experience with building a bottoms-up/LTV based model for growth.

Hit me up if you’re interested in geeking out on all things marketing, particularly with process building, automation, and SEO/SEM.

Technology and Tools

Tools can be both a blessing and a cure to marketers. I’ll help you build a system to automate time-consuming daily tasks, find actionable data from your efforts, and create a marketing stack that works seamlessly together.


To me, SEO is both an art and a science. While technical optimization is table-stakes, content strategy is the true driver of long term success. I’ll help you build a process to discover interests, write content, and rank for valuable industry keywords that ultimately convert.

PPC Strategies

I’ve managed eight-figure spend across Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Reddit, and Twitter. I like to work from an LTV based, bottoms-up model to determine the buying strategy. I regularly run campaigns with 10-20x ROI.


  • Mentor Name: Edwin Abl
  • Role: CMO
  • Website:
  • Product: Fintech SaaS 
  • Founded: 2016

How Edwin can help you with your SaaS

Content Marketing

10+ years experience managing content teams, bootstrapping content marketing execution and gated content best practice. I have developed content from scratch to scaling content teams across Europe, Asia and U.S. regions.

Public Relations

10+ years experience international SaaS PR and brand development. PR agency management, analyst relations and influencer management. Able to provide advice on best practice, how to create a horizontal brand position and layering into content marketing.

Technology and Tools

Deep expertise in tools and products that fit to your technology stack – from collaboration, sales, marketing, outbound and automation. Designed, architected and delivered technology roadmaps.

Mindset Coaching

Back in 2014, I had a vision to help members of my team learn something new every day. I cared about changing their mindset, motivation and drive. At first, these were sent by email each morning at 6am – now updated each Sunday at 17.30 GMT. Designed for leaders who don’t have the time to find the best sales and marketing advice, in addition to motivational, useful and actionable articles (based on my experience of managing sales, marketing and sales development teams).

Outbound Marketing

Over 10+ years experience in Outbound Sales and B2B Demand Generation. My specific expertise is building a marketing/sales strategy for scaling revenue generation. I’ll provide valuable ideas around process, strategy and tactics — with a fresh perspective.

What mentees are saying about Edwin

Edwin was super helpful for me in my new role. His industry experience as well as his knowledge of the UK & US Market kicked off several internal conversations with executives.

Liam Boogar-Azoulay - CMO at 360learning


  • Mentor Name: Tanya Aulachynskaya
  • Role:Head of Product, Growth at PandaDoc
  • Website:
  • Product: Simplify the process to create, send, track, and eSign sales documents
  • Founded: 2011

How Tanya can help you with your SaaS

Product Management

Can help with all aspects of product management: building a roadmapping process, scoring/prioritization process, specifications & working with dev team. I can also interview your PM candidates.

Growth Hacking

Can help with finding/generating growth hypotheses on all funnel levels: acquisition, activation, retention, revenue, resurrection. A lot of experience with designing first user session (onboarding) and measuring the results.

Customer Success

Customer centric companies win the market 🙂 I’ve been driving customer centric initiatives for the last year in PandaDoc and happy to share my experience – from setting up ground rules for your CS team to analyzing metrics & finding the bottlenecks in your CS processes.

Design / UX

I’m being passionate about good design and user experience from the very start of my career. I have worked as a UX designer/researcher for several years, now I’m a product manager but I still pay a lot of attention to good design. I can either help you with expert evaluation of your designs, or advise you how to check your designs experimentally (user testing, A/B testing etc.)

Technology and Tools

I love tools! They help to build a company and remove the stress of handling many small questions that are not allowing you to focus on the most important job you have to do – delivering value with your unique product to the customers 🙂 Happy help with tools & technologies needed for your startup from the ground up: to develop, product/project manage, setup design, research, support & customer engagement processes and boost your sales process!

What mentees are saying about Tanya

Tanya helped me bridge the gap between Product and Marketing. She is very knowledgeable and easy to talk to. Thanks a lot for your help @Tanya!

Mariska Pansegrauw - Operations Manager Somerset East at


  • Mentor Name: Trevor Fox
  • Role:Head of Growth
  • Website:
  • Product: Simple data management for analytics (Cloud data warehouse software)
  • Founded: 2015

How Trevor can help you with your SaaS

I currently lead growth at Panoply (a cloud data warehouse startup) and I followed a winding path to get here.

I found my way into digital when I started writing a blog while playing baseball in Europe after college.

After that, I dove headfirst into anything I could learn/teach myself about web technologies, code, and UX.

I’ve had a broad range of experiences from hands-on management of digital campaigns to corporate consulting and I’ve found I’m happiest making charts go up and to the right in rapidly changing startup environments.

Product Market Fit

I’m a little bit of a ruthless question asker. I question assumptions and I like to question users. I think doing both is critical to any success online.

Technology and Tools

I’m happy to talk tools. I have been working in tech long enough to tell a good idea from a bad one. I have implemented dozens of analytics implementations and have experience with a range of frontend analytics tools and data warehouse solutions.


I’ve worked on SEO at Postmates and with Snapchat and Instagram as a consultant. I love technical SEO and search experience and believe if you can understand the tech and you can understand the experienced SEO becomes a lot easier.

What mentees are saying about Trevor

One of the best chats I’ve had about SEO in a long time – Trevor gave me some actionable things to do straight away to have impact and backed up by real-life examples that I can refer to. Cannot recommend Trevor enough.

Jake Stainer - Head of Growth at Travelperk


  • Mentor Name: Agata Krzysztofik
  • Role:Head of Marketing
  • Website:
  • Product: Easy to use tool to help you make graphics and designs online
  • Founded: 2012

How Agata can help you with your SaaS

Conversion Rate Optimisation

I have developed and executed CRO strategies at several companies, analyzing many websites and onboarding flows and running various experiments. Let’s look at your website together and identify quick wins that will help you improve your conversions!

Technology and Tools

Are you currently evaluating email automation, helpdesk, forum or CRM platforms? I have done that at several companies and would be glad to share with you my platform requirements/evaluation framework that makes the process much more straightforward.

PPC Strategies

I have been part of the Google AdWords team for 6 years collaborating closely with the product, as well as with the best Google AdWords agencies globally. My former team is the one behind the #AdWordsTips video series. I’m happy to help with optimizing your Google AdWords campaigns or with getting you started. I also specialize in paid social (LinkedIn, Facebook, Quora), native advertising, and ABM (account based marketing) campaigns.

Growth Hacking

Independent if it’s improving acquisition, conversions, sales, product adoption or engagement, I will help you identify best opportunities to grow your business. And if you are looking to improve the accountability and focus on results across your company then the Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) are the way to go! I have experience working with OKRs at Google and I have successfully implemented the framework from scratch at several startups. I would be glad to guide you through the process.


Through the years of using SEO as the main revenue growth channel at multiple companies, I have developed a successful framework that consists of an SEO and website audit, keyword research, link-building strategy, and content strategy. With my help, we will bring your organic traffic to the next level. Send me your URL before the call. I will identify some low-hanging fruits that you will be able to implement directly after our call.

What mentees are saying about Agata

I am blown away by how helpful Agata was! I reached out to her for help with my SEO strategy and before our call even started, she analyzed my site, compiled a list of recommendations, and helped me prioritize what I needed to do. As a busy business owner, getting a pile of recommendations can feel overwhelming, but Agata left me rock solid action plan that showed me the top three things I needed to take action on. Agata, you’re awesome! Thank so much for your help.

Wes Bush - Founder of Product Led Growth Institute


  • Mentor Name: Vlad Calus
  • Role:Co-Founder
  • Website:
  • Product: Social media scheduling tool
  • Founded: 2016

How Vlad can help you with your SaaS

Link Building

Over the past year I grew our blog from 400 visits organic a week to 7k weekly with a lot of SEO strategies and effort, but primarily link building. I’d love to share any of my tips & suggestion on how you can do it for yourself.

Social Media

Over the past 3 years, I’m building a social media collaboration platform for agencies and freelancer. I live and breath social media daily by discussing this with some of the best experts in the world and also writing about this daily on blogs, guest posts, and other publications

Content Marketing

Over the past six months, I’ve focused all of my efforts on content marketing and LinkedIn Outreach. In just 3 months I landed 10 guest post opportunities and wrote for major publications like Entrepreneur, WeRSM, Hot In Social Media, FileStage, Subsign and soon Social Media Examiner. I can show you my framework and how did I do this.

Venting Frustration

Tell me all your problems, let me listen and let’s take them one by one to see what we can do about them. I’ve dropped out of college and moved to another country to start a startup – I’ve had 100s of fights with my parents about the college, startup life and why I’m risking everything to do this – it was really hard

Mindset Coaching

I’ve built my own startup from the ground up, looked through the first customers, spammed every relevant community, took calls at 3 AM and 3 PM, wrote 1000s of pitches, spoke at 100s of events. I’m hoping to help you when it comes to growing your company especially in the early days.

What mentees are saying about Vlad

Vlad is really a great guy, with broad knowledge in entreprenurship, startups and growth hacking. I enjoyed very much talking to him, and got really great insights!

Csaba Zajdó - CEO & Founder at INNONIC


  • Mentor Name: Lukas Hertig
  • Role:SVP Bizdev @ Plesk
  • Website:
  • Product: Control panel software for servers/hosting
  • Founded: 2005

How Lukas can help you with your SaaS

Product Management

Having managed, launched and even killed multiple products in my life, I’m happy to share my experience on how to do it. And how to avoid making the same mistakes again and again.

Growth Hacking

I seen growth hacking not only using some online tricks but also by building partnerships with super large companies and attach yourself to their brands. The combination of both is usually the secret sauce for success. 🙂

Mindset Coaching

I have run through multiple challenges in my life from almost burnout to having had multiple mentors and coaches. Happy to share my experience and help you to avoid making the same mistakes.

Product Market Fit

I have created, analyzed and managed many projects and new value propositions over the years. Happy to support you how you can think big, start small and scale fast.

Advice on Funding

I have a strong network of contacts to introduce you to both, other advisors as well as investors. Also happy to review pitch decks and give feedback based on my experience with both, the corporate as well as the startup world.

Technology and Tools

Have implemented and tested many of the available tools on the market (and continue to do so). For both, b2b content marketing based approaches or complete online sales funnels.

What mentees are saying about Lukas

Super session! super mentor ! I’m working on my company growth strategy and Lukas helps me a lot with key next mailstones. I strongly recommend to talk with Lukas for everyone who wonna make boost for their company in such areas like marketing and sales

Dima Gurucan


  • Mentor Name: Harri Thomas
  • Role: Co-Founder
  • Website:
  • Product: Platform to connect with user research participants
  • Founded: 2016

How Harri can help you with your SaaS

Since we began Respondent from the spare bedroom of my Co-Founders apartment in Brooklyn, we have grown our now entirely distributed team to ~ 30 employees, across 4 time zones.

My responsibilities are to oversee the growth of our researcher facing side of the business. This includes Sales, Customer Success and our Professional Services offering.

Whilst bootstrapped for the first 2.5 years, Respondent has since raised 3 rounds of capital.


Keeping things lean and mean was the name of the game for the first 2.5 years of Respondent’s life. As non technical co-founders, my colleague and I found ways to: – string together off-the-shelf products to test hypotheses – find low cost resources to fill gaps while we focused on sales – prioritize and strip back all non-essentials I’d be happy to share the journey and provide some ideas about ways you can do more with less.

Growth Hacking

Data, data, data. It’s all growth comes down to. Focusing on collecting information from customers and potential customers, and prioritizing BI tools early in your companies trajectory will help you avoid some of the early pitfalls we encountered at Respondent. Always love to chat about data!

Advice on Funding

Respondent has raised 3 rounds of capital to date. By waiting to raise on our own terms, and with a clear idea about what we wanted out of a raise, Respondent was able to turn down a term sheet from a premier NY based VC fund – in favor of much more founder favorable terms elsewhere. I’d be happy to share my funding philosophy, and things to look out for as you begin the journey to accelerate your companies growth.

Product Market Fit

My background is in market research and marketing strategy. This stood me in good stead to take an insights driven approach to finding product market fit for Respondent. I’m of the strong opinion there’s no better way to find product market fit than to speak with customers and potential customers. To get the most out of these conversations, a solid research plan is needed. This is where I can help!

What mentees are saying about Harri

My session with Harri was excellent. He took the time to learn about my business model and market before giving any advice. He offered recommendations based on his experience but also an objective analysis of where he thinks we should adjust our thinking. The biggest takeaway, was that he helped me reign in our roadmap and realign our milestones based on the metrics that should matter, like getting active users and our first dollar of revenue in the door. Our call was only 30 min, but was packed with so many insights. If I were to read or scour Youtube for the same advice it may have taken hours. 5/5 experience overall. Highly recommended.

Masood Raza


  • Mentor Name: Vineet Sinha
  • Role:Head of Strategic Innovation
  • Website:
  • Product: Sales CRM cloud software
  • Founded: 1999

How Vineet can help you with your SaaS

I am a technologist who has realized that getting marketing right is extremely important for the success of any product.

In the process, I have launched and advised multiple companies – each time taking valuable lessons with me.

My strengths are not in optimizing any marketing tactic, but in thinking through marketing opportunities which often leverage multiple technologies.


I have bootstrapped my previous product startup to 10-employees over 7-years before raising funds from investors. I am currently bootstrapping my next one.

Technology and Tools

I have been building Voice-Based Apps/Bots and helping my employers’ customers rethink their businesses around them. These include Alexa, Google Home, and smart phone-based.

What mentees are saying about Vineet

We chatted for a whole hour. Gave candid advice about technology and hiring tech talents and took the time to send me follow up messages.

Andrew Amedu - Co founder at


  • Mentor Name: David Kelly
  • Role:General Manager
  • Website:
  • Product: Email marketing for content creators
  • Founded: 2019

How David can help you with your SaaS

Mindset Coaching

Growing a startup can be so challenging… why do we do this to ourselves?! I’ve been there. As recently as last year. Grinding and trying to grow a startup when we had no money to spend on advertising or marketing. But we found a way to grow to 7-figures, and a big part of it is mindset. I’ll share what I know.

Email Marketing

I’m an email marketing NERD. I was the Email Marketing Lead for Student Loan Hero, and helped email marketing become a seven-figure revenue channel for them before being sold to LendingTree. I’ve also helped lead email marketing for (which has a list of over 1 million subscribers), plus consulted for brands like Degree 33 Surfboards.

Growth Hacking

I’m the GM of SendFox, which we built from $0 to $1,000,000+ in 18 months… with a small three-person team and a zero-dollar marketing and ads budget. Good times! Before that, I was employee #11 and the Email Marketing Lead for Student Loan Hero — which sold to LendingTree for $60 million.


  • Mentor Name: Jake Stainer
  • Role: Head of Digital Growth
  • Website:
  • Product: Travel expense management software for businesses
  • Founded: 2015

How Jake can help you with your SaaS

I currently work at TravelPerk as Head of Digital, as well as working on multiple business ventures: Papora, OutreachHumans, InflectionGrowth inc. SaaS Funnels, and Topagencias

Before I lead a 12-person growth marketing team @ Typeform covering Paid Marketing, SEO, and CRO.

Mindset Coaching

The difference between yourself and someone successful could simply be your mindset and the way you think and approach problems. Let’s chat and I can coach you on how to think in order to grow a successful startup.

Product Management

I built my own product from scratch and scaled it to 150,000+, and that didn’t happen by chance. I’ve also worked with dev teams in startups using Scrum and I can show you how to get close to your customers creating continuous feedback loops to inform your product strategy.

Venting Frustration

Do you feel like you’re not able to move the needle, and no matter what you try things just don’t seem to be working out the way you planned them? Failing is learning and I have failed more than I’d like to admit! And if you’re stuck in the same place, I can give you advice to get things moving.


I bootstrapped my own startup growing it to 150,000+ users. How did I do it? It all started with my obsession with creating websites …. and a single Google Ads voucher for $75 worth of advertising credit. Book a call and I’ll tell you how I did it 🙂

Link Building

Link building is not only essential for increasing rankings, it carries many other benefits such as building critical relationships. I have experience doing link building myself and also working with freelance link builders to scale it operationally. I can teach you not only how to effectively build links, but of how to get more than just links (the other “hidden” benefits)

Technology and Tools

I built my own ed-tech SaaS company from scratch and have built several tools to automate processes … as well as productivity – I founded to scratch my own itch. I also have experience with many tools and technologies (see below)

Conversion Rate Optimisation

I have analysed dozens of website funnels and ran hundreds of experiments to improve the conversion rates at different parts of the funnel: from landing pages to increase lead gen or sign up rates … to email subject line A/B testing … to in-product CRO to boost activation rates … and checkout page funnel flow optimisations to increase revenue.


I self-taught myself SEO back in 2009. Since then I have grown SEO channels of brands such as Typeform from 0 visits per month to generating millions in revenue per year. I have experience with both large and small websites: international SEO, technical SEO, content marketing strategies, off-page & on-page SEO tactics, etc. I will help you take your SEO to the next level of growth.

PPC Strategies

I have managed and led multi-million ad budgets for different companies in different verticals investing in different areas such as Paid Search (Google & Bing), Paid Social (FB, LinkedIn, etc), Native (Taboola/Outbrain) and other programmatic/display channels (GDN, YouTube, Quora, BuySellAds etc). I can help you dig into what isn’t working, find opportunities and formulate strategies and tactics to seriously make a big dent in your paid marketing growth.

Growth Hacking

Need creative ways to grow your startup? I have first hand experience working in many startups employing various growth tactics over the full AARRR funnel: Acquisition, Activation, Revenue, Referral, Retention.

What mentees are saying about Jake

A good mentor can assess where you are at and just provide enough to get you to the next level without overwhelm. This is exactly what I needed when I reached out to Jake. With his knowledge of PPC and marketing strategy could have easily left me in overwhelm but instead he gave me the few key nuggets that I can immediately take action on, test some things, and review my strategy based on the initial results. He helped provide me a framework for how to ease my way into the PPC space. I feel I’ve just scratched the surface. I highly recommend working with him.

Oz Merchant - Founder at


  • Mentor Name: Bahram Ehsas
  • Role: Performance Marketing Manager
  • Website:
  • Product: Online form and survey builder
  • Founded: 2012

How Bahram can help you with your SaaS

Currently Performance Marketing Manager at Typeform, leading a cross-functional team of Paid Marketers, Designers and Copy Writers.

Previous work encompassed; leading the Gillette Global Search Strategy project for the top 16 Gillette markets, Search & SEO Strategy and Search Execution for P&G, Sony Mobile and VW Group. Winning a ‘Best Integrated Campaign’ award for work on Sony Mobile.

Venting Frustration

We’ve all been there. I wish I could just stop at that sentence – but here’s the thing, venting frustration is great, but let’s use our call as an opportunity to understand your frustrations and how they can be alleviated.

Mindset Coaching

Wtf (‘f’ for fudge) are we doing still writing to-do lists at work? I only use a to-do list for house chores. At work, I have a list called ‘How will I make an impact today?’. IMPACT is the key word. We need to aim to move the needle as far as we can, and to do it we must focus on IMPACT. Let’s jump on a call to understand your mindset, and what might need to change – remember, honesty is the best policy on these calls.

Marketing Automation

Ever heard of the 70% rule? It’s an approach experienced managers use to delegate their tasks – look it up. Marketing Automation is not to be taken lightly, it can be the difference between having more time to build a kick-ass strategy or more time spent doing a repetitive task that could originally have been automated. Automation can take many forms, from having a script in place for your bidding, to having a slick reporting set-up. Let’s chat to see where you’re at with this.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Don’t neglect this extremely crucial element in your business strategy. I always work with the mindset – ‘I can do better’ – this is why I love CRO – it’s a never ending pursuit to continuously moving the needle on key metrics. Ever heard about the power of tiny gains? Look it up, and think how that would apply to CRO. Let’s have a chat about where you could use CRO to improve your business.

Growth Hacking

Don’t be fooled by this buzz word. There is more to it than meets the eye. To truly make a success out of the AARRR funnel, you’ll need to first look at your product and ensure it truly meets the needs of your target audience. Let’s chat, and see where you are with this.

PPC Strategies

Working with big brands for 5+ years, managing ad spend in the millions across Facebook, Google, Bing and Content Marketing platforms – with experience in both Brand Awareness, and Direct Response. I have created an audit tool for AdWords that has been used across American Airlines, Western Union and P&G brands. Get your questions ready, and let’s jump on a call.

What mentees are saying about Bahram

The call with Bahram was beyond what I expected to get from a call. The conversation was smooth and the time we had gone by very fast. He gave me tips and tool recommendations to implement to have better attribution and gave me some great action insights to do right away in Google Ads to optimize for better traffic and conversion rate. Book a call with him, you won’t regret!

Veronika Cervenakova - Performance Marketing Executive at ScreenCloud


  • Mentor Name: Andy Mura
  • Role: Head of Marketing
  • Website:
  • Product: SaaS product onboarding software
  • Founded: 2016

How Andy can help you with your SaaS

Marketing Automation

The customer journey spreads through different channels. A properly designed funnel should help you generate awareness, traffic, interest, and guide leads through the discovery journey. Every touch point with your brand leaves a permanent mark on your potential customers. Let me show you how to create funnels and dashboards that will help you optimize the customer journey through automation for both inbound and outbound activities.

Growth Hacking

Growth is about selecting the right channels and delivering the right message at the right time. A few tricks here and there can help. In general, though, the main growth hack is designing a funnel that generates predictable results in terms of number and quality of leads. Glad to support you with hand-on tips and tactics on how to effectively drive growth through product, marketing, and sales and share with you the appropriate tricks that can help you speed up the process.

Content Marketing

Content marketing means reader personas, qualifying KWs, thought leadership, partnerships, content strategy, engaging content, distribution/promotion, influencer marketing, and conversion strategy. Failing to focus on one of these steps dramatically reduces ROI. That’s why a solid content marketing strategy is so hard to execute. I manage blogs with a 12-15% increase in monthly traffic that generate lots of direct/indirect conversions. Happy to share the secrets that lead to success.

What mentees are saying about Andy

Andy’s help and feedback were exactly what I was looking for. He even did some research before our meeting. After the call he shared a presentation and google sheet which went over the work I needed to be done. Highly recommended!

Ophir Prusak - Head of Marketing at Rockerbox


  • Mentor Name: Aazar Ali Shad
  • Role: Head of Growth
  • Website:
  • Product: Product onboarding SaaS tool
  • Founded: 2018

How Aazar can help you with your SaaS

Why should you trust me?

  • Achieved my 200% growth target in my field sales first two years.
  • Accredible: Grew the business from $60K ARR to $500K in 1.5 years
  • ECOMPLY: Grew ECOMPLY to $120K ARR even though GDPR was a fad.
  • Userpilot: Achieving growth target by 150%. Converted Userpilot’s organic traffic from ZERO to 7000/month visitors in 6 months only.

Things I love doing:

  • Sales
  • Inbound Marketing
  • SEO
  • Email Marketing
  • Product Development
  • Thinking about ideas the seems interesting for the future
  • User Onboarding & Adoption
  • Product-Led Growth Marketing for SaaS

Things I can’t help you with:

  • Telling shortcuts to success
  • Gambling
  • An unethical way of marketing

What mentees are saying about Aazar

Growthmentor’s value prop is “kill the indecisiveness and increase your confidence”. This is exactly what I experienced after speaking to Aazar. He instantly uncovered the exact problems I’m facing while working with a pre-launch tech startup. His insights gave me lot’s of clarity on refining the products value proposition, market positioning, and what steps I need take in order to refine my sales pitch. Without speaking to Aazar, there’s no doubt I would have made some critical mistakes that would have been costly to the company. I highly recommend speaking with Aazar, and I 100% will be booking more calls with him in the future.

Lucas Mondora - Growth Marketer and Conversion Optimization Specialist (CRO)


  • Mentor Name: Kosta Panagoulias
  • Role: Co-Founder
  • Website:
  • Product: Site builder for real estate agency websites
  • Founded: 2011

How Kosta can help you with your SaaS

Outbound marketing

Most people I speak to nowadays get too fancy when it comes to sales. They automatically jump into paid ads and running campaigns, only to see their money go down the drain with no new sales. Old school outbound sales still work. I personally closed the first 700-1000 customers for my company through cold calling and outbound email marketing. Outbound works!

Mindset Coaching

Often times, the only thing stopping you from growing, are your own limitations in your head. Getting someone with an unfiltered view to brainstorm with, usually leads to some big “AHA” moments. These small conversations can help change the trajectory of your business.

Customer Success

The most important yet overlooked department in a company, is customer support. Similarly, the most important metric in the longevity of a SaaS business is churn. Some of the best ways to improve churn is to fine-tine your customer success processes. I have spent several years testing and fine-tuning several strategies that improve customer success, keep clients happy, and help keep churn low.


My company is 100% revenue-financed, meaning we’ve never taken a single dime from anyone. Maintaining a lean and disciplined ideology is what helped our company become profitable and cash flow positive, very early on. Keeping organized and accurate books and financial metrics is vital in any business, especially a startup.

What mentees are saying about Kosta

Kosta was a great listener and able to zero in on exactly what I need to work on to achieve my long-term business goals. He is also personable and I felt comfortable speaking with him. I highly recommend him as a mentor, especially for SaaS bootstrapping!

Chris Tsongas - Founder & CEO at OnboardList

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