Talk to Mentors from these 25 SaaS companies that genuinely want to help you grow

Getting a mentor to help you in your SaaS journey can make an incredible impact in your growth. In this post, we’re highlighting 25 growth mentors from 25 different high growth SaaS startups that you can book calls with. It’s never been easier to find a SaaS mentor!

Updated July 28th, 2021: Refreshed some of the mentors.

SaaS is an awesome space to be in.

  • Low barriers to entry
  • Recurring revenue
  • Almost infinite scalability

But for every high profile success story, there are literally thousands of failed startup attempts.

Yep, failing = learning, but it still sucks.

Mentorship can improve your odds

In the SaaS world, everyone’s bat shit crazy about the latest growth hack tactics.

But the best growth hack of them all though is the oldest in the book.

  • Talk to successful people doing things similar to what you want to do
  • Ask them what worked for them (and what didn’t work)
  • Leverage their insights to prevent the type of mistakes that are totally avoidable
  • Build relationships with them in the meanwhile

The skills necessary to excel at growth in SaaS are ridiculously broad.

  • Product management
  • Performance marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Social media
  • And the list goes on and on…

It’s impossible to be an expert at everything.

But being able to jump on a call with an expert on-demand and talk through your challenges can be a life saver.

How to find a SaaS mentor (the old way)

Traditionally, finding a SaaS mentor’s been a royal pain the ass.

Depending on which blog post you read, the advice can differ.

What most blogs recommend:

  • Do your homework, find someone you admire and lock-in
  • Give first, do something nice to catch their attention and win their respect
  • After enough rapport’s been built, ask them to be your mentor.

While this sounds great in theory, it’s time-consuming and kind of awkward.

The new (easy) way


  • Zero time wastage
  • Zero awkwardness
  • You know they’re game to mentor  
  • The mentors are all rock solid since we vet them 
  • The mentors hail from respected SaaS companies and have real-world experience (they aren’t preachy coaches)

Below are 25 mentors that are currently working in high growth SaaS startups.

Feel free to click into their profiles to learn more about the nuance of what they can help you with. From product management to performance marketing to customer success and more.

They are all super friendly and are down to help you out.




  • Mentor Name: Marcus Svensson
  • Role: Head of Growth
  • Website:
  • Product: IP reverse look up B2B lead generation
  • Founded: 2014

How Marcus can help you with your SaaS


Growth Marketing

Leading cross-functional team at Albacross, the closer marketing and product work, the more efficient and great outcome of your test you will see. Writing about “Growth Hacking” and Growth Marketing from time to time.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

You can drive as much traffic you want if you have no clue how to convert it, its just a waste of resources. CRO is an essential part of growth of your company.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is definitely one of the most powerful tools to leverage your business, bootstrapped or not. But also one of the most common way companies doing it all wrong, research, quality, and planning is key to any success.

Technology and Tools

I’ve tried well over 100+ tools related to marketing/sales/analytics, love to try new things. Set up the right tool stack for several SaaS companies who work with SME customers.

What mentees are saying about Marcus

We had a great call about Facebook retargeting ads using custom audiences. It was great to hear from another head of growth what’s working and what’s not working. I definitely recommend anyone in a growth role working in SaaS to book a call with Marcus. Great guy and super friendly.

Fotios Panagiotakopoulos - Founder at GrowthMentor


  • Mentor Name: James Gill
  • Role: Co-founder
  • Website:
  • Product: Analytics, live chat, and marketing automation for high growth companies
  • Founded: 2006

How James can help you with your SaaS

Product Management

Management of the GoSquared platform for 10+ years. Experience both managing product first-hand (ingesting feature requests, using data to inform decisions, understanding competitive landscape, and using instinct) to define product roadmap, and leading product management as a discipline within the team.

Content Marketing

Led the content marketing efforts for GoSquared for over 10 years – writing 100+ blog posts on product design, growth, business, and more. Also extensive experience in lead generation, and overall content marketing strategy.

Design / UX

Over 10 years of first-hand experience designing and implementing SaaS products, marketing sites, user onboarding flows, and more. Primarily in B2B. Extensive knowledge of Sketch, Adobe Illustrator, HTML, CSS, Marvel, and more.

What mentees are saying about James

Really great call with James last night. We organically found our way to shared ground and he shared some fantastic insights that are really valuable to my current user research strategies. Thanks James!

Benjamin Webster - Co-Founder at Troopl


  • Mentor Name: Enrique Hoyos
  • Role: Head of Marketing
  • Website:
  • Product: Free photos and videos you can use everywhere
  • Founded: 2014

How Enrique can help you with your SaaS

Content marketing

In this day an age content it not recommended – it is necessary. Customers don’t wait for you to educate them on your solution, they take the initiate and learn in their own terms even before becoming a lead.

The most important thing to consider when doing content marketing is your potential customer – you need to truly understand them to be able to be relevant. I specialize in using quantitative and qualitative data to understand consumers, and can help you do the same.

PPC strategies

Digital Advertising is one of the most efficient and immediate ways of driving qualified traffic to your website – I specialize in running and optimizing campaigns and landing pages to help you get the most out of them.

I look at things with two very different lenses. The first one is a strategic one – a high level view to understand where you are going and how you plan on getting there. The second one is tactical – zoom into the nitty gritty data to maximize your efforts.

What mentees are saying about Enrique

Was good to get advice/ideas from a seasoned marketer for my SaaS product in marketing. Enrique made some really great comments about customer onboarding and their point of view.

Maruti Agarwal - Principal Data Scientist at Meltwater

  • Mentor Name: Nichole Elizabeth DeMeré
  • Role: B2B SaaS Consultant, Go-to-Market Strategist, & Product Marketer, CMO
  • Website:
  • Product: Automated platform that finds, collects and displays authentic user-generated video reviews for e-commerce businesses
  • Founded: 2021

How Nichole can help you with your SaaS

Customer Success

Think of churn as a symptom, not the disease, and it’s usually caused by customers who either don’t have Success Potential or aren’t reaching their Desired Outcomes. And if the churning customers do seem to have success potential, then you’re going to have to dig deep (ie. voice of customer data, surveys, interviews) to find out what these “ideal” customers aren’t getting from you that they need.

Content Marketing

If you ask an inbound marketer, inbound marketing is not only the best thing since sliced bread – it’s the saving grace of marketing in general. Now, I will admit to having some bias towards Inbound. I think it works a helluva lot better for today’s customers who are becoming increasingly resistant to the “hard sell” tactics of outbound marketing. But, it’s not the be-all and end-all, everything-you-need, one-stop-shop for SaaS success.

Product market fit

I will help you get to know your customer really, really well. And that is hard. For any size business. It’s as hard as it is vitally important, because everything you do, from developing your product, to marketing your product, to creating a brand that drives customers to you – it all starts here. So few startups get this right.

What mentees are saying about Nichole

Nichole, was more than amazing. Before our call she asked for my go-to-market- strategy and she had already prepared a document with all kinds of tips and information to help me improve my business. She gave me great actionable advice. She is a great specialist when it comes to B2B SaaS companies. Thank you very much for everything!

Nancy Shenouda - Co-Founder & CEO at Tradesnest


  • Mentor Name: Keiko Asakura
  • Role: Marketing Director
  • Website:
  • Product: Makes data usable in real time and at scale for enterprise search, observability, and security
  • Founded: 2012

How Keiko can help you with your SaaS

Product market fit

  • Market readiness
  • Japan and APAC market
  • Competitive landscape
  • Sales channel strategy / Partner enablement
  • Positioning
  • Tailored messaging

Content Marketing

  • SEO friendly content development
  • different types of content (blog, video, ebook, webinar, product sheet) and release frequency
  • content calendar
  • integrated campaign

Growth marketing

  • marketing funnel analysis
  • increase net new leads/contacts, inbound inquiries via multiple marketing channels
  • short term and mid term strategy
  • Inside Sales, outbound strategy

What mentees are saying about Keiko

It’s always a pleasure to speak to Keiko. She provides a great environment to bounce ideas off and build a marketing strategy from. She also provides great tips and insight for a starting point in creating a new product or service. Defs recommend anyone who needs help with marketing to reach out to her!

Kenny Yeung


  • Mentor Name: Casey Hill
  • Role: Head of Growth
  • Website:
  • Product: App for sending individual personalised videos
  • Founded: 2017

How Casey can help you with your SaaS

Conversion rate optimisation

I have worked with hundreds of brands to optimize their landing pages, email campaigns, and ads. I have extensive experience in segmentation, analyzing, and A/B testing different approaches to help optimize results.


I have led SaaS sales teams as a sales director and worked to optimize challenges such as:

  • Reducing demo no-show rates
  • Increasing pipeline conversion
  • Building more streamlined CRM/process automation – Optimizing rep performance
  • Teaching consultative selling
  • How to approach everything from SMBs to Enterprise deals

Growth marketing

Casey is a growth veteran, with over a decade of experience in helping software companies scale fast.

Whether it’s garnering millions of views on Quora and Linkedin, or pioneering new growth levers (like booking his team on hundreds of podcasts in 2020), Casey is always looking for creative and value-led ways to grab attention and break from the mold.

What mentees are saying about Casey

I could easily say I’ve spoken to the king of e-commerce coaches within the Growthmentor-community. I’ve spoken to 97 mentors to-date, and Casey has delivered in ripping our sales funnel apart and offering relevant use-cases which we can take over 1-on-1 and implement it. Expect a barrage of high-relevant tips and tricks that are either directly actionable or at the very least implementable with some expectation of result. Highly recommended!

David Kellerman - Founder at Get Focused


  • Mentor Name: Mike Tatum
  • Role: Demand Generation Manager
  • Website:
  • Product: A new type of agile experience management
  • Founded: 1999

How Mike can help you with your SaaS

Email marketing

As a marketing automation nerd I’ve learned a lot about email marketing. I’m equally skilled on the analytical side in terms of scaling open and click rates as well as the more creative side in terms of what should you even write in emails.

Growth marketing

I’ve been a growth marketer for over 6 years and have developed successful growth marketing strategies in some of the most competitive industries in tech.

Marketing automation

I’m a legitimate HubSpot expert (so much so that I’ll actually be running a breakout session at INBOUND 2021). I can help you optimize your marketing and sales operations so that you get the most out of the tool. If you’re using Marketo, Pardot, or Eloqua I’ve also had experience with them and can help advise on strategy.

What mentees are saying about Mike

What can I say, Mike is both knowledgeable and is just an all-around great guy (who like me loves basketball). He helped me in 30 mins about how to get tactical marketing emails to work in Hubspot and also ABM vendor recommendations. If you’re working in demand gen/ABM for enterprise, I’d suggest you book a call with Mike before he gets booked up!

Mark Cann - Head of Growth at Growth Warriors


  • Mentor Name: Marcos Bravo C.
  • Role: Marketing Strategy – Currently LiveChat Brand Ambassador
  • Website:
  • Product: Live chat and chat bot software
  • Founded: 2002

How Marcos can help you with your SaaS

Venting Frustration

Not everyday is a sunny day, but quitting is for…well quitters. As also a fellow entrepreneur I want to help finding the best way to get rid of the frustration and how to see the light in the end of the tunnel. Spoiler: I’ts all about keep driving.

Social Media

Once you have a voice and something to say is time to amplify it and scream at the top of your lungs. Get Social Media right and you will get immediate feedback, interactions and eventually a group of loyal fans ready to spread the word. Learn to listen and how to react on times of crisis.

Mindset Coaching

Understanding and evaluating the priorities in your company is key, knowing how to create a team that will fight next to you is an upmost priority so you don’t have to fight alone. Know how to set up the plan for succeeding in the arena of business.

Content Marketing

How to create a voice for your company, find values and a style that people can relate to. Content is the best way to make people trust in your brand, the next step being buying from you and becoming a loyal customer

  • Mentor Name: Alex Panchuk
  • Role: Paid Marketing Manager
  • Website:
  • Product: The multichannel sales engagement platform
  • Founded: 2014

How Alex can help you with your SaaS

Growth marketing

PPC being a part of company growth, along with working 4 years in a SaaS company in a super-competitive niche (sales engagement), I’ve tried and succeeded at quite a few growth marketing tactics (not just paid ads). I’ve been a part of a few product launches and helped promote and make them popular on the SaaS field.

Conversion rate optimisation

Without CRO skills you’re just on half of the way to becoming a successful paid media pro. I regularly do landing page checks, analysis, and CRO breakdowns that help the companies that I work with generate more leads at a lower cost. The biggest success I’ve had with CRO to date is helping a SaaS company lower their CPL by 50% (in a highly competitive and expensive niche) by setting up tracking in GTM and feeding Google Ads algorithms with the click data on landing pages.

PPC Strategies

Having managed 7 figure budgets in paid media across Google (both search and display), Facebook, LinkedIn, Quora and other ad channels for my whole career, I can assist you with an optimal strategy along with specific tactics on each channel.

What mentees are saying about Alex

Alex was a great mentor to help me with YouTube ad campaign performance. He efficiently addressed my pain points and helped me understand what was working and what could be improved, providing actionable recommendations and ideas for experiments. I would recommend him to anyone in need of help with their own YouTube campaigns.

Hollie Youlden - Marketing Manager at EmailOctopus


    • Mentor Name: Tommy Lionelli
    • Role: Staff Product Manager
    • Website:
    • Product: Powers the future of business communications. Enabling phones, VoIP, and messaging to be embedded into web, desktop, and mobile software.
    • Founded: 2008

    How Tommy can help you with your SaaS

Customer success

This broad topic is so important for businesses and product managers.

A customer success employee is going to have the keys to your customer. What is the worst part about your product? How can you make it better.

Separately customer success should represent a major area of focus for PMs. Usually happy customers are better converting, higher ROI customers. And if you’re focused on customer success you are building something that will make you say weeee!

Idea validation

There are lots of ways to validate your idea or business. Some are more art than science, some require specific frameworks vs a gut-feel. Let’s see which is right for you.

Product management

I’ve worked at small companies and large, design led vs engineering led, B2B and B2c. I also have a background in sales, advertising, and more.

PM Experience + Range of skills + Empathy/Kindness = Tommy

What mentees are saying about Tommy

What’s great about Tommy is that he provides genuine suggestions without sugarcoating. He made great points about validating some of my ideas and distinguishing between different problems, which really helped to detangle some of my roadblocks. Great stuff!

Francesca Cadhit - Founder & Director, Head Educator and Academic Coach at Top Class Edge Learning


  • Mentor Name: Sylvain Giuliani
  • Role: Head of Growth
  • Website:
  • Product: Data Operational Analytics
  • Founded: 2018

How Sylvain can help you with your SaaS

Customer success

I build the CSM team at Pusher, actually did that twice there. From hiring the right profile to mapping the processes that help you generate more revenue and control chain, I can advise you on how to build a great CSM team.

Product market fit

I launched multiple products to market from idea to their first $1m of ARR. I have a good grasp on how to find product-market fit and what pitfall to avoid.

Advice on funding

I’ve raised money myself and help other founders raise their Seed and Series A both in the US and in Europe.

Happy to review your deck and discuss fundraising in general.

What mentees are saying about Sylvain

Sylvain was super helpful and really knowledgeable! We had a great chat and would definitively chat again on anythings marketing ops or analytics related.

Maxime Salomon - Senior Growth Manager at PriceHubble

  • Mentor Name: Trevor Fox
  • Role:Head of Growth
  • Website:
  • Product: Data Operational Analytics
  • Founded: 2018

How Trevor can help you with your SaaS

I currently lead growth at Panoply (a cloud data warehouse startup) and I followed a winding path to get here.

I found my way into digital when I started writing a blog while playing baseball in Europe after college.

After that, I dove headfirst into anything I could learn/teach myself about web technologies, code, and UX.

I’ve had a broad range of experiences from hands-on management of digital campaigns to corporate consulting and I’ve found I’m happiest making charts go up and to the right in rapidly changing startup environments.

Product Market Fit

I’m a little bit of a ruthless question asker. I question assumptions and I like to question users. I think doing both is critical to any success online.

Technology and Tools

I’m happy to talk tools. I have been working in tech long enough to tell a good idea from a bad one. I have implemented dozens of analytics implementations and have experience with a range of frontend analytics tools and data warehouse solutions.


I’ve worked on SEO at Postmates and with Snapchat and Instagram as a consultant. I love technical SEO and search experience and believe if you can understand the tech and you can understand the experienced SEO becomes a lot easier.

What mentees are saying about Trevor

One of the best chats I’ve had about SEO in a long time – Trevor gave me some actionable things to do straight away to have impact and backed up by real-life examples that I can refer to. Cannot recommend Trevor enough.

Jake Stainer - Head of Growth at Travelperk


  • Mentor Name: Agata Krzysztofik
  • Role:Head of Marketing
  • Website:
  • Product: Easy to use tool to help you make graphics and designs online
  • Founded: 2012

How Agata can help you with your SaaS

Conversion Rate Optimisation

I have developed and executed CRO strategies at several companies, analyzing many websites and onboarding flows and running various experiments. Let’s look at your website together and identify quick wins that will help you improve your conversions!

Technology and Tools

Are you currently evaluating email automation, helpdesk, forum or CRM platforms? I have done that at several companies and would be glad to share with you my platform requirements/evaluation framework that makes the process much more straightforward.

PPC Strategies

I have been part of the Google AdWords team for 6 years collaborating closely with the product, as well as with the best Google AdWords agencies globally. My former team is the one behind the #AdWordsTips video series. I’m happy to help with optimizing your Google AdWords campaigns or with getting you started. I also specialize in paid social (LinkedIn, Facebook, Quora), native advertising, and ABM (account based marketing) campaigns.

Growth Hacking

Independent if it’s improving acquisition, conversions, sales, product adoption or engagement, I will help you identify best opportunities to grow your business. And if you are looking to improve the accountability and focus on results across your company then the Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) are the way to go! I have experience working with OKRs at Google and I have successfully implemented the framework from scratch at several startups. I would be glad to guide you through the process.


Through the years of using SEO as the main revenue growth channel at multiple companies, I have developed a successful framework that consists of an SEO and website audit, keyword research, link-building strategy, and content strategy. With my help, we will bring your organic traffic to the next level. Send me your URL before the call. I will identify some low-hanging fruits that you will be able to implement directly after our call.

What mentees are saying about Agata

I am blown away by how helpful Agata was! I reached out to her for help with my SEO strategy and before our call even started, she analyzed my site, compiled a list of recommendations, and helped me prioritize what I needed to do. As a busy business owner, getting a pile of recommendations can feel overwhelming, but Agata left me rock solid action plan that showed me the top three things I needed to take action on. Agata, you’re awesome! Thank so much for your help.

Wes Bush - Founder of Product Led Growth Institute

  • Mentor Name: Olya Ryabinina
  • Role:Head of Growth
  • Website:
  • Product: The easiest and fastest way to build powerful web apps and client portals from Airtable
  • Founded: 2019

How Olya can help you with your SaaS

Conversion rate optimisation

We all want to know “how do I pay less for each lead acquisition?”. Let’s take a look at your current lead gen & sales funnel and see if there’s a low hanging fruit.


Whether it is a branding/awareness campaign or heavy lead gen effort I can play a devil’s advocate and help set priorities following the formula expected impact / invested effort.

Mindset coaching

As a founder myself and someone who has worked for various startups I understand the struggles associated with motivation & hitting the wall. Need help validating all the pitfalls of startup life? Let’s chat.

Growth marketing

Need help putting together a strategic growth plan? I can help to put you in the right direction of hacking your “customer code” and putting together a customer- and data-driven program that will help you achieve your growth goals.

What mentees are saying about Olya

I had an absolutely fantastic call with Olya! She is certainly an expert when it comes to positioning, segmenting, and go to market! Not afraid to get into the business model either. A very results-driven individual that can bring A LOT to the table!

Peter Antonov - Founder & CEO at Shopppme


  • Mentor Name: Fung-Lin Wu
  • Role:Director of Retention Marketing
  • Website:
  • Product: Leading modern, general purpose database platform, designed to unleash the power of software and data for developers
  • Founded: 2007

How Fung-Lin can help you with your SaaS

Venting frustration

I can serve as a mentor for you to listen and find solutions on the challenges that you and your company are facing as it relates to people management, marketing strategies, job search, or personal career development.

Growth marketing

Let’s identify marketing channels to acquire and retain customers, develop retention and lifecycle marketing strategies and metrics, and talk through the challenges your company has.

Marketing automation

Chat about how different marketing automation tool differs (Marketo, Hubspot, Pardot), how you should use it, what’s the right structure to building it out, and how you should roll it out within the company.

Email marketing

I can help with editing your B2B email copy, brainstorming email tests, analyzing email metrics, developing nurture strategy, identifying how to roll out nurtures, and finding areas of opportunities.

What mentees are saying about Fung-Lin

Fung-Lin was friendly and responsive. We had a great discussion and she had a lot of insight into Marketing Automation systems and their functionalities.

Vijay Chakilam - Founding Engineer at Kooper AI


  • Mentor Name: Joanna Delaney
  • Role:Senior Marketing Strategist
  • Website:
  • Product: Turns average forms & surveys into a powerful brand communication tool
  • Founded: 2012

How Joanna can help you with your SaaS


I can help you get started using video messaging and interactive video to get higher quality leads and more sales. At the end of the day, we are all human, and the more human and personal you can make your sales interactions, the stronger business relationships you can build. Video is a fantastic way to do this.

Content marketing

In particular video marketing, I can help show you how video can be a key component in your marketing strategy and how to leverage video to exceed your goals.

Mindset Coaching

Mindset is key to success. In business it’s one thing to understand the logical business things like sales, marketing, advertising, etc, but another key element is mindset. And it is this element which is the key to success.

Social media

There’s a huge opportunity in social right now due to the attention and time people give this channel. I can help you to use organic social media to substantially grow and nurture your community and then monetise them. An always-on approach, with fantastic copywriting and content is key to winning here.

PPC strategies

I have experience managing global multi-million ad spend budgets across different verticals and channels. Including Facebook, Instagram, Google, Bing, Apple Search, DV360, Criteo, YouTube, Spotify and more. I also have experience using FB management platforms such as Smartly.

With years of experience running ads with high budgets, it’s safe to say I have tried and tested everything. I can help you to optimise your paid campaigns and improve your return on investment.

What mentees are saying about Joanna

Joanna was a fantastic help with Facebook Ads and iOS 14. She gave good advice and would definitely talk to her again in the future. 100% recommended.

Alex Marco - Performance Marketing Specialist at Wagestream


  • Mentor Name: Kevin Indig
  • Role:Director of SEO
  • Website:
  • Product: A leading global commerce company
  • Founded: 2006

How Kevin can help you with your SaaS

Building a team

I build large teams at G2 (30+ people) and Shopify (20+ people), managed, hired, fired, and restructured organizations. I can assist with employee development, building a healthy team culture, and driving a team to more sustainable output.


I have over ten years of experience in technical, large-scale, and on-page SEO. I would count link building more as Content Marketing, but that, of course, can also be considered SEO.

I was able to gain fundamental leadership experience in leading teams of over 30 people in my career, work with the C-suite, and on several international SEO strategies. Part of that is structuring teams, evangelizing SEO throughout the organization, and aligning with important stakeholders.

Content marketing

I’ve been in content marketing for as long as I’ve been in SEO, which is about 10 years, and helped all sorts of companies in B2B and B2C with strategy and implementation.

The most notable ones are Atlassian’s microsites: or and four others.

What mentees are saying about Kevin

Kevin helped get our marketing sprint strategy completely unstuck. We were up against some stiff SEO competition with our original keyword plan, which was making the content planning process tough. Kevin walked me through several possible strategies that we hadn’t even considered. A week later, our new strategy has been approved and I’m developing our content briefs to start sending out to writers. Definitely recommend if you need a fresh perspective on SEO!

Micah McGuire - B2B Marketing Manager at ProWritingAid


  • Mentor Name: Chris More
  • Role:Vice President of Growth
  • Website:
  • Product: The first integration platform designed for developer joy
  • Founded: 2019

How Chris can help you with your SaaS

Product Management

With your product, are you focused on outcomes or output? How are you defining your North Star Metric? Are you playing to play or playing to win? Product Management at the core is about strategy. Strategy is really about choices. What is your winning aspiration? Where are you going to play? Where are you NOT going to play? Let’s review your product strategy and process to make sure you can win in your market.

Conversion rate optimisation

Does it seem that each test you run you barely can find any “wins”? Do you have a lot of “neutral” results? Have you exhausted all of your CRO ideas? Let’s talk about how to take a step back, determine where you should focus your CRO strategies, and start to squeeze more conversions out of your funnel.

Growth marketing

Do you need help with your pirates?? I mean, AARRR!!! Do you need help with defining, prioritizing, measuring, and optimizing your Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Referral, and Revenue metrics and growth opportunities? Let’s chat and get you on the right course.

Venting frustration

Having a challenging time getting a HIPPO (highest paid person’s opinion) to see the big picture or your perspective? I’ve dealt with this most of my career and it is just part of the human condition. Even though it is a constant, there are strategies and tactics to ensure it doesn’t draw you down.

Mindset coaching

In my experience, you can’t become a growth mindset person when you are not, but many of us have the ability to optimize their thinking and approach to ensure that our brains and thoughts don’t become blockers to our product and career’s success.

What mentees are saying about Chris

Mindblown by my conversation with Chris. If you feel like you sit in a unique place in your org within Growth/Product, and are looking for feedback or guidance in navigating a structure that makes you feel like a square peg in a round hole, Chris has a breadth of amazing experience and insight into what’s worked for him creating impactful and unique roles in growth and product… and it’s just a damn pleasure to chat with him.

Walter Budzian - Product at Tailscale


  • Mentor Name: Sid Bharath
  • Role:Co-Founder
  • Website:
  • Product: Helps marketing teams create and distribute engaging content
  • Founded: 2020

How Sid can help you with your SaaS

Product launches

I’ve helped numerous startups with product launches. As a startup founder myself, I’m currently in the process of setting up our analytics and gearing towards a launch. If you’ve got a new startup or a new feature, I can help you plan a big launch.

Product analytics

I believe that any analytics setup may be simple and easy to implement if you really understand what you want to measure and why. Start with asking some questions that can help you generate actionable insights. Then create a tracking plan that will include all metrics that you need to answer these questions. The final step is to make your team trust the data and actually use it. I will be happy to mentor you on how to build this system for your company.

Advice on funding

I’m a mentor at various VC firms and accelerators. I have a network of investors in SF and around US and Canada, and can help make connections for you if you’re fund-raising.

Content marketing

I’ve worked with numerous SAAS companies on their content marketing strategy. Content was one of our main channels at Thinkific. I’ve also helped companies like Gorgias, Plato, Eden and others create content that attracts traffic and leads.


I’ve worked with companies like Thinkific and Eden to build out their content and SEO strategies. In one instance I beat Neil Patel and achieved the coveted featured snippet on a high-value keyword. Contact me if you need help or suggestions with SEO.

What mentees are saying about Sid

I talked to Sid about our SEO strategies and he shared high-level frameworks and tactics that are working well for his company (B2B SaaS). Very amazed by how he scales his content with a team of one! Highly recommend for anyone with a small content team talk to him, on his frameworks on growth and content marketing.

Audrey Liu - Growth Marketer at Holistics Data


  • Mentor Name: Patrick Thompson
  • Role:Design Manager
  • Website:
  • Product: Tools for teams, from startup to enterprise
  • Founded: 2002

How Patrick can help you with your SaaS

Customer success

I’ve driven customer success initiatives focused on improving engagement and retention resulting in a massive impact on business financials. Retention is the key to successful SaaS business and understanding your customer journey and helping them discover their Aha moments is critical.

Product market fit

I’ve co-founded multiple startups, worked on an internal incubator at Atlassian, and led the design team for Jira Software. I’ve been in both product management, design and growth roles throughout my career.

Design / UX

I’ve helped many teams by reviewing their customer experience and providing recommendations based off of qualitative and quantitative analysis. I validate my recommendations through early signal testing or large scale growth experiments to ensure that changes are moving your business forward.

What mentees are saying about Patrick

Just wrapped up my first call with Patrick. The conversation was incredibly helpful and instructive. Patrick has a wealth of knowledge about product design and strategy and is genuinely interested in sharing his experience and expertise to the benefit of mentees. As a career changer looking for advice on my job search, Patrick was both reassuring and inspiring as well as constructive in his feedback. Strongly recommend connecting with Patrick.

Lilly Hanscom - Product Designer at Beachbody


  • Mentor Name: Lukas Hertig
  • Role:SVP Bizdev @ Plesk
  • Website:
  • Product: Control panel software for servers/hosting
  • Founded: 2005

How Lukas can help you with your SaaS

Product Management

Having managed, launched and even killed multiple products in my life, I’m happy to share my experience on how to do it. And how to avoid making the same mistakes again and again.

Growth Hacking

I seen growth hacking not only using some online tricks but also by building partnerships with super large companies and attach yourself to their brands. The combination of both is usually the secret sauce for success. 🙂

Mindset Coaching

I have run through multiple challenges in my life from almost burnout to having had multiple mentors and coaches. Happy to share my experience and help you to avoid making the same mistakes.

Product Market Fit

I have created, analyzed and managed many projects and new value propositions over the years. Happy to support you how you can think big, start small and scale fast.

Advice on Funding

I have a strong network of contacts to introduce you to both, other advisors as well as investors. Also happy to review pitch decks and give feedback based on my experience with both, the corporate as well as the startup world.

Technology and Tools

Have implemented and tested many of the available tools on the market (and continue to do so). For both, b2b content marketing based approaches or complete online sales funnels.

What mentees are saying about Lukas

Super session! super mentor ! I’m working on my company growth strategy and Lukas helps me a lot with key next mailstones. I strongly recommend to talk with Lukas for everyone who wonna make boost for their company in such areas like marketing and sales

Dima Gurucan


  • Mentor Name: David Kelly
  • Role:General Manager
  • Website:
  • Product: Email marketing for content creators
  • Founded: 2010

How David can help you with your SaaS

Mindset Coaching

Growing a startup can be so challenging… why do we do this to ourselves?! I’ve been there. As recently as last year. Grinding and trying to grow a startup when we had no money to spend on advertising or marketing. But we found a way to grow to 7-figures, and a big part of it is mindset. I’ll share what I know.

Email Marketing

I’m an email marketing NERD. I was the Email Marketing Lead for Student Loan Hero, and helped email marketing become a seven-figure revenue channel for them before being sold to LendingTree. I’ve also helped lead email marketing for (which has a list of over 1 million subscribers), plus consulted for brands like Degree 33 Surfboards.

Growth Hacking

I’m the GM of SendFox, which we built from $0 to $1,000,000+ in 18 months… with a small three-person team and a zero-dollar marketing and ads budget. Good times! Before that, I was employee #11 and the Email Marketing Lead for Student Loan Hero — which sold to LendingTree for $60 million.

What mentees are saying about David

David is very knowledgeable and was also well-prepared for the call. He looks at things from a broader perspective and gave us at least two specific ideas to get more B2B leads, along with many ready-to-implement tips to increase our conversions across the different channels. He also took a position on which channels whe should invest in first.

Stefan Debois - Founder at Survey Anyplace


  • Mentor Name: Bahram Ehsas
  • Role: Head of Product-Led Growth
  • Website:
  • Product: A series B SaaS startup that offers a business operating system to SMBs
  • Founded: 2016

How Bahram can help you with your SaaS

Venting Frustration

We’ve all been there. I wish I could just stop at that sentence – but here’s the thing, venting frustration is great, but let’s use our call as an opportunity to understand your frustrations and how they can be alleviated.

Mindset Coaching

Wtf (‘f’ for fudge) are we doing still writing to-do lists at work? I only use a to-do list for house chores. At work, I have a list called ‘How will I make an impact today?’. IMPACT is the key word. We need to aim to move the needle as far as we can, and to do it we must focus on IMPACT. Let’s jump on a call to understand your mindset, and what might need to change – remember, honesty is the best policy on these calls.

Marketing Automation

Ever heard of the 70% rule? It’s an approach experienced managers use to delegate their tasks – look it up. Marketing Automation is not to be taken lightly, it can be the difference between having more time to build a kick-ass strategy or more time spent doing a repetitive task that could originally have been automated. Automation can take many forms, from having a script in place for your bidding, to having a slick reporting set-up. Let’s chat to see where you’re at with this.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Don’t neglect this extremely crucial element in your business strategy. I always work with the mindset – ‘I can do better’ – this is why I love CRO – it’s a never ending pursuit to continuously moving the needle on key metrics. Ever heard about the power of tiny gains? Look it up, and think how that would apply to CRO. Let’s have a chat about where you could use CRO to improve your business.

What mentees are saying about Bahram

The call with Bahram was beyond what I expected to get from a call. The conversation was smooth and the time we had gone by very fast. He gave me tips and tool recommendations to implement to have better attribution and gave me some great action insights to do right away in Google Ads to optimize for better traffic and conversion rate. Book a call with him, you won’t regret!

Veronika Cervenakova - Performance Marketing Executive at ScreenCloud


  • Mentor Name: Aazar Emilia Korczynska
  • Role: Head of Marketing
  • Website:
  • Product: Product onboarding SaaS tool
  • Founded: 2018

How Emilia can help you with your SaaS

Link building

I can help you come up with a link-building strategy to bolster your SEO efforts and improve your visibility. I can help you decide which content to build links to, what on-page optimizations are required before launching a link building campaign, how to do outreach and what backlink building tactics you should choose.

Building a team

If you want to build a performance marketing team on a budget and are wondering about its organization – I’m here to help. I can help you with the prioritization and organizational chart for your content/marketing team.

Content Marketing

I’ve worked in B2B SaaS Content marketing for well over 5 years. I can help you with content strategy, keyword research and tools, outline building, content processes, backlink building, scaling your content ops and building your team.

What mentees are saying about Emilia

Emilia is very knowledgeable in digital Marketing. I’m a founder with technical background and I got great input from her on where to start with Marketing for our SaaS product. I have a clearer idea now on what channels to focus on first and what kind of profile to search and hire for Marketing in the early stage. She even provided me concrete feedback on some Content Marketing assets. Amazing session!

Lukas Gotter - Founder & CEO at Meetical


  • Mentor Name: Kosta Panagoulias
  • Role: Co-Founder
  • Website:
  • Product: Site builder for real estate agency websites
  • Founded: 2011

How Kosta can help you with your SaaS

Outbound marketing

Most people I speak to nowadays get too fancy when it comes to sales. They automatically jump into paid ads and running campaigns, only to see their money go down the drain with no new sales. Old school outbound sales still work. I personally closed the first 700-1000 customers for my company through cold calling and outbound email marketing. Outbound works!

Mindset Coaching

Often times, the only thing stopping you from growing, are your own limitations in your head. Getting someone with an unfiltered view to brainstorm with, usually leads to some big “AHA” moments. These small conversations can help change the trajectory of your business.

Customer Success

The most important yet overlooked department in a company, is customer support. Similarly, the most important metric in the longevity of a SaaS business is churn. Some of the best ways to improve churn is to fine-tine your customer success processes. I have spent several years testing and fine-tuning several strategies that improve customer success, keep clients happy, and help keep churn low.


My company is 100% revenue-financed, meaning we’ve never taken a single dime from anyone. Maintaining a lean and disciplined ideology is what helped our company become profitable and cash flow positive, very early on. Keeping organized and accurate books and financial metrics is vital in any business, especially a startup.

What mentees are saying about Kosta

Kosta was a great listener and able to zero in on exactly what I need to work on to achieve my long-term business goals. He is also personable and I felt comfortable speaking with him. I highly recommend him as a mentor, especially for SaaS bootstrapping!

Chris Tsongas - Founder & CEO at OnboardList

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