How to get your company to pay for a GrowthMentor membership

Copy/paste your way straight to a company sponsored GrowthMentor membership with my help.

The best things in life aren’t free.  

You can fight me on this one, go ahead.  

I’ll win with one word.


Membership to GrowthMentor is not free.  But it can be free for you if you get your company to pay for it!

I’m going to help you write a killer email (I was going to use the word letter, but do letters even exist anymore?!) to convince the ‘up aboves’ to hook you up with GrowthMentor membership.  

We believe in personalization around there parts, hence the whole premise of the 1 on 1 calls and all that jazz.  

No two situations are the same, so you shouldn’t just copy paste a generic pitch and send it to your boss. 

Spend a few minutes copy pasting applicable selling points together to construct the greatest ‘please buy this for me’ email ever known to man! 

BTW- I’m an English teacher, so I know what I am doing


Inform them what GrowthMentor is

Role : Marketer

GrowthMentor is a platform that allows people like me to easily connect with high level growth marketing professionals from around the world.  I can easily connect with these vetted mentors and schedule 1:1 calls to talk through our current strategy and improve it with their help.  I’ll be able to focus on certain areas like PPC, Marketing Automation and Content Marketing using their expertise filter.  I can also book calls to make sure we are using our tools to their maximum potential.  

Role : Startup Team

GrowthMentor is a platform that allows people like me to easily connect with experienced startup mentors and high level growth marketers from around the world.  They are all hand selected based on their previous experience in the startup world and growth eco-system.  We can book 1:1 calls with them and hear about the mistakes they made and how to avoid them.  If we are thinking about funding, they even have a category just for that.     


How it benefits the company

We can harness the years of expertise those mentors have and fuel our own growth with it.  Learn what worked for them and what didn’t and save ourselves time and money.  I’ve gone through mentor reviews and the ROI is off the charts!  It’s like having our own virtual board of advisors (with bad ass resumes) at our finger tips.  Getting a fresh 3rd party perspective on our current state of affairs would really do us good. 

SaaS Company Bonus Perks

Once I am up inside this ecosystem, maybe I can get us listed on their tool page.  Talk about added exposure!!

GrowthMentor has a partner program so maybe I can get us involved with that.  

In their Slack group they have a channel for offers, so I can promote us there and share a promo code.  It’s a group full of people in the marketing and startup world, so our target audience!  (if applicable)

The Ask

Here goes!

I’d like to join GrowthMentor not only to network and get advice from the mentors, but also to join the community of like minded growth and startup folks from around the world.  I have insights and experiences to share as well and I think it will really help me develop professionally (and personally).  

It’s just $10 a month paid annually. 

That gets me access to their Facebook and Slack groups, the ability to post personalized help requests so mentors can apply to help me, ongoing support and mentor suggestions from their team and most importantly – it gets me on 1:1 calls with people I could never connect with otherwise.  

Closing Statements  

Pick one that fits your personality best


Give me GrowthMentor or give me death!


You can just send over the company credit card number.  And don’t forget the CVV code this time.  Thanks.


I don’t think I can go on without GrowthMentor.


I really need to talk to some someone outside of this organization.  


I’m all by myself working on XYZ.  I could really use some help!


I’m ready to learn as much as I can about XYZ and take this company to the top!  


Extra tid bits

Add some flair to your request.  

Where else can I pick the brains of people with experience at companies like Google, Amazon, IBM and Atlassian?!

I just don’t have enough time to spend hours and hours reading tutorials and watching videos of how to do something.  I’d rather just get on screen share with a pro and go through it together.  

Maybe after some time I can become a growth mentor myself.  That would be great exposure for the company!  

I can book unlimited calls with these mentors.  Each week I can perfect a new skill!

Additional Help

If you want some additional help crafting this masterpiece, hit me up. 

I’m totally down to help tailor your plea around your company and your role.  

Email Writer Extraordinaire