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Don’t leave networking to chance

Building genuine relationships takes consistent time and effort. We want to help you waste less of it. Invest in networking only with the people that match your preferences and criteria.

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What do you want to get out of networking?

Find a co-founder

Bring your idea to life by joining forces with your new co-founder.

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Get exposed to the people that are open to doing backlink exchanges.

Find a brainstorming partner

Bounce ideas off of a wide pool of interesting professionals.

Get product feedback

Get real people testing your product and get unbiased feedback.

Grow your team

Find awesome people to add to your team.

Make new interesting friends

Meet people that you'd otherwise never meet.

Co-marketing opportunities

Who doesn't like 1 + 1 = 3 situations?

Raise investment

Find investors that are looking for hot investment opportunities.

Invest in startups

Find hot startups that are looking for investors

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Thousands of founders and marketers are using mentors to skip the trial & error.

Andrea Nagar
Founder at
Katerina Bojkov
Growth at
Benjamin Webster
Founder at
Angela Ferrrante
Founder at
Cary Hastings
Head of Content at
Damon Lye
Damon Lye
CMO at
Edwin Plotts
Director of Marketing
Eyram Adjogatse
Founder at
Felicity Simpson
Head of Marketing at
Lisa Lepki
Head of Marketing at
Joe Schaeppi
Founder at
Joyce Lee
Product Lead at
Lucia Piseddu
Founder at
Allison Kelly
Growth Strategist at
Mike Duda
Founder at
Oskar Johnston
CEO at
Robert Hua
Growth Marketing Lead at
Shannon Limary
Growth Marketing Lead at
Sophia Benhaddou
CEO at
Tela Andrews
Founder at
Maddie Taylor
Marketing & Content Lead at
Mikhail Larionov
Founder at
Luise Räuchle
Product Owner at
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Frequently Asked Questions

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There are people in both feeds who would be happy to share their experiences and help you out.

Remember that all of the members in the community are in a similar situation to you – they are working to grow businesses. So you may find someone who just solved the same problem you are facing at this very moment.

At this time, you can send direct messages and arrange to meet amongst yourselves.

We highly encourage this and to leave other members Recommendations if you do connect.


You can control this in your settings.

Mentors who you request a call with will always be able to see your profile, but you can opt-out of appearing in the community feed if you would like.

If you do opt-out, you will not be able to use the feed to browse other members or send them direct messages.

The profile will disappear from the feed, but it will be saved if you ever decide to come back and renew.

Nope! Just the mentors and members (if you opt in to the community browse).

You can adjust the visibility of your profile in your settings.

  1. Give first – Share your knowledge and offer assistance to those looking for help
  2. Be respectful – Message people responsibly and respectfully
  3. Follow the Golden Rule – Treat others how you would like to be treated
  4. Don’t be shy – Network proactively

Learn more about our community rules here.