Anatomy of a Member Profile

Here’s a line by line break-down of the components of a GrowthMentor member profile.

TLDR: Everything that you’ll find on here is here for a reason (tons of Foti brain hours). Not to mention that the components you see live today survived the gauntlet of a ton of user research calls.

The main objective of these profiles in phase one is to give more context and background about the members so that the mentors know if they can truly offer assistance.

Profile Pic: Yup, everyone needs a profile pic. If you are shy, get creative!

Role & Company: Do I really need to explain this one 😀

Looking for: Identify what you hope to get out of networking with the community (the search function for this is coming soon).


About: Spill the beans! Tell the mentors where you are at in your growth journey and what you hope to get out of joining this community. Show personality! All of the mentors have been chosen based on their personalities, so you won’t find any lame ducks on that side of the platform. Humble brag a bit and impress them with a sparking Bio section.
* Minimum 150 character count

Skills: Select your strong points and be proud of ‘dem skillz!

Challenges: We all have room for improvement, highlight the top areas that you would like to work on.

Interests: This area received rave reviews in user testing. Members thought it was important to share personal details about themselves to give a more well-rounded picture of who they are.


Adding proper details and context in this section will help you get straight down to business during your calls. No need to explain everything in your session requests if you have this section filled in with all relevant details.

Startup: (This section will only be applicable to those who have founder in their account settings)

Work Experience: Share where you’ve worked and projects that have helped sculpt your career.

Education: Optional- as is higher education (that may ruffle some feathers)


Deets on who you’ve done sessions and the topics you have discussed. This is relevant for mentors to get an idea of what areas you’ve been working on and more context about your GrowthMentor roadmap.


Mentors and other members can leave you a Recommendation after you complete a call. These are not ‘session reviews’, but more of a chance for them to recognize you in front of the community for things like being well prepared for your call and having a great game plan set out for your next steps.

Updated on June 10, 2021

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