Community Rules

#1 Give First

Share your knowledge and offer assistance to those looking for help.

We started GrowthMentor with the belief that startups all around the world should have access to top notch advice from growth marketers who have a proven track record.

With the community feature opening up, this means even more helping hands available to share their experiences and help others.

Search through the ‘challenges filter’ and see who you can offer assistance to.

#2 Be Respectful

Message people responsibly and respectfully.

When sending a DM to someone, explain WHY straight away. In a world filled with spam and cheesy connection requests, be open and honest about why you want to open up a dialogue with them.

We highly suggest following the #1 rule of outreach and offer them something that you can share of value that pertains to their current situation.

Spamming will not be tolerated and users who message recklessly will be removed.

#3 Follow the Golden Rule

Treat others how you would like to be treated.

By having your profile visible on the feed it’s like saying “Hello! I’m open to networking”. Feel free to hide your profile from other community members if you aren’t open to meeting new people.

If you receive a message from another member and you feel that you are not a good fit for what they are looking for, kindly let them know.

Think of how good you feel after you get off a great GrowthMentor call… pass some knowledge along to someone else and spread the good vibes.

#4 Don’t be shy

Network proactively

As this is a private community, keep in mind that everyone is here for the same reason – growing a business. Another commonality we all share is that we are open to feedback and accepting help from others, so it is a safe place to reach out to one another.

Perhaps set a goal for yourself to meet one new person a week!

Updated on January 24, 2023

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