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Using GrowthMentor for customer research

If founders and marketers are your target audience, this a great place to connect with them and talk about their pain points and learn from them.

Give First

The best way to go about this is to ‘give first’.

Do not contact a random stranger out of the blue and ask to pick their brains with the end result only benefiting you.

Here’s our advice for how to go about this in the best way possible.

1) Build up a reputation

Participate regularly in the Slack channel and build up a reputation for yourself as a helpful person.

With every piece of advice you give in a thread you’re boosting your karma points and people will recognize your name when it does come time to reach out to them.

2) Offer to help with a challenge

On the Community browse you will find a filter for Role as well as Challenges.

Let’s say you want to speak with founders and one of your skills is PPC.

All of these folks have listed a challenge as PPC and are founders. Reach out to them and offer to chat about PPC in exchange some of their time to talk about what you are working on.

3) Offer a feedback swap

Also with the Community filters you will find Networking Objectives.

All of these people are keen to talk about product feedback. You can filter even more by using the role filter if you want to only talk to someone in a certain postion.

Again, be sure to give first and tell them that you are happy to take a look at what they are working on first in exchange for their time.

4) Post in Slack

We have the #feedback-wanted channel for this exact purpose.

Throw it out there! See if anyone is dying to talk about what you are working on. *sarcasm*

If you are to post an open request for feedback, just be sure to offer how you can help as well. Perhaps you can offer them a free trial or something else to sweeten the deal.


If you follow these steps and don’t come off as a taker, you will surely get all of the product feedback you could ever dream of in this community!

Updated on September 1, 2022

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