If you take a few minutes and scroll through the session reviews on GrowthMentor, you will quickly realize that you and your organization can get some real value from 1:1 calls with Growth Mentors.

You really can’t get anything better than personalized advice from someone that has been there and done that before you.

How to best harness all of this growth magic can be a bit overwhelming.  Does ‘too much of a good thing’ apply to GrowthMentor?!

To truly get the maximum benefit from this platform, follow this advice and take advantage of our accountability program to help keep you on track.


Before I get going on the ‘how to’, it is important to mention that this platform is most beneficial when it is used as a tool.

One of the many pieces of weaponry on your growth tool-belt available to use as needed.

Ideally you’ll make a habit of using this tool and really take advantage of the talent that we have collected and pick their brains on a regular basis.

Set a GrowthMentor goal for yourself

  • I want to book 1 session per week
  • I want to focus on one area of growth marketing each month and speak with at least 3 people per area
  • I will follow-up with each mentor I speak with exactly 1 month later and fill them in on my progress

GrowthMentor is part of what I call the 3 pillars of learning. The first pillar is “content” this is where you go learn things via courses (Udemy, ConversionXL, etc.) The second pillar is “application”. Make sure you have a real project (or something at work to apply these new concepts). The third pillar is “advisory” – this is where GrowthMentor comes in. Review your strategy and execution plan with a mentor. They will either rip it apart or add to it. This is where the magic happens and things fall into place!

Also – try to meetup with a growth mentor in person when you are visiting that city.

Ayhan K. Isaacs - Founder at GrowthRhino

For many people, it can be a bit awkward getting on a call with someone and discussing YOUR work.

Bite the bullet and hop on that first call and each time it will get easier and easier.  Remember that all of these mentors are vetted and ‘friendliness’ is one of the main factors we look for in Growth Mentors, so there is no need to be nervous.

Building the habit of speaking with unbiased people about what you are working on is a key component of utilizing your membership.

Once you reinforce the habit and start to see progress,  you may even become a bit addicted to the brain storming and problem solving that takes place during the calls.

1. Set a specific goal for each session

This is probably the hardest part!

When your head is swirling and with all of the different facets of growth, how on earth can you prioritize?!

This in itself is a popular topic on GrowthMentor – prioritization.

In your on-boarding call with Foti, this is a great thing to discuss.  He can help you figure out what your easy wins are and you can go from there.

Or you can book a call with a Growth Mindset Mentor.

The beauty of being  a member is that you can book unlimited calls with mentors marked as free.  So booking a call just to set your game plan won’t cost you a thing.

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Avoid Jumbling

A mistake we commonly see is a member booking a call without setting a focus.  “I want to talk about Facebook Ads, identifying customer personas and my content marketing plan for a new idea I haven’t validated yet.”

Narrow it down and really focus on what is most important to you at this stage.

It is better for your development as a marketer to really double down and focus on specific areas before moving on to the next.

Remember that the mentors truly want to help and add value.  If they see a session request that is all over the place, they may run the other way 😀

2. Post a Help Request

When you Browse All mentors you may feel like a kid in a candy store.

We can go back to that ‘too much of a good thing’ reference 😉

Don’t browse, let the mentors apply to you!

By posting a help request, you can say exactly what you are looking for help with and if a mentor feels they are a good fit, they will apply.

This is an anonymous posting, so nobody knows who is posting.  Many members like the anonymity angle of this feature – especially as new users because it’s an easy first step to ‘putting yourself out there’.


3. Do your Homework

To truly benefit from your calls, it is best to put in some effort before hand.

Do not expect to click around, book a few calls and have the magical growth secrets handed to you.

We have built very detailed filters for you to find the best fit.  Use them!

After you have filtered and narrowed down some mentor options, spend some time looking at the mentor’s profile.

Overview of Profile Sections 

Don’t forget the reviews!  The review section can tell you what other people spoke to the mentors about and their feedback.

growthmentor reviews

4. Communicate

We highly recommend messaging a mentor before booking a call to check and see if they think they can help you.

Be as detailed as possible, without giving your life story 😉

This is where the specific goal comes into play.  If you are very specific about what you want to get out of the call, the mentor will be able to easily assess if they are a good fit.

If you just write ‘content marketing’, they’ll probably still hit accept- but will definitely be wondering what area of content marketing you’ll want to discuss.

They can easily message you about it, but since you are the one reaching out to them, it’s better to lay all the cards on the table right away.

5. Follow-up

Make a habit of following-up with the mentors you speak with.

Set a reminder in your calendar for a few weeks later or a month and send them a message when it pops up.

Don’t hit snooze, just do it.

Personal Accountability

It helps you to stay accountable for what you talked about.

Most likely you left your session pumped and ready to take on the world.

BUT we all know that shiny objects are popping up everywhere we look and great intentions and ideas can get lost in the shuffle.

By following-up with your mentor, you are now responsible for reporting on how things are going.

Professional Relationship

You had a 1:1 call and formed a bit of a relationship in that time so following-up is the right thing to do.

Even if you aren’t one for formalities, do it to quell the mentor’s curiosity.

The mentors are giving you their trade secrets, they want to know how it went.

review marketing mentor

Jake for sure wants to hear how things are going for Edgar!


Bonus : Get advice from us

We’re usually around on live chat in the bottom right hand corner of the site so ask us who we recommend for ‘xyz’.

These mentors were all chosen for a reason and we know who is good at what 😉

Shoot us an email, message us on the member Slack group, whatevs – we are here to help!