If this is the first post you are reading from our blog, you will soon understand that we love our mentors and are probably even slightly obsessed with them.

We don’t stand outside their bedroom windows and serenade them or anything like that… but actually, that’s not a bad idea!  Perhaps we’ll add that as a reward for hitting 100 reviews.

Early days

Being a mentor on GrowthMentor is not an easy feat.

As I write this, we are getting about 10 applications a day to become mentors.  We have a pretty strict vetting process and look for a very specific type of person.  Someone with an extensive, proven track record in Growth who is kind and genuinely wants to help.

We look for mentors who are excited by the idea of helping and eager to get out there and share their experience to help others.

Once a new mentor finishes their first call, we commonly get a Slack message telling us, “That was awesome!” or “Wow, that felt good to help that person out”.  We call it the Mentor High.

Once they feel that high, they want to do more calls and connect with more people.  Many new mentors will start applying to help requests to say, “Hey!  I’m here to help” and get on more calls.

This is a win win situation because the mentors enjoy sharing their knowledge and the mentees get personalized 1 on 1 advice from super talented folks.

Did you know…

Fun fact: GrowthMentor was originally launched as a pay-per-call platform.  But so many mentors wanted to do their calls for free, so we had to have our developers go back to the drawing board and code in an option for free calls.

Recognizing the Mentors

We do our best to recognize Growth Mentors any chance we get.  We promote their businesses, personal projects and share session reviews as well as their profiles as much as possible.

People actually probably get annoyed with our mentor love.  That’s too bad for them, because we ain’t stopping any time soon!

How can we not gush over them when day after day we see call reviews like these…

growth mentor reviews

Level-Up Statuses

We’ve been talking about introducing levels for awhile now, but weren’t satisfied with things like ‘silver, gold or blah’ or ‘newbie, something in the middle or pro’.

We didn’t want a label that inferred superiority or that someone is better than the other because in reality they are all gold star pros.

On the browse all page mentors are listed in order of reviews they have.

We want to recognize them based on the time they have given – mostly for free and the others with very reasonable fees.  (Sergi *cough cough* $12 an hour)

Why not use one of our favorite words and go from there– Nebuchadnezzar.

You have to say it out loud to truly feel why we think it is so fun!

A Nebuchadnezzar is a 15L bottle of Champagne or wine FYI, so you can probably guess where we are going with this.

Who knew there were so many wine bottle sizes!?!

We narrowed the list down to milestones that we wanted to recognize mentors at and here is what we came up with…

mentor rankings

I mean who wouldn’t want to be a Nebuchadnezzar!?!

We’re happy with this ranking system because it’s purely about quantity and there are no undertones about quality (as there are with something like bronze vs gold).

The wine in a regular bottle is of the same caliber as the wine you’ll find in the Midas.

We’ll be announcing when mentors hit these milestones on Twitter and Instagram and in our new ‘End o’ Month Wrap-up’ series that is coming soon.