The idea

I am saddened by the fact that I can’t remember exactly how I came up with the idea to do localized speed marketing events.  I do believe it was on a run- when most ‘great’ ideas pop into my head.

I wanted to spread the GrowthMentor magic to local businesses.  I wanted local people to get some value out of this awesome platform that we have built.  I wanted to help them grow.

I figured it would be easier than trying to get their attention online, to just literally show them how it works in a physical location.  (HA!  I say this as an online marketer).

I got the stamp of approval from the boss and started scheming.

Why do this event?

Active Learning

Active learning is one of our core values.

Anyone can read a blog post or listen to a podcast about what you should do, but how much of that information is then actively put into practice for your business?

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Being involved in the process is something that we feel very strongly about.

Sure, it’s great to hear grand stories about someone else’s amazing journey and how they hacked their way to the top, but how does that really help you?

You can take tid-bits here and there and hopefully benefit from their story, but wouldn’t it be better if you could ask the story-teller about what they think you should do with a problem you are facing right NOW?

Your business is one of a kind.  No two scenarios are the same.  Advice is not one size fits all.

Your input and opinion are a necessary part of the equation to get solid guidance on the next steps you need to take to grow your business.  

This is what GrowthMentor is all about.


This core value also comes into play with this master plan to get people face to face with mentors.

If you are a know-it-all who has it all sorted out, you are not looking to get others’ opinions or guidance.  That is one end of the humility spectrum. The other end being  ‘I’m open to hear any and all perspectives’.

Members of our platform fall toward the later mentioned.

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You gotta be open to having two way dialogues in order to grow.  Lots of them.

I knew that if I wanted to pull off events, I had to find like minded people who would be open to advice from strangers.  Mind you, vetted strangers with amazing marketing track records.

Human Relationships

Guess what?  All three of our core values go hand in hand with this whole idea!

Which makes total sense since what I was planning was to mirror the same thing that happens everyday on the GrowthMentor platform – just in person.

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If you want to make it these days in business, you HAVE to have a support team around you.

Ideally you have people that you can reach out to who know a thing or two about your industry and can relate to the current stage you are at.

Said individuals don’t have to be a part of your daily life or even live in the same city as you.  But you have them and you know they are there if you need to talk something through.

We want our members to feel that the growth mentors they speak with are ‘those people’.  People who genuinely want to help them and will continue to be a presence in their life as they continue on the rocky path of running a business.

People helping people.  Simples.

We like to say “Real links > Backlinks”, which comes from this popular blog post Foti wrote.

Time to take ACTION

We nailed down a couple of dates in cities where we wanted to try out this idea.

Co-working spots are the coolest of the cool spots to be these days, so we did some research and were super happy with all of the locations we ended up with.

Athens, Greece

Stone Soup is a location we had visited before for a content marketing seminar, so we knew the lay-out would be great for our event.

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We had a great turn-out of local businesses and 5 mentors on hand to speak with the participants.


The speed marketing session in Stone Soup from Growth Mentors was very helpful and to the point. I had the chance to implement some of the comments and advices in social media and adwords at Ferryhopper!

Vasiliki Axarli

Topics covered during this event varied thanks to the number of mentors present!  SEO, social media, link building, content marketing and growth mindset were all discussed with the participants.

The event was very useful. It was really nice to get some fresh outsider opinions on our marketing strategy and helped us realize that we need to invest more time in influencer marketing and link building. An example of that is a survey about secondhand shopping for that we just created. We plan to share the results with the public once we’ve collected a good amount of responses.

Robin Schuil

Tbilisi, Georgia

Our host in Tbilisi was the uber trendy Fabrika Hostel.  This venue is a hostel, a co-working space and home to numerous small businesses.

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Our turn-out was a bit smaller in Tbilisi than Athens, but it worked out better for the participants because they got full attention from the mentors.

We went into detail about the marketing strategy of a hospitality company and went through some things that a brand new kombucha company will need to do to establish themselves.

Speaking with the mentors about my wine business was very helpful.  It helps to get an outside perspective because I am so close to my business that I don’t always see the big picture or think about other ways to do things.

Irakli Mgaloblishvili

Amsterdam, Netherlands

In Amsterdam our co-working venue of choice was Bounce Space.  The venue was perfect and with a cafe on the ground floor, just what we needed to get going on a Saturday morning.

We had 5 mentors on hand again and even a guest appearance from the founders of DULO who jumped into the rotation and chatted with the participants.  Chat bots, email marketing and growth hacking tactics were just a few of the topics discussed.

We’ll definitely be back, Amsterdam!

Round One Complete

That was our first go at hosting these events and each and every one left us buzzing!

Doing sessions as a mentor generally will leave you with a ‘mentor high’ and these were no different.  Helping a small business is probably even more rewarding than offering advice to a larger, more established business.

All in all, we confirmed our suspicions that GrowthMentor sessions would be just as beneficial in real life as they are online.

I hope I’ve explained our speed marketing events in a clear and concise manner.

I guess I could’ve just said, “It’s like speed dating, but for marketing” and called it a day.