How We Use Data to Drive Growth at Panoply

Posted on 04 Dec 2020
Data and Analytics

Learn exactly how to use the Jobs to be Done framework to conduct user interviews. Vassilena Valchanova shares her screen and holds nothing back walking us through exactly how she does it.

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About this talk

How can you make bigger, smarter, and more productive bets to drive user acquisition and onboarding?

I love gambling, but even more, I love winning. Luckily I work for a data platform ( that provides access to a ton of data. We use this data inform our decisions around growth and product. In this talk, I'll share a few insights and how these insights focused our team on a few key features to spur Panoply's growth.

The mentors in this video

Trevor Fox Director of Growth at

I currently lead growth at Panoply (a cloud data warehouse startup) and I followed a winding path to get here. I found my way into digital when I started writing a blog while playing baseball in Europe after college. After that, I dove headfirst into anything I could learn/teach myself about web technologies, code, and UX. I’ve had a broad range of experiences from hands-on management of digital campaigns to corporate consulting and I’ve found I’m happiest making charts go up and to the right in rapidly changing startup environments.

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