How to create a bulletproof content strategy in 8 steps

Posted on 18 Mar 2022
Content Marketing
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Increase brand awareness, drive more leads, and solidify your company's market position

Many companies don't realize that there is a difference between having a plan and a strategy. Are you one of them?

Having a system in place is the key to a successful content strategy. You need to know why you are doing something before you can move to the ‘how’.

Alas, too many companies narrow down their content strategy to finding relevant keywords and producing articles around them.

If you're struggling to see increase brand awareness and see results from your content strategy, join the first workshop from a series of five where we will cover everything from A to Z.

You'll learn:

  • Brief historical overview: how marketing evolved from 1940s to the 21st century
  • “Me selling proposition”: behavioral psychology, content marketing examples
  • Differences between strategic content and random content publishing
  • Setting the fundamentals for your content strategy
  • Moving away from capturing single keywords to building topical authority
  • Content ideation process that ensures diversity in both format and topics

The mentors in this video

Mia Comic Founder & Content Strategist

Hi there! My name is Mia and I’m the Founder & Content Strategist @ Bublgam.

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