How to become a disciplined creative

Posted on 07 Jun 2022
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Master the art of storytelling and learn how to organize your content processes

Learn how to practice and control creativity, get into the flow, and organize your content calendar.

If you want to become a great content strategist, you need to master writing as well (or at least understand what the creative process looks like). 

Writing takes practice, and there are frameworks and habits you can adopt to become better at it. 

Master both the art of storytelling and the art of organizing content operations.

You'll learn:

  • What do Ancient Greeks have to do with writing good content
  • How to incorporate the art of storytelling into your marketing
  • What are some of the main copywriting frameworks you can use to write better
  • How to practice being creative
  • How to organize yourself and create an easy-to-follow content calendar
  • How to practice healthy and constructive self-criticism

The mentors in this video

Mia Comic Founder & Content Strategist

Hi there! My name is Mia and I’m the Founder & Content Strategist @ Bublgam.

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