GrowthMentor LIVE: How to Survive Google’s March Update

Posted on 01 Apr 2024
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There's one big question on every SEO and content marketer's mind after Google's March update: "Can we or can we not use AI to create content?" If you have a sinking feeling about your rankings or don't know if it's safe to keep (or start) using AI, our panel has answers. So join and get the straightforward, no-fluff explanation of the March core update, what it means for AI's role in content, and what you can do to use AI right and avoid penalties.

You'll learn:
✅ Why and how websites got penalized under the March update
✅ How to run damage control if you've been hit by the update
✅ How to use AI the right and ethical way to save time and boost your content creation process, including when NOT to use AI
✅ Why individual algorithm updates don't matter as much as you think and what you should focus on instead

So learn how to use AI safely in your content creation process from Maeva Cifuentes, Aatif Mohd, and Mile Zivkovic.

The mentors in this video

Aatif Mohd SEO Advisor & Consultant @ Aatif Mohd Ventures

SEO Consultant. YC-funded startups around the globe partner with me to make SEO their primary channel for customer acquisitions & brand building. I turn SEO tactics & initiatives into meaningful business outcomes [traffic, leads & revenue] in the shortest time.

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