The Secret SEO Formula To Get Thousands of Ready-To-Buy Leads for SaaS Companies (Without Burning Millions in Ad Budget)

Posted on 04 Feb 2022
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SEO & Content Marketing Guide To Rank Organically.

SEO does not have to be complicated. Regardless if you are Indiehacker or a $10Mn SaaS business, join this workshop to get actionable content to implement in your business, today.

You'll learn:

  • How to do find the keywords that help you get high intent lead (The ROI-Led Keywords)
  • How to ensure you focus on the most impactful ideas all the time
  • How to write content that ranks
  • How to get backlinks (without spamming & begging for links)
  • How to convert existing users to leads & customers from your blog
  • How to distribute your content elegantly on socials

The mentors in this video

Aazar Ali Shad Growth Marketer I Revenue Champion I Podcast Host @ Growth Marketing Stories

I have 10+ years of combined experience in field Sales & Marketing I have grown other startups to become 10 Mn in ARR. I can help you with: Sales, SEO, Copy Writing, User Onboarding & Adoption, Email Marketing, Outbound, Podcasting , and Growth Marketing. Why should you trust me?

Accredible: Grew the business from $60K ARR to $500K in 1.5 years

ECOMPLY: Grew ECOMPLY to $150K ARR even though GDPR was a fad.

Userpilot: Achieving growth target by 150%. Converted Userpilot’s organic traffic from ZERO to 20,000/month visitors in 12 months only. It’s a 7-figure business that I started from ZERO.

Synthesis: Came at $3.2Mn and grew the company to $10mn within 3 months with paid ads purely.

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