Getting started with a Customer Data strategy  

Posted on 28 Nov 2022
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Reduce vendor lock-in, costs and time to insight 

A sustainable and well adopted data strategy is key for enabling and quantifying growth 

Starting with a Customer Data Platform can be overwhelming if you don't establish a process to close the loop in connecting business objectives and data points.

On this session, I'll show you examples of how large ecommerces, SaaS and other types of business use data to build a competitive advantage and scale their insights from the ground. 

In this workshop, you will hear about:

  • How to build a long term data strategy
  • How to link business objectives to data points
  • How to think about business metrics
  • How to build a tracking plan

The mentors in this video

Humberto de Oliveira Data Solutions Architect | IT Consultant | ex Segment

15+ years of Software Engineering, Product Development, Data Strategy Consulting and lots of mistakes 😂 I’m here to build a network of fearless risk takers. Positive thinking, data and good processes will get you wherever you want. Let’s discover how together.

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