"Kosta was great as always. Helped me validate our go-to-market strategy and partnership. He's very easy to communicate with and direct about his opinions, which I value."
Brady Kirkpatrick Profile Image
Brady K.
"I don't even know how to begin this. What started as a short facebook ads call with Kevin has now turned into a full mentorship"
Ben W.
Facebook Ads
"Great call with an amazing mentor. Patiently he has shown me every step I need to achieve my aim. If you are looking for help regarding GA4 he is the right person."
Marko L.
"Amy is very knowledgable on Google Ads, and helped me optimising a campaign that was underperforming. She gave me some concrete tips that I can directly implement."
Celine Fosse Profile
Celine F.
Google Ads
"Always very insightful to talk to Manish and iron out the details and get a different perspective on the offering, PMF and marketing channels."
Nuno Pereira Profile
Nuno P.
Product Market Fit
"Had a great session full of valuable insights with Artem. He has developed a framework for crafting go-to-market strategies that I will definitely use."
Midori Hashiguchi Profile
Midori H.
Growth Marketing

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Eugene Strelets

3 session(s) / 1 review(s)
Growth Product Manager, Mobile Apps | Subscription Optimization, Onboarding & Activation
Warsaw, Poland (+01:00 UTC)
Usually responds in 2 days
I can assist you in various areas such as app retention, engagement, monetization strategies, product roadmaps, stakeholder management, and more, having gained experience working in both product and marketing teams in various environments.

Aditya Raghunath

10 session(s) / 8 review(s)
Seasoned product professional with a penchant for building sustainable growth products across B2C & B2B SaaS
Berlin , Germany (+01:00 UTC)
Usually responds in 1 day
I can leverage my overall product management experience across B2C & B2B SaaS products, spanning early-stage/ growth as well as mature products, to answer any question you may have and provide guidance on all aspects with respect to PM

Manish Wardekar

14 session(s) / 12 review(s)
Sales Strategy, Growth, Product Management, Consulting, Offshore Staffing, Incubation
Chicago, United States (-06:00 UTC)
Usually responds in 23 hours
I have had to influence large and small Product Teams without direct control of the actual resources to help prioritize product features and change roadmap priorities. I can help you navigate the triangle" of tradeoffs between prioritization of Product Features, Budgets and Ship Dates.

Vahe Baghdasaryan

41 session(s) / 24 review(s)
Growth @ CoinStats. Pricing Strategy & Subscription Optimization. CRM & Retention Strategy. Reforge Practitioner.
Yerevan, Armenia (+04:00 UTC)
Usually responds in 1 day
My concentration in product management is on the growth side. I can help you in the things such as optimizing your product to increase users’ engagement and monetization. Let’s chat!

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Stefan Cruçon

9 session(s) / 6 review(s)
MarTech CRM Channels Owner @ Klarna | eCommerce & Product Management
Berlin, Germany (+01:00 UTC)
Usually responds in 12 hours
Harnessing the dynamics of product management for several years, I've meticulously honed my expertise in strategizing and executing product roadmaps. With an unwavering commitment to user-centric design, I continuously align product development with data-driven insights and real user feedback. This holistic approach ensures the delivery of products that not only cater to genuine user needs but also drive significant business impact, fostering both user satisfaction and sustainable growth.

Zika Kolicic

2 session(s) / 2 review(s)
Product and Growth | Start Ups and Scale-ups | Marketplaces | SaaS | eCommerce
Sydney, Australia (+10:00 UTC)
Usually responds in 2 days
I've worked on product management for over 20 years on B2B and B2C products, in industries including marketplaces (real estate, autos, jobs, buy & sell), transactional business (rental accommodation) and self serve platforms (advertising and marketing) As Head of Product / Product Leader, I've led teams/squads/tribes of up to 45 people people across product, marketing, engineering and design. I've recruited, coached and developed people to become great practitioners and maximise business impact.

Thomas De Toledo

12 session(s) / 9 review(s)
Group Product Manager
London, United Kingdom (+00:00 UTC)
Usually responds in 1 day
As a group Product manager, I got experience in executing of a project (especially in agile) and managing a backlog of features and requirements. On top of that I can provide support on how to prioritize the work to be done on a product and the stakeholder management. One thing I am particularly keen to help on, especially for bootstrapping, is the power of experimentation when it comes to understand what will work.


8 session(s) / 6 review(s)
App growth consultant, product management, and product marketer
Los Gatos, United States (-08:00 UTC)
Usually responds in 15 hours
I managed the product lifecycle. I led the cross-functional team on new product introduction (NPI) and end-of-life projects to ensure it fits the organization's financial goal.

Rishabh Gupta

1 session(s)
Head of Product | Growth Marketer
Bilaspur, India (+05:30 UTC)
Usually responds in 9 hours
Rishabh Gupta, a seasoned product management professional, embarked on his journey as a Systems Engineer at Infosys in India and a Growth Marketer in San Francisco, transitioning to a pivotal Product Manager role at souKare in Dubai. Currently, as the Head of Product at Alerzo, he demonstrates exemplary leadership and strategic vision. Rishabh's global experience and his contributions as an advisor and mentor at Techstars underscore his diverse and impactful career in product management.
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Corey Hubbard
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Susan Liu
“I left the session feeling super uplifted, empowered and with a clear direction on what I should do next.”
Tauras Sinkus
“I’ve had three sessions so far and I got the advice I was looking for or the inspiration I needed to continue going.”
Erin Tomlinson
“If you want to get customers to your door, this is the way to do it. It’s quality advice that will lead you to the promised land for your business.”
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Why Talk to a Product Management Mentor?

Why Should I Talk to a Product Management Mentor?

Product management is a massive field filled with complexity. There might be best practices out there, but there’s no one “right” way to do it. What works for one company might not work even for a company at a similar size, maturity stage, and industry.

It’s also one of the few fields you likely won’t find taught in a university setting. Meaning: product managers don’t study to become PMs. They become PMs through a variety of winding paths that rarely involve any kind of formal training.

All of this amorphousness translates into one thing: learning product management is incredibly difficult.

And because it’s such a complicated field, PMs that have been in the field for years will regularly run into challenges they’ve never faced before.

You could learn by trial and error. But that takes a lot of mistakes, failed experiments, and time.

Or you could talk to a product management mentor and get the insider knowledge you need to make your PM work successful.


What Can an a Product Management Mentor Do For Me?

A very wise Head of Product once said “Product management is about having the right tools in your toolbox. Your frameworks, decision-making processes, and resources are all tools. As you get more experience, you’ll add more tools to your toolbox.”

A product management mentor can help you do just that. They can use their experience to guide you and advise you on the right tools for your situation.

Plus, since this is a “done with you approach,” you won’t spend your time trying to apply vague advice from blogs or courses.

Instead, you’ll get all the personalized advice from a consultant without getting tied into a (potentially expensive) contract.

You’ll learn how an expert PM thinks, understand how they make decisions, and see exactly how they figure out which tools and frameworks to use.

All of which lets you shortcut the learning curve and hone your product management instinct and skills faster than you ever thought possible.



Should I talk to a Product Management mentor now?

If you’re considering breaking into the product management field or if you’re a founder who wants to take charge of your product function, then yes, absolutely, you should talk to a product management mentor. They can help you assess your strengths and weaknesses and identify ways you can improve and build your PM skills.

Without the help of a mentor, you’ll probably feel like you’re floundering around in the dark.

If you’re not new to the PM game however, a mentor can still help you when:
• You aren’t certain of the skills you need to make the jump from PM to senior PM
• You’d like to transition into a manager role rather than being an IC
• You’re a founder with a strong product team and want to add a growth product function
• You don’t know what to look for when hiring for your product team
• You’re a new product leader who wants to build a high-performing team

A product management mentor will listen to your challenge, discuss their experience in similar areas, and give you a clear view of your next possible steps. Their advice can be a map to the area of the PM world you want to explore, helping you get results faster and avoid mistakes along the way.

Looking for 1-on-1 advice from Product Management Mentors?

“We stopped buying courses”
“Nothing else compares”
“Our team can’t get enough”