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Tauras Sinkus

Founder / SEO Specialist
Country Lithuania
Company Sinkus Studio

21 Day Hero was inspired by trying to find a solution to a common long-lasting problem – failing to build healthy habits and routines that would last longer than 1 week.  UGH- we all know this problem!

Tauras had tried everything, but the solution that really worked for him was looking at any habit or skill he wanted to build as a short, 21 day challenge.

Which meant taking small, deliberate steps towards his goal for 21 days in a row, tracking efforts and focusing on showing up rather than reaching huge results.

To his surprise, 7 out of 10 habits he started building through 21 day challenges have stuck with him till this day and that’s how the idea for 21 Day Hero was born!

The Journey

Tauras and his co-founder Dovile launched 21 Day Hero web platform in the beginning of 2018 and since then have published 12 challenges, 50+ blog-posts, 20+ videos, 30+ podcast episodes.

In the beginning of 2019 they started to monetize part of the challenges in the quest to find a sustainable business model that would help them to grow.

The high point for them was at the point when they started monetizing.  It gave them proof that people are willing to take out their wallets for the content they were producing.

Every startup founder’s happy place!


Trouble in Paradise

Unfortunately they have had a hard time finding a CTO that is a good fit for their product.They were feeling pretty low after their second attempt at finding a CTO failed miserably and they had to fire the 2nd person in 3 months.  Yikes!

This is such a common issue unfortunately, we hear it often from our members.


Tauras, tell us what you think about GrowthMentor?

It gives me access to amazing minds that I would otherwise have no chance of knowing and getting response from. It helps me to get high quality advice and inspires me to keep fighting!

GrowthMentor is a great tool for entrepreneurs because asking for help and and then getting it might be instrumental to your success.  The way it was built makes it super easy to do!

I posted a help request with specifics about what I needed advice with at that moment in time and mentors applied to the request and then I scheduled calls with them.  It was a really easy process.



No Tauras, THANK YOU!

Tauras was actually one of the earliest users on the platform back when there weren’t many mentors yet.

I can remember when he posted his help request that I was scrambling to try to find someone who would be a good fit for him to speak with in regards to dealing with the launch of an App.  I was nervous that we didn’t have anyone that fit what he was looking for.

As more mentors joined the platform, I would see Tauras booking a session here and there. I honestly remember feeling extra happy when I saw him leaving positive reviews after his sessions. Phew!


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