“GrowthMentor has helped me to build tons of in-depth skills, learn approaches, get career direction and feedback and a lot for my personal brand.”

Niels Zee

"I was able to increase SEO visitors to a site I was working on by 410% thanks to advice from this platform."

Niels Zee

Head of Growth at StuDocu
Country Netherlands
Company StuDocu

What are you currently working on?

I’m currently working on the growth (strategy) of StuDocu, a platform where 12 million students share and consume their study resources.  I’m also testing and launching a 2nd customer acquisition channel for StuDocu.

When I’m not working at my full time job I am working on my own personal brand.

Before GrowthMentor, how did you get answers?

Endless searching on google which only return generic blogs, reaching out to strangers for help without getting response. Often I couldn’t face the challenge. I couldn’t tell my manager how I felt about him or my team mates because of conflicting interests.

What led you to join the GM community?

My problems were way too specific to get help from strangers or to find them via Google. Also, I really wanted an outsider perspective on my problems and getting help from industry experts (growth mentors) turned out to be perfect.

What are the best things about this platform?

People CARE. They care so much, they really want to help. It’s never a ‘one-off’ need to help you in 30 minute thing and bye.

Who’s blown your mind?

Christopher Schachner, this guy is always so well prepared, empathic, 100% applicable advice. Makes a shared document where we work to keep the notes and his preparation.

Do you have any results to share?

General LinkedIn reach & engagement tripled.

When I lost my job they helped me with my strategy of finding a new job. They gave feedback on my website and LinkedIn posts. In the end I got 33 people reaching out to me (CMO’s, founders an even VCs) offering either jobs or freelance opportunities.

Mark Colgan advised me on how to reach out to podcasts and after 1 week I could appear on 3 podcasts.

Feedback on the SEO strategy of a client which ended up generating a 410% increase in SEO visitors.

How has joining helped you professionally and personally?

Professionally it has helped me to build tons of in-depth skills, learn approaches, get career direction and feedback and a lot for my personal brand.

When I was consulting I used it to get feedback on projects for clients (since it can get very lonely).

Personally with venting frustration, preventing burnout, getting a clear mind about my goals.

GrowthMentor in 3 words…

Caring, in-depth, specific

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