“I’ve learned to think how SaaS companies think. This has helped me improve my messaging and communication.”

"With my improved website copy, I'm able to generate more inbound leads"

Rishabh Bhandari

Leading sales and marketing at a video production agency for SaaS
Country USA
Company Content Beta

Tell us about Content Beta

We help SaaS create Product videos and courses to improve trial conversions & better feature adoption.

Where did you turn to for advice before you could book 1:1 calls?

I normally hung out in various Facebook communities. The problem with that solution is that you don’t know who they are and their credentials to answer questions.

Why did you decide to join GrowthMentor?

So many mentors in one place!  A lot of people I follow on LinkedIn were part of GrowthMentor.

What’s the best part about membership for you?

Ability to book calls with experts for absolutely no fee

Any mentors that stand out in your mind as exceptional?

Two of them actually, Karishma and Eden. They had prepped so much before the call and actually helped with so many ideas I could use

Do you have any results that you’d like to share?

With my improved website copy, I’m able to generate more inbound leads. A few experts like Arpit also connected me to potential clients.

On a personal level, the calls helped me to think how SaaS companies think. This has helped me improve my messaging and communication and professionally, helped me create a network with the experts.

GrowthMentor in 3 words…

Friendly, Supportive and Energetic

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