What is mentoring software?

Mentoring software gives organizations the ability to build, manage and grow their mentorship programs more effectively—all within one centralized platform.

Common mentoring software functionality

  • Mentors and mentees each have a profile with detailed information about them
  • Mentor mentee matching based on areas of expertise and personality type
  • Filtering and optional ML/AI algorithms
  • Messaging system
  • Scheduling with a calendar booking system
  • Progress tracking and reviews for mentors and mentees
  • Gamification to incentivize mentees to book more calls

Here’s a roundup of the most popular mentoring software that your company can use to build internal mentorship programs.

Mentorship Software Roundup


Key Facts:

  • Founded in: 2017
  • Headquarters: UK
  • Specialties: Mentoring, HR, Learning & Development, Diversity & Inclusion, Career Development, Technology, SaaS, Tech, EdTech, Education, Coaching, Leadership, Virtual Mentorship, Self-development, Mental Health, Advising, and Mentoring Software
  • Details:
    • Built for enterprise and working with global organizations like EY, Deloitte, and The Guardian to develop their employees
    • Manage multiple mentoring programs for different groups and outcomes in one place, such as Diversity & Inclusion, Reverse Mentoring, Onboarding, etc.
    • A customizable platform that integrates with MS Teams, Outlook, Google, and Zoom
    • Includes mentor matching
    • Includes reporting features that make it easy for organizations to monitor and track the success of mentoring relationships
    • More than just software – Expert Customer Success Team to help launch and scale mentoring programs
  • Pricing: Customized

Overall: The entire program was easy to use, and the feedback was outstanding.

Pros: The entire experience was wonderful. It aided me with running my mentorship program, the interface and UX design allowed for the program to be accessible to all applicants. It saved me time on having to do all the background admin work to set up and maintain.

Cons: No cons! The product is outstanding, and I highly recommend it.

Stefania C., Employment services associate (Review from Capterra)


Key Facts:

  • Founded in: 2018
  • Founders: Matthew Reeves and Nathan Goldstein, two consultants from Boston Consulting company
  • Headquarters: Toronto
  • Specialties: Mentorship administration, Leadership development, and Company Culture
  • Details:
    • Targeting companies with 500+ employees
    • Helping Learning and Development teams run a best-practice mentoring program for employees
    • Employees fill out a registration questionnaire that captures their areas for development and goals and Together’s pairing algorithm matches them with the most relevant mentor within their company
    • Including reporting features that make it easy for organizations to monitor and track the success of mentoring relationships
    • Employees don’t need to learn or download a new tool because their web-based platform integrates with existing email and calendar systems like Outlook, Gsuite and other enterprise tools.
    • 98% of the mentors and mentees enjoy their pairing
    • 94% of their customers sign back each year
  • Pricing: Different packages available: Free, Starter, Professional and Enterprise; from 0$ to 15,000$ per year (Cf. Pricing)

Together was critical in supporting a phased approach to our mentorship journey. It makes launching a mentorship program as simple as possible because of the intuitive software, baked in resources, and customizable algorithm. We feel confident that the Together Platform was one of the keys to our success.

Kerrie Watson, Talent Program Manager at Ferguson


Key Facts:

  • Founded in: 2003
  • Headquarters: Hawaii
  • Founders: Beth N. Carvin
  • Details:
    • Used by companies such as Toyata, Xerox, United Technologies, and more to power their mentoring programs
  • Pricing: No publically available pricing on their website

Mentor Scout has made such a positive impact to The Women’s Alliance Mentorship Program by not only delivering a solid technology platform for matching mentors and mentees, but also through their responsiveness in transforming our concepts into realities for more effectively monitoring and managing our program.

Mentoring Chair, Xerox Women's Alliance


Key Facts:

  • Founded in: 2013
  • Founders: Ravi Gundlapalli and Thomas Badcock
  • Headquarters: Menlo Park, California
  • Specialties: Mentoring, Professional Development, Employee Engagement, Knowledge Sharing, Leadership Development, Online Mentoring, Career Development, and Talent Development
  • Details:
    • SaaS software used by enterprises to help their employees connect and learn from experts inside their own organization
    • Trusted by Marriott, Merck, Seven West Media, Santander, Educate Plus
    • Maximizing human connections and strengthening the learning fabric of an organization’s team
    • 67% increase in productivity
    • 90% of mentors happy in their jobs
    • 69% higher employee retention rate
  • Pricing: Booking a demo is available

Since the inception of our mentoring program using the MentorCloud platform, we have steadily grown our mentoring partnerships and this has had an encouraging impact on our organisation.

Tina Fleming, Operations Manager


Key Facts:

  • Founded in: 2005
  • Headquarters: London, UK
  • Specialties: Coaching, Mentoring, and Software
  • Details:
    • The audience is coaches and mentors who need software to help organize their practice
    • Learning and resources with buddy coaching and live webinars
  • Pricing: Several pricing plans: monthly or a one-time payment (Cf. Pricing)

Overall: Allows me to keep the conversations of the clients stored and organized.

Pros: This is a platform that you can not only use for coaching, but it is also useful to do mentoring processes […]. You can control your electronic payments of courses and sessions, because it is integrated into the Paypal system. It allows to have in a single vision the whole panorama of objective courses and other required information. It allows you to create a library of all the resources that you require and offer them in lines so that your clients can review them.

Cons: So far I have not found major flaws in the system, more than those that have to do with the operation of the interface, which sometimes gets slow, but that’s more of an Internet problem than a system.

Cristina Marcano L., E-Coach Senior ILC Academy (Review from Capterra)


Key Facts:

  • Founded in: 2015
  • Headquarters: Sheridan, Wyoming
  • Founders: Serkan Kagan Celik
  • Specialties: Mentorship, Mentoring, Consultant, Platform, Mentoring, Coaching, Entrepreneurship, Startup Mentors, Incubators, Accelerators, Advising, Matching, and Scheduling
  • Details:
    • Mentornity customers, i.e., Toyota, UNOPS, Access Oxbridge, Copernicus Accelerator, WWF, etc.
    • All mentoring activities of your mentors and mentees are available, including scheduled meetings, updates, cancellations, meeting notes
    • Access to reports with graphics measuring the mentoring program
    • Session tracking
    • Matching mentors and mentees using a customized algorithm
  • Pricing: Pricing is based on the number of users; Special offer for students and non-profit organizations (Pricing information)

As MekaDermis we use Mentornity for quite some time. We started as 3 people team back in early 2017. Now, we are 15 people hardware startup company with our own office and successfully acquired seed funds. As the founder, I give a huge credit to all of our mentors where we meet most of them through Mentornity, who backed us with their valuable knowledge and experience.

Ayberk S., Research Assistant (Review from Capterra)



Key Facts:

  • Founded in: 2018
  • Headquarters: Chicago, Illinois
  • Founders: Omer Usanmaz and Cenk Yurtbilir
  • Specialties: Mentoring, coaching, learning, onboarding, performance, development, inclusion, retention, manager development, leadership development, student development, entrepreneur development, mentorship program management, and new hire program
  • Details:
    • Integration with several systems, e.g., CSV Upload, SSO, Outlook/GSuite, Slack/Teams, HRIS, LMS, Zoom
    • Mentoring matching
    • Tracking relationship progress, feedback and outcomes with full visibility into activities
    • Reporting on the ROI with our ROI calculator through faster onboarding, better performance and retention by guiding careers, skills and inclusion
    • Types of mentoring programs: Career mentoring program, new manager training program, high potential leadership program, intern mentoring program, sales training program, …
  • Pricing: You need to fill out a form and request the pricing (See Pricing)

Qooper is extremely user-friendly and the support team is excellent. Launching our mentoring program was extremely stressful and our rep was there every step of the way. The steps and guidance provided seems to really help everybody new to the program.

Joey C., Airlines/Aviation


Chronus Homepage

Key Facts:

  • Founded in: 2007
  • Headquarters: Seattle, Washington
  • Founders: Anand Parikh
  • Specialties: Mentoring Solutions, Student-Alumni Mentoring, Employee Development, Career Mentoring, Diversity, Extended Onboarding, Peer Coaching, Employee Mentoring, Mentoring, Mentoring Software, Buddy Programs, Employee Experience, Inclusive workplace, DEI, Upskilling, Coaching, and Sponsorship
  • Details:
    • Impacting 3 million users of corporations, higher education, non-profit & associations
    • Trusted by leading organizations worldwide, e.g., Uber, University of Washington, Shell, Boston Children’s Hospital, McGraw Hill
    • Excellence in technology (Brandon Hall Award); Customer service team of the year (Brandon Hall Award)
  • Pricing: Pricing information needs to be requested (See Pricing)

This program revolutionized mentorship at our site. Chronus offered more functionality, and one of the biggest reasons we chose it was the option to offer D&I specific mentoring.

Ashley Gallon, Shell


Key Facts:

  • Founded in: 2012
  • Founders: Andy George, Miles Ulrich, and Phil George
  • Headquarters: Columbus, Ohio
  • Specialties: Mentoring Software, Corporate Mentoring Programs, Talent Development, Employee Engagement, Diversity Initiatives, and Employee Mentoring
  • Details:
    • Increasing employee engagement with 97% employee satisfaction
    • Improving employee retention with 76% decrease in turnover
    • Award-winning: Brandon Hall (excellence in technology), ATD (excellence in practice) and Stevie Award (customer support)
  • Pricing: Custom pricing, free trial available

The software is simple to use and doesn’t require a lot of navigation. As a mentor, the tools are easy to use to enter data and record hours. As an administrator it is easy to download reports to show how the program is tracking.

Christopher N., Global HR Business Lead, Takeda


Key Facts:

  • Founded in: 2011
  • Founders: Shawn Mintz
  • Headquarters: Toronto, Canada
  • Specialties: Mentoring, Online mentor matching solutions, Employee engagement, Succession Planning, Leadership development, and Improving performance and skills
  • Details:
    • Intuitive cloud-based Mentoring software
    • A powerful personal development tool
    • Useful for business, non-profits, education, and everyone
  • Pricing: Free trial is available

MentorCity has automated our manual mentoring program for Building Designers, freeing up my time as our association’s mentoring coordinator and assisting with our expansion of mentoring our members nationally.

As our mentoring program continues to grow, MentorCity’s functionality will assist us in more ways we ever thought possible – by fully automating mentoring relationships and allowing our members in remote areas of Australia to be part of the program.

In addition, having a professional on-line mentoring program has helped our association gain traction with not just our members, but our industry partners and government agencies.

The support provided by the staff at MentorCity has been exceptional – helpful, rapid, responsive – even with the time difference between Australia and Canada. We have been able to grow and improve our mentoring abilities, whilst decreasing time managing the program – thank goodness for MentorCity!

Susan Jarrett, National Mentoring Coordinator, Building Designers Association of Australia



Key Facts:

  • Founded in: 2016
  • Founders: Lucy Lloyd and Heidi Holmes
  • Headquarters: Richmond, Victoria
  • Specialties: Mentor Management, Mentor Matching, Employee Engagement, Knowledge Management, Succession Planning, Graduate Recruitment, Diversity & Inclusion, Employee Retention, and Employee Learning and Development
  • Details:
    • Raised $1,000,000 in seed financing after investing $75,000 of their own money for the MVP
    • Enables businesses to start, run and measure mentoring programs inhouse
    • Trusted by over 70,000 people worldwide
  • Pricing: Two plans available, i.e., Pro (starting from 299/month) and Enterprise with a customized plan (Cf. Pricing)

It enabled our company to evolve our already existing Mentor Program and take to a whole new level with Mentorloop’s groundbreaking ‘Mentoring Technology’. Mentorloop is native and easy for users of all ages to get excited to ‘e-meet their mentoring match’.

Alexandra H., Programs Coordinator for Peopleworks Programs (Review from Capterra)

What’s the future hold for mentorship software?

We’re bullish on the global mentoring software market. With GenZ rapidly entering the workforce, there is pressure from employers to offer more opportunities for upskilling and personal development.

Mentorship is in high demand and is currently being offered by most Fortune500 companies as a learning and development perk. In recent research on the global job market for product, marketing, and growth roles we did internally here at GrowthMentor, we found there were over 1,800 companies with at least one job posting that mentioned “mentorship” as a perk in their job description.

According to a research report by 360iresearch, the global mentoring software market is projected to grow at a CAGR (cumulative annual growth rate) of 19.63% over the course of the next 6 years.

We expect to see many more mentorship software providers enter the market over the next few years as the industry matures and smaller companies and startups become more aware of the benefits of 1:1 mentorship for the purpose of upskilling and reskilling their teams.

Mentoring Software FAQ

Mentoring software gives organizations the ability to build, manage and grow their mentorship programs more effectively—all within one centralized platform.

The global mentoring software market size was estimated at $449.81 million in 2021 and is expected to reach $1.3bn in 2027.

Unfortunately, many of the mentoring software tools don’t disclose their pricing and you have to jump on a demo call to get it. But generally speaking, the price varies from $5 per month per user to $30 per month per user. Usually an annual commitment is required.

Mentoring programs are great for employee upskilling and reskilling but are difficult to maintain without software. It’s usually a lot of back and forth via emails and google sheet files to maintain a database of interested mentors/mentees. If managing a mentorship program is too painful, people will just stop trying. That’s where mentoring software is useful. It streamlines the process so that internal company mentorship programs have a better chance at sticking.

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