How to setup an affiliate program for your SaaS

Posted on 24 Mar 2022
Growth Marketing
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Pay only per performance Grow your SaaS with a healthy LTV:CAC ratio!

How to setup a profitable affiliate program.

Growing your SaaS can be hard and not scalable, as you spend money on ads without knowing the results.

Affiliate Marketing is a great way of pay per performance marketing where you only pay a commission in exchange for paid clients.

Bring your LTV:CAC to a healthy ratio and grow your SaaS for the long term.

You'll learn:

  • How to choose the right tool for tracking
  • How to define your program details
  • How to get your first partners
  • How to define success
  • How to keep growing

The mentors in this video

Joran Hofman SaaS Bootstrapper, Ex Head of CS

Background in Sales & Marketing moved his way up to Head of CS in a SaaS Startup and now bootstrapping his own. Strength is to build a business/product clients keep paying for and avoiding churn.

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