How to get your first 500 paying clients on a bootstrapped budget

Posted on 16 Dec 2020
Go to market strategyOutbound marketing
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About this talk

This is no gimmick headline.

I’m actually going to tell you how I single-handedly got my first 500 paying clients through cold-calling and outbound sales.

I’m giving you:

  • The 6 CRITERIA needed to get your first 500 clients.
  • The 3 KEY ELEMENTS you need to make sure you succeed.
  • The 9 STEP PLAYBOOK I used to get my first 500 clients.

If you’re a real hustler, or someone who’s dedicated and ready to put in some serious effort - this talk is for you!

The mentors in this video

Kosta Panagoulias Co-founder of Web4Realty

Bootstrapped a SaaS company out of my parents basement with no money or tech knowledge, into +7-figures in ARR. I currently manage a remote team of 20+ people in eight countries around the globe.

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