How to drive corporate innovation from within

Posted on 15 Dec 2021
Building teams

Knowing the prerequisites and major challenges for success

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What it takes to navigate through different dynamics to make change happen?

"Corporate Innovation" is no longer a buzz word but a must-do to many traditional companies. Companies have started to pour in more resources to drive digital transformation or set up a new venture team from within to improve customer experience and enhance efficiency for stronger growth and profitability. However, it is easier to say than do.

In this zoom meeting, I gonna share 3 models (prerequisites / barriers / setup) that are deduced from my corporate innovation experience.

You'll learn:

  • What are the 3 prerequisites for a company to drive innovation?
  • What are the 3 major challenges we have seen in most companies when driving change?
  • What "set-up" will have the highest chance of success in making change happen?

The mentors in this video

Yenson She Corporate Innovation Consultant

Hi there, I am Yenson. Pleasure to e-meet you here! I am a freelance Corporate Innovation Consultant, while full-time launching a Series A FinTect start up in Hong Kong overseeing the overall go-to-market and marketing tasks in HK.

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