How to Conduct Customer Exit Interviews

Posted on 13 Mar 2022
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And use what you learn to stop other customers from leaving

Discover exactly what your customers want, need and desire, so they buy more and stay longer.

It’s never easy learning that a customer is leaving. But as they prepare to leave, you have a rare opportunity to find out why.When properly structured and executed, exit interviews provide a unique chance to dig deep and extract valuable information, which can lead to actionable insights that keep customers longer and have them buying more.

You'll learn:

  • The exact method I use to conduct exit interviews for my clients
  • Expert ways to dig deep and extract the most valuable information from exiting customers
  • How to take that valuable data and use it to stop other customers from leaving
  • How to decide which is best for you: to run exit interviews in-house or hire a 3rd party
  • The right way to offer incentives to customers that doesn't offend them

The mentors in this video

Anita Toth Customer Retention/Churn Consultant

I love helping companies increase their revenue and profits by keeping more of their customers longer.

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