How to run customer interviews that don’t suck

Posted on 19 Dec 2022
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Five steps to ensure you don't waste customers' time or yours 

Customer conversations are the most powerful tool for mapping out how & why buyers, buy things  

People will tell you to "talk to your customers" but no one really shows you HOW.

Talking to them is the most powerful method for deeply understanding how & why customers do things.

This is the process I've used to run hundreds of interviews for B2B customers; that unlock the insights your business needs. 

In this workshop, you will hear about:

  • Choosing the type of interview you need
  • Setting research objectives
  • Who to interview 
  • Where & how to find people
  • How to conduct the interviews

The mentors in this video

Ryan Paul Gibson Customer Researcher

I help B2B marketing teams run customer research interviews that don’t suck 🕵️‍♂️. We also uncover content, campaign and copy ideas so teams can spend marketing $$$ wisely; not wastefully.

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