Growing with data: Setting the right KPIs for growth

Posted on 15 Dec 2020
Data and Analytics

Learn exactly how to use the Jobs to be Done framework to conduct user interviews. Vassilena Valchanova shares her screen and holds nothing back walking us through exactly how she does it.

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About this talk

Imagine you just started marketing for a new business. Before you can start your marketing efforts you are tasked with defining a few KPIs for tracking the success of your marketing campaigns.

Sounds scary right? With no starting points to begin with this sounds like a huge and complex venture as there literally hundreds of metrics you can choose from. E.g. should you focus on bounce rate or clicks? Are conversions the only metric to look at? Or are others equally important?

In this workshop we will reduce the large number of metrics you could look at, while focusing only on those, which are really important for your business. Step-by-step I will show you how to systematically develop a marketing KPIs framework directly derived from your business and marketing objectives.

The mentors in this video

Martin Weiss Data and Insights Lead at

I am Martin, a marketing & sales analyst at Google.

After working as an analyst at an eCommerce Startup I started my career at Google as a marketing consultant for small businesses and startups helping them mainly with their Google Ads strategy. I then moved into my current role as a data & insights lead.

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