How to send emails your users will act on

Posted on 13 Dec 2020
Email Marketing

From segmenting your audience to engaging subject lines, to behavior-based triggers, James will be sharing all the secrets he has in this fast-paced, practical talk.

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About this talk

Most businesses send rubbish emails to their users and customers. Most businesses struggle with low open rates, poor click through rates, and, ultimately, find their users don't do anything after they receive mass mail-outs.

In this talk, James will share a bunch of lessons he's learnt the hard way, through growing GoSquared to thousands of customers, and sending hundreds to tens of thousands of people over the course of the last 10 years.

The mentors in this video

James Gill CEO of GoSquared – focused on product and growth

I’m co-founder and CEO of GoSquared – a software platform that helps over 1,000 paying businesses grow. My background passion lies in product design, and I am also very happy to discuss all things growth.

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