How to make pitch decks that impress investors

Posted on 31 May 2021
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How to tell a compelling story within your deck that keeps the viewer's attention

You'll learn:

  • Learn the ideal amount of slides that investors are expecting, borrowing best practice frameworks from top investors like 500 Startups and YCombinator.
  • How to use illustrations, diagrams, and icons to enhance your data and make it more memorable and picturable.
  • Using color concepts like brightness, contrast and opacity to prioritize elements and make them "pop" or become more subtle reinforcements.
  • Learn how to use visual hierarchy to arrange each element on the page according to its importance. This helps to get the most vital points across first.
  • Creating order out of chaos through the use of grids, improving legibility, organization and the “pro look” that breeds trust with investors.

The mentors in this video

Jack Zerby Head of Design at Gumroad

Jack Zerby is currently the Head of Design at Gumroad, was previously Director of Design at Vimeo, a designer for Frog, RG/A, Pentagram Design and served on the Digital Advisory Board for AMEX. He’s designed decks that have raised over $5m for his own startups and over $250m for his clients’ startups.

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