How to hire awesome remote talent from Eastern Europe

Posted on 16 Feb 2022
Building teams
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Free your time and scale your business with quality team members.

Hiring is hard! Learn how and where to hire to get the right people for your business.

Everyone talks about hiring A-players.

Yet the reality is so many people struggle to even hire B or C players.

What's the secret? Why is hiring so hard?

Why haven't you been able to get the quality people you need at rates you can actually afford...oh and with people that actually want to stick around in your business.

If you're frustrated by hiring and know that it's the key to you scaling and freeing up your time then join us and we'll show you how to do it painlessly."

You'll learn:

  • What to do before you start hiring
  • Why you should be hiring
  • Where to hire
  • How to hire
  • How to offer
  • How to keep them through successful onboarding and management

The mentors in this video

Noel Andrews People and Hiring Specialist, CEO at

Over 15 years of management and hiring experience, as an entrepreneur, with large corporations and fully remote start-ups. I bought JobRack in 2018 and I now help business owners all across the world to hire well-educated, high-quality remote workers from Eastern Europe.

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