Growth Marketing: From Framework To Experimentation in 90 Days

Posted on 13 Dec 2020
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Learn exactly how to use the Jobs to be Done framework to conduct user interviews. Vassilena Valchanova shares her screen and holds nothing back walking us through exactly how she does it.

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About this talk

While most businesses want to replicate the Growth Hacking approach used by Silicon Valley’s fastest-growing startups, many teams struggle to implement it in their own organization. Startups and corporates alike look for ways to establish growth marketing within their company. But what is the best approach to do this?

In this workshop we will cover:

  • Growth Hacking Framework
  • Growth Mindset
  • Building a Growth Team (and tearing down silos)
  • Ideation and Experimentation Phase

About the host:

As Head of Growth at an agency and CMO at 2 different startups, I have established the growth marketing framework at the client and agency side.

The mentors in this video

Christoph Schachner Head of Growth at WeAreDevelopers 🔥 | DACH Region Expert | Lecturer 👨‍🏫 | Agency+SaaS ❤️ | 9+ years in SEO 🚀s

Head of Growth at WeAreDeveopers, a developer-first job board for connecting developers with companies. Guiding a team of 4 marketers to drive growth across different business units. +8 years of experience in SaaS Lead and Demand Generation. Looking forward to our session 🙂

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