“It’s insane how I’m able to hop on Zoom calls with hundreds of experts that work at some seriously impressive companies!”

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Jean-Patrick Bisson

CEO & Founder at Geonode.com

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What would you like to get better at today?

  • Increasing brand awareness
  • Building ICPs
  • Creating GTM plans
  • Optimizing PPC campaigns
  • Marketing new products
  • Crafting better copy
  • Optimizing conversion rates
  • Prioritizing growth channels
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“GrowthMentor is where I go when I need to add a drop of wisdom in my strategy.”
It's incredible how much more productive and effective I am in my role.
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Marketer @ StartSteps
Natasha Mina
“GrowthMentor has helped me learn new things so much easier and faster.”
It's refreshing to have a place to go to every time I need to validate a new idea and book calls with mentors who have been on that boat.
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Head of Content @ Truely
Imee Gultiano-Fitzgerald
“GrowthMentor is like having a backstage pass to a wealth of knowledge and experience. It’s been crucial in overcoming obstacles and driving our startup forward."
It's been the catalyst for our success.
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Head of Growth @ Just Banter
Mancy Thurston
Get advice faster

The alternative to endlessly searching

When browsing the web simply isn’t enough.


We're For You If

  • You value curiosity — at GrowthMentor, we value that scrappy, always-learning spirit. If this sounds like you, you’re a great fit.
  • You want a range of different perspectives — because you know a growth marketer, a content marketer, and a CRO specialist may have three different approaches to the same problem.
  • You’re a self starter — advice from genius marketers is one thing. But putting it into action is another
  • You want a “been there, done it” perspective — our mentors aren’t fluffy theorists. The advice they’ll give you is hard earned from years of marketing wins and fails.
  • You want your mentors to be as friendly as they are experienced — We’re the only mentorship platform to vet for soft skills too because no one wants their mentor to be a snob or a jerk.

We're Not For You If

  • You’re looking for someone to do projects for you -—We totally get that sometimes there’s a one off project you just can’t handle yourself. But if you only want to hire someone else, GrowthExpert is a way better fit for you! Go post a job there!
  • You want to hear from traditional ladder climbers — sorry folks, our mentors are mavericks. Very few got to where they’re at by traditional paths
  • You just want to hear “you’re right” — A good mentor is there to tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to. It’s not a good fit if you’re not prepared to have your perspective challenged
  • You only want to talk to marketers at big corporations — don’t get us wrong, the big companies are amazing. But what works for the big boys doesn’t work for most startups.
  • You’re looking for a magic bullet — the tech and startup space is hard. But it’s why not everyone does it.
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Nuno Pereira
Your plug-and-play growth partner | Generated $10M in pipeline for early-stage B2B startups 🚀

GrowthMentor is the world’s best growth and marketing community.

There, I said it.

I know there are a lot of other amazing paid communities out there.

But GrowthMentor gives me so much value that it’s crazy.

I couldn’t tell you what else I would want from a paid community.

Over the past year, I’ve talked with dozens of incredibly smart mentors about:

∙ Best practises for Twitter ads
∙ Cold calling coaching and training
∙ What to think about when building a referral programme
∙ How to grow an agency and the advantages of different models
∙ And much more

What other community could provide you with such a varied range of insights?

All this is part of my paid membership, at no extra charge.

Visit their website right now and set up a call with Foti if you want to give your team an edge in 2024.

There’s no better way to spend your educational budget than to get everyone on your team a membership.

#marketingcommunity #growthopportunities #saasgrowth

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Shannon Beckerleg Founder @ Animanaut Creative
“All of the anxieties and stories I’d built up in my head, Paul eradicated in two sentences. I got a lot in a short space of time.”
Marius Vetrici PhD
👋Advisor for Digital Projects and Web Developer. Book a 1:1 meeting & let's bring your vision to life!

🧐 I’ve been recently evaluating the idea of creating an analytics and marketing attribution Saas. It was tough to talk to the right people, but then I found this and interviewed 6 people in a month!

It’s called GrowthMentor and thanks to this platform, I had 1:1 meetings with some folks experienced at GTM strategies, attribution and measuring the cost per lead. But before I found this treasure, I had to roam a bit through the woods 🌳🌳🌳

💡Through GrowthMentor I learned some important things, such as:

– The cost-per-lead calculation world is a very messy one because everyone uses their own way to calculate it.
– Moving people away from their CRM is a mission-impossible task. Rather, bring useful information to their CRM.
– Focus more on revealing user journey and attribution and less on calculating the cost per lead.

Thanks a lot to the folks who offered to help: Stefan Repin, Michel K., Tom Lloyd, Manish Balakrishnan, Ben Pines, Egor Donde

#gtm #saas #startups

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Corey Hubbard Founder @ DreamHighr
“All of the mentors there have been very helpful, very easy to talk to, and very knowledgable. Set up a session and get the goods.”
Geoffrey Bressan
Fractional Marketing Leader & Advisor | 10+ years experience in B2B SaaS

When I started as a first-time marketing leader with a consequent budget and ambitious objectives to hit, I had no idea where to start:

– Who do I need to hire?
– How to set up an impactful marketing plan and deliver results?
– What are the most important things to focus on first?
– How to build credibility with management and the other departments?

While I started looking for a way to get in touch with marketing experts who have “been there and done that” to get some advice, I found GrowthMentor – a growth mentorship platform offering 1:1 video calls with professionals in GTM strategy, product marketing, team leadership, customer acquisition, and more.

Attending dozens of these calls really helped me get more clarity and confidence in my own abilities as a stretch VP (and cope with my imposter syndrome).

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Susan Liu Founder @ Gabby
“I left the session feeling super uplifted, empowered and with a clear direction on what I should do next.”
Emilija Kovačević
Marketing Lead at Skale

If you’re looking for motivation to ace your business skills, read along because you might find a major career uplift advice below ⬇️

Some time ago, I discovered GrowthMentor (a big thanks to my managers at Skale for pointing me in the right direction) – a platform that offers unlimited 1:1 video calls with over 600 mentors.

I had a chance to speak with 10+ different mentors, and the perspective change that I’ve experienced is incredible!

Today, I had one of the best mentorship sessions with Justyna Ciecierska-Göçeryan, who is undoubtedly a go-to person for personal branding on LinkedIn, and here are the reasons why:

👉🏻 She asks the right questions to help you define why you want to start working on your personal branding.
👉🏻 She knows how to help you narrow down your strategy.
👉🏻 She assists you in finding the balance between posting for your audience and staying true to yourself.
👉🏻 She provides a practical advice on how to actually create posts.

If you want to hop on a learning journey with some of the best marketing/sales/growth/product experts out there, sign up via this link: https://lnkd.in/dFRGAvnt

Or DM me if you want a free session to try it out! 🔥

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Tauras Sinkus SEO Specialist, Growth Marketer, Founder of @SinkusStudio
“I’ve had three sessions so far and I got the advice I was looking for or the inspiration I needed to continue going.”
Daniel Hardoon Adulayavichit
Helping early stage tech companies grow | Head of Growth - Growth Consultant - Growth Strategist - Fractional CMO 🚀

Last month I joined the GrowthMentor platform and it’s been an incredible experience so far!

The community Foti Panagiotakopoulos, Jessica Volbrecht, and Elisavet Maniou has built is exceptional, with engagement through the roof on both sides of the marketplace.

I’ve already met with 8 new businesses and have mentored on:

📈 how to develop a go to market strategy
🔎 implementing an N dimensional seo strategy
🤖 setting up an end to end customer journey automation
🚀 organic growth with personal branding

Grateful to meet a few at their London event last night!

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Lodewijk “Louis” Veldhuijzen Founder @ MSP Launchpad
“Some of the advice the mentors have given me has saved me months. I’m benefitting like crazy and I suggest you do it too.”
Maria Ledentsova
Marketing @MagicDesign ▶︎ Get your design tasks done in <48 hours with a design subscription | Notion Ambassador | Let's Connect!

There is life before GrowthMentor and life after GrowthMentor 😅

Here’s how I prepare for my mentor calls (with Notion & Figma/FigJam)! 👇

I can’t believe I had the chance to talk to over 15 Marketers and Founders already! ❤️

These people helped me overcome challenges, gave me so many tips and encouraged me to continue to learn and do my best work.

But having calls is only one part of it.

It’s the preparation that you do before the call and the work you do after that can really make a difference. I think this is key 🔑 to efficient mentorship.

What do you think? 🙏

If you want to try GrowthMentor, DM me your email so that I can send you a link to get a 30-day free trial that includes a free first mentor call and access to their video library 🔥

Want to use my Notion template? Let me know😊

Update: I got a few messages about the template, so will prepare the Notion template over the weekend and share it with everyone who’s interested ❤️

#mentorship #startuplife #growthmarketing #digitalmarketing

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Erin Tomlinson Brand Advocate @ BeautyCounter
“If you want to get customers to your door, this is the way to do it. It’s quality advice that will lead you to the promised land for your business.”
Anastasia Rubleva
Business Growth Manager / ex. RapidDev - Head of Growth

For the last month I’m constantly talking with GrowthMentors about so many cool topics like:

– Mindset 🧠
– Marketing 🖼
– Leadership 💪
– LinkedIn profile management 📘
– Possibility of switching to game dev in the future 🎮
– Tips on how to work with influencers 🤳
– How to work with Reddit 🔴
– Lead generation channels for tech startups 👩‍💻

And so much more 🤓

Happy to share my collection of reviews 😅

Check out their platform – ➡ https://t.ly/2oUvX

PS: If you’re looking for a mentor from the list mentioned above – ask me, I’d be happy to introduce you 🤗

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700+ mentors at your fingertips

Book Zoom calls with vetted growth mentors and get personalized advice that's relevant to your situation.

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Why Should I Choose GrowthMentor?

Our mentors are the top 3% of their field. Every mentor goes through a strict double-vetting process to ensure they’re the best of the best.

But, when vetting, we also look at an applicant’s soft skills:

  • Does this person have the patience to hop on a call with a total newbie?
  • Can they hang with someone who is even more advanced than themselves in a certain area?

We’re looking for humility, kindness, and warmth.

These traits are what set Growth Mentors apart from other “gurus”.

They want to share their knowledge and help.

The short answer? Because they want to help people.

The long answer? Because…

  • They enjoy sharing their knowledge
  • They learn from their mentees
  • They want to be a “force for good” in the business world
  • They want to pay it forward

Yep. Purchase a pro plan and you get unlimited calls every month.

GrowthMentor covers 45 different skill areas across marketing, growth, product, and entrepreneurship. Our 700+ mentors specialize in a range of subtopics in each of those niches.

Nope. It’s 1:1 mentorship. We do have free resources including our blog and video library, but we don’t provide courses.

Two words: active learning.

When you go to AI with your problems, you’re often consuming the information, but not applying it.

By talking things through with a mentor, you’ll sharpen your understanding of your challenges and find routes to put the advice into action faster than you could with an AI solution.

Plenty of testimonials from satisfied members. You can check out our customer stories here or our wall of love here.