If you’ve ever felt frustrated with your growth hacking

… you’ll love GrowthMentor.

Meet 1-on-1 with top operators to learn how to adapt and overcome any growth hacking challenge.

Solve difficult growth hacking problems

Blast through the roadblocks holding you back with personalised guidance drawn from years of experience.

Get expert feedback and new ideas

Listen to the advice and insights from multiple growth hacking mentors to help you piece together an up-to-date growth plan.

Feel focused and inspired after every call

With the help of a mentor, you'll overcome doubts and uncertainties while learning new techniques in each call.

“Before my calls on GrowthMentor, I had been managing maybe a few hundred dollars in budget per month. And right now our budget is $20,000 a month on Google Ads and I’m doing it with confidence and strong results.”

"I was working alone in a startup with no other marketers or marketing professionals or marketing experts to help. And since I was basically the only person who was learning how to do marketing, I had a lot of questions. And I didn't know how to get answers to them."
Anna Pogrebniak Marketing at AddSearch

Start growth hacking with clarity and confidence

Your mentor will listen and understand your business, doubts, and ideas to give experienced-backed solutions to move you forward.
  • Validate ideas before executing
  • Trouble-shoot lacklustre landing pages
  • Optimize your tech stack
  • Refine your messaging

Tap into expert guidance when you need it

Schedule 1-on-1 video meetings with any growth hacking consultant you choose.

2. Schedule a video-call

Get unlimited access to the +150 mentors that offering their time for free (within reason). A small percentage of mentors charge additional rates on top of the membership fee.

3. Chat and have fun

Talk to the mentor on the platform you prefer; Zoom, Skype, Hangouts. Send documents, share screens, and don't be afraid to ask questions — each mentor is friendly and genuinely wants to help.

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Access the best growth hacking consultants in the world.
What’s included with Pro Membership?
  • Direct access to schedule 1:1 calls
  • Ability to post help requests
  • Opt in for 1:1 monthly coaching packages
  • Weekly check-ins with our Accountability Coach
  • Unlimited calls with mentors listed as FREE
  • Membership to private Slack Community
  • Ongoing support from admin with mentor suggestions

Frequently Asked Questions

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The best growth hacking consultants usually charge between $150-500 per hour.

This is out of budget for most early-stage startup founders who are bootstrapped.

So instead of learning under the wing of someone with real-world experience, they try to learn the hard way by “trial and error” or even worse, following best practices and templates they read on blog posts.

Don’t despair, we’ve got a solution for you!

On GrowthMentor you can get mentored by growth hacking consultants you’d love to hire but can’t afford.

Ever heard about the super expensive lawyers that dedicated a small % of their time each month to offer pro-bono legal assistance to good causes?

That’s basically us, but for growth hacking mentorship.

If you’re a little guy without millions of dollars in VC funding growing mold in your bank account, we’ve got your back.

Here are some ideas for inspiration:

  • If you’re not sure what growth hacking is and want to have it explained to you 1:1 by a pro
  • If you want to brainstorm creative out-of-the-box marketing tactics with growth hacking experts
  • If you want a second opinion on your growth hacking idea before you implement it
  • If you want help prioritizing your growth ideas using a scalable framework
  • If you need technical implementation assistance from a technical growth marketer

With membership, you pay either quarterly $225 or yearly $600. That includes unlimited calls with the growth hacking mentors listed as free.

So there can be no extra fees if you only book with free mentors. There are some mentors who charge, so if you opt to book with them, you will pay extra.

Most members never spend another dime because so many awesome mentors are free


If you require more than just mentorship or advice and want help with execution, check out www.growthexpert.io

We have a very detailed filter system for you to sort the mentors. Filters like areas of expertise, tools, language, price and industry.

Members can also post a help request and have mentors apply to help if they feel they are a good fit.

Then the third option is to just ask us! Give it a try right now and ask us on live chat 🙂

Here are some tips on how to get the maximum bang for your time on growth mentor calls.

  • Come into this with realistic expectations. They’re mentors, not magicians.
  • Ask your mentor if they’d be cool with you recording your screen with Loom
  • Give contextual information to help paint the picture of your current situation.
  • Growth mentors will be asking you lots of questions, answer them as honest as possible.
  • Don’t be afraid to push the boundaries of question asking. Be inquisitive. Stories are gold.
  • Don’t feel pressure, just relax. There’s no right/wrong way to do this. Avoid binary thinking.
  • Try to form mental patterns, especially if you speak with multiple mentors. Pay attention to metadata.
  • Embrace alternative views. Ask the mentors to play devil’s advocate and challenge your assumptions.
  • Be friendly and authentic. If you’re likable, the mentors will be your biggest supporters (even after the call is over).

Growth hacking is an agile lean data-driven process you can apply to a product or service that has already found the product-market fit, to grow it from its current status to something – ideally at least 10 times- bigger in terms of users, revenue or another feature that is key for the success of a company/project.

However, growth hacking can be used to validate hypotheses or assumptions about a new business idea, a possible additional feature or a variant of an existing online product.

This mindset is based mainly on building lean experiments thanks to which we can validate a hypothesis on a specific step of the “pirate funnel” (or “AAARRR funnel”):

  • Awareness
  • Acquisition
  • Activation
  • Retention
  • Revenue
  • Referral

The success of the experiment strongly depends on how well it is set up and prioritized with respect to other potential experiments that could also drive growth.

If you think you need help, you do

Talk with like-minded experts. Get fresh growth ideas. See the blind spots in your decision-making. And grow like crazy.
What’s included with Membership?
  • Direct access to schedule 1:1 calls
  • Ability to post help requests
  • Opt in for 1:1 monthly coaching packages
  • Weekly check-ins with our Accountability Coach
  • Unlimited calls with mentors listed as FREE
  • Membership to private Slack Community
  • Ongoing support from admin with mentor suggestions