“I love that I can choose from various mentors for their specific expertise, as I get the best advice from the best mentors out there.”

GrowthMentor opened doors to connect with incredible people I’d likely never have crossed paths with otherwise. Beyond that, it's given me a much clearer vision of my business direction.

Marin Bargan

Solo Founder
Country UK
Company Dezign41

Tell us something about yourself and what you are currently working on.

I am the visionary founder of Dezign41, a London-based agency dedicated to transforming the digital aspirations of startups into vibrant realities.

I’m deeply engaged in web design, development, and SEO endeavors, catering to a diverse range of clients and projects. Notably, our upcoming venture – an e-commerce and auction platform spotlighting vintage and antique rarities in lifestyle items – is set to launch within a month. This project encapsulates the myriad challenges and thrills inherent in the startup journey.

Before you learned about GrowthMentor, how did you deal with the challenges you faced?

Navigating the intricate landscape of entrepreneurship has been a journey marked by diverse challenges, each demanding insights from varied perspectives. Traditionally, seeking guidance from a single mentor proved insufficient, as each excelled in a specific domain. My quest for holistic mentorship led me to explore platforms like Upwork, but comprehensive guidance remained elusive. Discovering the GrowthMentor concept was a pivotal moment – it offered a unique avenue to tap into a rich reservoir of expertise spanning diverse backgrounds, precisely tailored to address the multifaceted challenges I faced as a founder.

What ultimately compelled you to sign up for GrowthMentor?

The ability to connect with and be mentored by people who have great backgrounds and expertise made me feel confident that GrowthMentor is the right platform for my needs.

What’s your favorite thing about GrowthMentor?

I think the best thing about GrowthMentor is the mentors – a lot of them have great expertise, and normally it would be very difficult to approach such people offline to ask for coaching or feedback. However, the GrowthMentor system facilitates this interaction seamlessly.

What topics have you discussed with mentors, and is there one session or mentor that stands out as super helpful?

Pricing strategy, company growth, becoming a CTO, and sales.

I really loved my session with Faith Storey. She asked the right questions to understand my challenges fully, then hit the nail on the head by offering straightforward solutions and suggesting changes I need to make in my business to achieve my goals.

Based on the things you’ve discussed in calls, do you have any results to tell us about?

Before joining the mentor sessions on GrowthMentor, things were rather vague, and it was difficult to immediately identify the areas I needed to improve or the habits I needed to stop. However, I felt that each member contributed valuable insights, whether in sales or knowledge, and I am now in the process of implementing that feedback within the company.

How has GrowthMentor helped you?

GrowthMentor has been very helpful for me. It’s opened doors to connect with incredible people I’d likely never have crossed paths with otherwise. Beyond that, it’s given me a much clearer vision of my business direction.

What three adjectives would you use to describe GrowthMentor?

Supportive, innovative and insightful.

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