As the founder of Growth Rhino, Ayhan uses GrowthMentor to clear his mind of all of the day to day stresses of running an agency.

"I use my GrowthMentor sessions to get unstuck in my thinking (eg. mindset)"

Ayhan K. Isaacs

Agency founder trying to build the agency of the future
Country Canada
Company Growth Rhino

Tell us about your company

Growth Rhino works with B2B SaaS companies on their acquisition programs. I am involved with finding new business, onboarding clients, dealing with their day to day and managing a small team to do the execution.  I also onboard new team members at times. My day is all over the place and super scattered.

Before GrowthMentor, where did you turn for advice?

Quora, Linkedin Coffee Chats, Medium, Ted Talks, YouTube and courses

What was the reason you signed up for membership?

Access to a diverse network of Growth Professionals from around the world

What’s your favorite part of the whole GM experience?

Mentors provide real insight and genuinely want to help you.  I’ve learned great things along the way and to top it all off, I’ve built great relationships with 3 of the mentors.

Any Mentors stick out as the bomb digity?

They all have been great. But my session with Maciej was really good.

How have your sessions helped to unscramble your day/business?

I use my GM sessions to get unstuck in my thinking (eg. mindset). I can’t think of one specific tangible outcome to speak of, but I do feel more confident about certain things as I have actioned it.

GrowthMentor in 3 words…

Authentic. Fun. Real.

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