There’s no secret that women are in the minority in the world of Growth and even the whole Startup scene in general.  The numbers are shifting slowly and we are seeing more and more female faces pop up!

In our community, we have some amazing female mentors who are paying forward by sharing their personal experiences and knowledge with others.  Whether it be in the form of career advice or using a particular MarTech tool or data driven sales, the ladies are here to help.

We have seen that some are of our users do search specifically for female mentors, so if chatting with a woman is something you are looking for- this list is for you!

Karishma Rajaratnam

If she could mentor on one topic it’d be…

I’m super passionate about building successful teams and careers in marketing, and I’d love to talk about things like building a team culture that enables creative freedom, building a data-informed team, balancing challenges like investing in “short term” vs long term marketing strategies, etc.

I dislike the term “growth hacking” but I’m a lover of building scrappy (but effective) strategies that take initiatives from 0-1. Finding scrappy solutions to big problems challenges me & gives me joy, especially when experiments evolve into a scalable playbook. I can help with questions like: How do you run Marketing experiments or test initiatives, with very few resources? At what stage do you conclude that your scrappy growth solution is actually working (or not)? How do you scale it?

Karishma Rajaratnam - Growth @Vidyard

Jackie Quiring

If she could mentor on one topic it’d be…

I’m an experienced writer and founder who works with ecommerce, SaaS and digital agencies to increase conversions for their landing pages, emails, social campaigns and more through the power of conversion-driven copy. I love analyzing data and experimentation!

Hi, my name is Jackie and I’ve been a professional writer, author and marketer for over 10 years. Problem-solving and strategy are my forte, and I’m excited by the prospect of helping others in the industry!

Jackie Quiring - Conversion Copywriter | Founder

Aleksandra Pinar

If she could mentor on one topic it’d be…

“I am a certified Life Coach with 2 years experience. Mostly I work with young women who want to start a career in the tech industry. My personal goal is to be a mentor that I didn’t ever meet.”

I have created and executed growth hacking strategies for Y Combinator startups, SMBs, and the Fortune 500. I managed Product Led Growth initiatives to help drive engagement and increase our conversion rates.

Aleksandra Pinar - Founder & CEO of DigitalBro

Ashley Porciuncula

If she could mentor on one topic it’d be…

“Master certified coach and mentor, working with individuals on a one-to-one basis on topics such as goals-oriented career coaching, regaining focus as a team, restarting your career after parental leave, and restoring your authentic self after experiencing a toxic environment. Previously VP Product for one of Forbes’ “Startups to Watch” and Head of UX Strategy and Product Design at one of the world’s largest health companies. “

I have 15 years of experience in product ownership and user experience. I’ve launched almost 50 products, from start to finish, during my career. My work spans software, mobile apps, SAAS services, responsive websites, branding, and wearable tech.

Ashley Porciuncula - Product leader, UX designer, tech startup consultant, and certified coach

Adriana Collini

If she could mentor on one topic it’d be…

“Fundraising can be frustrating and is time-consuming. Taking a step back and devising a sound fundraising strategy can save time and energy. In the past, I have been both on the investment side as well as mentoring founders on how to receive funding. I can hence help you with setting up an investment strategy to use your time as efficiently as possible and guide you through the due diligence process.”

I designed and implemented Seedstars PMF content, tested and delivered it to founders all over the world. I can hence share my experience from having worked with numerous startups and help you to find what product / market fit looks like for you and how to find it.

Adriana Collini - Senior Investment Associate

Michelle Lia

If she could mentor on one topic it’d be…

“Looking to validate features, delve into customer insights or develop a product? I’ve built products and know how to get inside the mind of the user..”

Hi there! I’m Michelle and I’m a growth consultant based in Sydney Australia. With a background in media, finance and law I work as a growth hacker and approach things from a holistic and product perspective. I’ve worked with primarily fintechs and edutechs

Michelle Lia - Growth and Product Consultant

Monika Khanna

If she could mentor on one topic it’d be…

“I can help you finding the right answers to the most relevant questions with a blend of research, user psychology and UX strategy. How to bring human dimension in design? Empathy helps designers to look deeper into situations in a way that helps them to think and create solutions for problems. Having users think aloud while interacting with the workflow of any system as they speak a lot about user needs and stories. You can thus gather more information from the target users.”

I’m a good listener and know what it feels like when not getting expected results. Sometimes sharing your situations, problems with someone release that tension. You can talk to me and I’m sure you will feel better.

Monika Khanna - Associate Design Director, IBM

Alicia Burke

If she could mentor on one topic it’d be…

“Which channels make the most sense for you? What content & formats resonate most with your audience? How do you build an engaged community? Picking your graphics, video, scheduling & analytics tools. “

I’m an all-rounder(ish) marketing manager who makes the most out of limited resources. I am passionate about comms & strategy, marketing automation & CRM systems, content & social, branding, and website development. I am very (maybe too) process-driven and seek the best toolsets for operational effectiveness, all things considered (i.e. don’t forget the human element!).

Alicia Burke Marketing & Community @ Ascension Ventures

Paulami Roychoudhury

If she could mentor on one topic it’d be…

“As a UX designer, I understand the challenges of creating an MVP to test out the product fast and quick. Having worked in startups, I follow an agile methodology to quickly iterate with limited resources to reach a product-market fit.”

I spent the majority of my career working with early-stage startups hence I understand the challenges of building a product with limited resources. I help set up the design process & recruitment, provide guidance on best practices and help with issues like scalability and product-market fit.

UX & UI designer

Asia Matos

If she could mentor on one topic it’d be…

“Listen — being a SaaS founder is pretty friggin’ tough. And there’s a really good chance you’ve got questions about the journey and how to actually build marketing that works. There’s a lot of information out there about what you should be doing, but not a whole lot about what’s specifically going to work for you. That’s exactly why I’m here. I help founders of early-stage startups reach their first MRR milestones — the first 100 customers, $10K MRR, or $100K MRR.”

What do all successes have in common? Resilience. What we often don’t see in success are the countless failures and learning experiences to get there. This is where mindset can make the difference between achieving that success and never learning or recovering from failures along the way. My approach to mindset coaching helps you unpack the limiting thoughts and beliefs about yourself, your team, and the business and determine real steps forward.

Asia Matos - Early-stage SaaS Marketing Expert

Bosky Mukherjee

If she could mentor on one topic it’d be…

“I get goose bumps just thinking about everything that it takes envisioning, dreaming, designing and building products. Problem discovery is what my core strength is – figuring out what to build first and next is so very hard, figuring out how to build those is much easier.”

I love beautiful design craftsmanship and designing the design function itself. Design is creative; however there is lot to design that makes it scientific. I have experiences building UX/Design teams, functions and several methods to make calculated decisions on when good is good enough in UX and design

Bosky Mukherjee - CEO/Founder and Product/Growth Nerd

Nicole Fu

If she could mentor on one topic it’d be…

“Bootstrapping! I’ve bootstrapped a startup, and worked for bootstrapped to seed-stage to VC-funded startups. I’ve tried every marketing channel you can think of across the lifecycle of pirate metrics (Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Referral and Revenue). As a result, I have a pretty good idea on what kind of results you can expect from each marketing channel and how to make the most bang out of your buck.”

Most startuppers have read The Lean Startup. I think the same methodologies should be applied to startup marketing and growth marketing. Build experiments, test channels, messaging, audiences. Measure: track the analytics, make data-driven decisions. Learn: double down on what delivers the most ROI, scale.

Nicole Fu - Startup/Growth Marketing Consultant

Tina Louise

If she could mentor on one topic it’d be…

“I’m a passionate marketeer who loves helping people and companies success. After working at MyFitnessPal and successfully helping them grow, I became very interested in the health, wellness and fitness sectors. Have mentored a few individuals and companies before, and want to continue doing it.”

One of the best ways to generate results in digital marketing – reducing time wasted in repetitive tasks, and improving conversions and results. Can be used to generate growth, less, improve customer service, and in many other ways.

Tina Louise

Lindsey Allard

If she could mentor on one topic it’d be…

“Bootstrapping. I am currently bootstrapping my software company, PlaybookUX. We have developed our MVP, launched a beta and launched to the general public. When you’re bootstrapping, every dollar counts, I am happy to chat with anyone who is looking to bootstrap their startup!”

I have been running product teams at startups for 6 years. I love chatting about prioritizing roadmaps, feature brainstorming, agile, and all things product.

Lindsey Allard - Co-Founder PlaybookUX

Hannah Parvaz

If she could mentor on one topic it’d be…

“I would love to teach people about the importance of the growth mindset and iterative experimenting. After focussing on this for years, I have found my greatest successes with small and consistent changes as well as user conversations which has helped build close user relationships.”

I love working on performance marketing, brand development, and user engagement inn early-to-mid stage startups. I’ve been working in apps for the last 6 years, with 5 years before that in e-commerce and events. Looking forward to chatting.

Hannah Parvaz - Head of Growth at Curio

Roisin Bennett

If she could mentor on one topic it’d be…

Strategy. Too often startups skip the fundamental research stage of defining their target market and understanding their customer.

In my capacity as European Marketing Manager at Shannon International Airport, it was a challenge gathering customer feedback and pasenger surveys. I developed a solution, reward driven customer surveys at interactive kiosks situated at the airport and subsequently mobile apps. It proved a great success and was rolled out as a model to the airport group.

Roisin Bennett

Marta Olszewska

If she could mentor on one topic it’d be…

“If you have no content (yet): I’ll tell you how to establish your goals, marketing persona, and your content sweet spot (what can you teach people about?). I’ll walk you through topic sourcing, SEO and competitive research, and the writing process. I’ll recommend the tools you can use together with your blogging platform to analyze your results, sync your social media, and to drive signups to your newsletter. I’ll help you come up with your content distribution plan.”

Growth mindset is often going outside of what you’ve learned and previously had experience in. It’s to experiment with different channels, message, and combination of tactics. It’s to fail often, learn from your mistakes, and scale what works.

Marta Olszewska - Former Head of Marketing @Piktochart

Monica Maria

If she could mentor on one topic it’d be…

“I have what I like to call a hybrid experience in marketing. Since I have worked with both B2B and B2C companies of sizes ranging from startups to well established enterprises, it is safe to call myself a ‘hybrid’ marketer. If you’re looking to grow your audience, wondering how to tell a great brand story, or simply looking to brainstorm a new idea, here I am.”

I’ve always said that marketing is like a mad scientist’s lab. There are ideas brewing constantly. There is a dire need to try those ideas, run experiments that eventually contribute to the growth of the product/organization. In the midst of all this chaos, it’s only natural that as marketers, we may be frustrated. When you give words to what’s bothering you, you might chance upon an idea that will put an end to the frustration. You never know. I am here if you need to vent. 😉

Monica Maria - Growth Marketer

Sophia Eng

If she could mentor on one topic it’d be…

“Whether you’re a startup founder that needs help finding their blindspots or you’re simply looking for a more sustainable approach to your work, I can help. So much of what we believe about ourselves manifests in our work. If you’re having doubts, I’ll help you break bad mental habits to help you become more resilient and achieve what really matters.”

I’m a great listener. In fact, I’ve founded Women In Growth, a community specifically for supporting others through their tough times with support and accountability. I’d love to be here for you when you need it most.

Sophia Eng - Founder of Women in Growth

Agata Krzysztofik

If she could mentor on one topic it’d be…

“I’m a marketing and community growth-hacker passionate about new technologies, gamification, data-driven marketing, and agile performance management. I love helping people in achieving their goals.

I’ve spent the last 10 years developing and executing growth strategies and product roadmaps at companies such as Piktochart, Google, Groove, and TeamViewer. Right now I coach businesses in the area of PPC, ABM, SEO, content strategy, community building, OKRs implementation, analytics, CRO, customer experience marketing, PR, UX testing, and buyer personas development.”

I have been part of the Google AdWords team for 6 years collaborating closely with the product, as well as with the best Google AdWords agencies globally. My former team is the one behind the #AdWordsTips video series. I’m happy to help with optimizing your Google AdWords campaigns or with getting you started. I also specialize in paid social (LinkedIn, Facebook, Quora), native advertising, and ABM (account based marketing) campaigns.

Agata Krzysztofik - Head of Marketing @ Piktochart

Liliana Ortiz

If she could mentor on one topic it’d be…

“I’m Lili Ortiz. I help marketing professionals, startups and entrepreneurs to improve their Google Ads, Inbound Marketing and YouTube skills to make more profitable advertising campaigns.

I can help you to develop a laser focus on the kind of mindset that will enable you to understand and overcome your main objections, so to more effectively accomplish your goals and aspirations.”

I love travelling, and I also love learning about online businesses. I fulfilled my dream of discovering the world in 2015 when I visited more than 15 countries. I also created my e-commerce business called I love Trendy (which I sold later).

Liliana Ortiz - Performance Marketing @ Typeform

Vassilena Valchanova

If she could mentor on one topic it’d be…

I’d say “conversion rate optimization” because it’s a broad term to let me cover a few things (so I’m basically cheating!). First, it means you look at the customer journey from a strategic perspective – detail it out and analyze with the data available where your key drop-off points are. Then you review, hypothesize solutions and draft experiments. Then you see what the data says and if your experiment is successful (meaning if you learned something useful about user behavior).

I have a passion for sharing knowledge and I believe that the process benefits both the “teacher” and the “student”. I’ve already trained more than 2,000 students in content marketing, copywriting, marketing measurement, and gamification. I love working on new challenges and being a mentor lets me meet ambitious teams with exciting projects – and that’s what energizes me!

Vassilena Valchanova

Dani Hart

Sustainable Growth Practitioner, Yoga Teacher

Dani’s following a burning desire to better understand burnout and how personality insights, yoga, and diet can help stimulate the mind, body, and soul for personal growth.

She recently led growth alongside Sean Ellis at GrowthHackers — all things community, conference, training and NorthStar (software).

Before that Dani led marketing automation, email, direct mail, and other cross-functional projects for Payoff, a fintech company focused on helping people in USA pay off their high interest rate credit cards with personal loans.


My favorite question is “what can I learn from this?” and I love meeting, learning from, and helping people.


Growth Gal - aka Dani Hart

Sue Duris

Customer Experience and SaaS Growth Strategist

Sue’s spent more than 20 years working in the startup space predominantly in Silicon Valley working with B2B SaaS companies. She also has experience working with companies in the telecom, fintech, and life sciences sectors.

Whether that has been marketing or customer experience leadership in startups, or consulting with or advising them, Sue’s done it all.

She has developed and executed corporate strategy, created pitch decks, made pitches, managed agency and analyst relationships, established customer acquisition and customer marketing programs, led product marketing, created customer experience and customer success programs, developed customer advocacy and reference programs, developed analytics dashboards to generate clear customer insights to optimize customer programs, established customer advisory boards and culture committees, led content strategy and development of all content, and created win-loss programs.

I’m passionate about startups and how to help them engage employees to help drive customer value. The key is to understand product-market fit, identify high-value customer segments, and create the programs that are going to reduce time to value for customers so they can achieve their business outcomes quickly. This is what drives growth.

Sue Duris

Ana Santos

UX Designer, CRO Specialist & Consultant

Ana’s a UX agency owner based in Portugal. Formerly at Google, she’s also worked with several agencies, start-ups and as an independent consultant for corporate clients.

At Google Portugal Anna co-led the mobile UX initiative, working with some of the biggest Portuguese companies across different industries, helping them improve their mobile user experience and make use of the modern mobile web technologies to their advantage. Pretty exciting! She’s also collaborated with global teams at Google for global mobile UX initiatives.

I help not only aspiring UX designers kickstarting their career, but also businesses in need of consulting services in UX or CRO.

Ana Santos

Jess Bahr

Full Stack Growth Marketer

Jess has worked with some of the world’s largest media companies, publishers, and brands to drive revenue and growth. There’s definitely a rush that comes with spending millions of dollars on Facebook alpha campaigns and seeing your work featured in case studies.

In recent years, her work has focused on B2B tech SaaS platforms to build their marketing practices while building their marketing teams.

Brands touched include; SocialFlow, The BBC, Al Jazeera, Time Inc, Conde Nast, Bloomberg, IFC, J.Crew, Madewell, Microsoft, Johnson & Johnson, The Economist, VH1, BarkBox, Two Dots, Spotify for Brands, and more.

My passion is helping startups and entrepreneurs leverage those (and additional) tactics tools to drive tangible results at a fraction of the cost.

Jess Bahr

Yasmine de Aranada

Growth Marketing Strategist

Yasmine is a Hybrid T- Marketer. In the last + 15 years, she’s chosen to build extensive lateral knowledge across multiple industries and marketing channels, offline and online, fine-tuning a data-driven methodology that enables her to build integrated marketing plans.

She’s usually brought into play at the website redesign stage.


Because your website plays a critical role in your selling process when it matches your buyers’ buying process.

To map it all out, chances are she will make you question every aspect your business, pretty much like drafting a business plan.

There is a place for everyone on the market. The key is finding the right positioning and knowing your ideal customer. Through a data-driven methodology, I help you identify your Unfair Advantage and guide you in building a 360 integrated strategy that bridges the gap between sales and marketing.

Yasmine de Aranda

Audrey Melnik

Customer Journey Optimization, Marketing Automation Specialist, SaaS, B2B, Empowering non-technical teams

Over 20+ years in technology and consulting, Audrey’s been pushing product and technical innovation across Media, Telcos, Finance and Startups since 1997. As a consultant, her strategy was always to effect positive change during my engagement, leaving clients in a stronger position than before.

Over the years, Audrey has built a deep product pedigree across B2C & B2B while helping large and small organizations enhance their digital offering. She got the startup bug after helping an Australian startup from inception to exit with a $10 million valuation within 6 months. (Wow!)

In the past 7 years, Audrey has founded 2 startups and has been consulting with other startups to help them to optimize their customer conversions whilst empowering non-technical team members to move fast without developer involvement, aka “Customer Journey Optimization”.

Audrey Melnik

Startups succeed by defining hypotheses and testing them out. If you cannot do that quickly, your startup will run out of runway before you can find the right target market, the right acquisition strategy and the right activation approach.

Audrey Melnik

Nichole Elizabeth DeMeré

Early-Stage SaaS Consultant & Customer Success Evangelist

SaaS growth depends on customer success, but here’s the scary thing about customer success: It also exists outside of your platform.

Success means that customers are not only using your product, but they’re also getting their desired outcomes – and when you bring your platform together with a strategy to help customers achieve those outcomes, you have a recipe for acquisition, retention, and insane revenue growth.

This is what Nichole does, and does very well.

Nichole takes startups from problem/solution fit to product/market fit, all the way through growth marketing and scalable customer development. They’re specialty is in quickly diagnosing strengths and weaknesses in SaaS companies and strategizing ways to improve retention and strengthen brands and also helps SaaS startups launch, engage, and grow communities.

I will help you get to know your customer really, really well. And that is hard. For any size business. It’s as hard as it is vitally important, because everything you do, from developing your product, to marketing your product, to creating a brand that drives customers to you – it all starts here. So few startups get this right.

Nichole Elizabeth DeMeré

Anne Chatpra

Founder, Marketing and Branding Strategist

Anne has created 3 businesses in the e-commerce space and understand the process to get ideas off the ground. Her specialty is in branding, value proposition, digital marketing, and creating efficient workflows. As a marketing enthusiast and conscious entrepreneur, it is her passion to support purpose-driven products and services.

Her background is in digital marketing and branding for large international companies. She’s been an entrepreneur for the past 2 years. Mentoring can include how to create a minimum viable product, digital marketing, and branding strategies.


Anne Chatpra

I am a founder of a social enterprise in the e-commerce space for the past 2 years. I help entrepreneurs strategize and create Minimum Viable Products (MVP) to get the ideas off the ground quickly and efficiently.

Anne Chatpra

Tanya Aulachynskaya

Growth Product Manager

Over the past 8 years Tanya has been growing as a product manager, participating in numerous projects with broad international audience on the web and mobile.

From a product perspective, she believes in user-centered design, rapid iterative prototyping, experiments and always aims at growing the core product metrics.

She currently works as a product manager at PandaDoc.


I have a strong technical background, eye for good design, and love for data analysis.

Tanya Aulachynskaya

Jean Kaluza

Product Manager

Jean’s been in the digital space for well over a decade. She worked with lean startups to corporate enterprises, as well as startups acquired by enterprises for $36 million.

She’s helped implement product processes across companies. These adapt accordingly but always follow a Learn, Build, Test, Ship process. This processes allows the most innovative ideas to come to the table while staying efficient and result oriented.

If you want to talk to an expert product manager with a tremendous about of cross-discipline experience, you can’t go wrong with Jean.

I thrive on Design Thinking that solves not just for users, but takes your resources and bottom line into account as well. This keeps your team and process as lean and focused as possible.

Jean Kaluza

Theola DeBose

Media and Storytelling Strategist

Theola is a former journalist who made a career shift into media, marketing, and communications.

Now she is a founder and entrepreneur currently in an accelerator to create a talent solution for the layoffs and buyouts that have disrupted the media industry. She has extensive media and public relations expertise.

She has also been a national speaker and trainer in public relations, including serving as a #SXSW2018 Mentor.

I understand well the joys and challenges of the founder journey because I am also on that road. I love talking about mindset and I come from a perspective of growth and learning.

Theola DeBose

Jessica Volbrecht

Social Media/Content/Email Strategist

Social Media

These days an active social media presence is a must. Even if you are not getting your clients from social media, they will still search for you before deciding to become a client. At minimum, you at least need to ‘show up’.

If you want to build up an active audience that hopefully will convert, engagement is the first step. Jessica can help you figure out where it is best for you to engage and build up a name for yourself.

Content Strategy

Jessica can help you map out your audience personas and come up with a plan with how to publish entertaining and valuable content.

Email Marketing

She’s not talkin’ spam here, Jessica specializes in writing emails that get straight to point with a bit of pizzazz. The goal is for them to feel personalized and hopefully for your client to crack a smile upon reading.

The internet is over-saturated.  Use social media, your content and emails to stand out as a business that actually has personality.

Jessica Volbrecht

Need growth help from a female?

If you’re a woman entering into the growth scene, it might be a bit daunting, but it’s totally possible and this list gives credence to that fact. Don’t go it alone if you’re a bit indecisive, jump on a call – we’re all friendly around these parts and have one shared agenda, we just want to help you grow!

*Note that we do not have a gender filter on our platform, but we are always around to make mentor suggestions via live chat or our Slack group.

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