Keeping up with all things growth can feel overwhelming, time-consuming, and unmanageable on top of your day-to-day work.

An effective way to deepen your knowledge and stay on top of marketing hacks and industry news is to sign up for marketing newsletters.

Bite sizes nuggets of information, straight to your inbox, that you can quickly read and refer back to.

Not all marketing newsletters were created equal. To save you time researching, we’ve rounded up the best marketing newsletters 2021 that are worth signing up to.

How we have shortlisted these newsletters

This list includes newsletters with authors who are authorities in their sector. They share actionable information and genuinely want to help you deepen your marketing knowledge.

Don’t worry, we’re sparing you any self-promotional, sales newsletters. These ones are all useful, well researched, and actionable; you’ll want to implement their nuggets of intel to grow your business immediately after reading.

31 ‘Must subscribe’ marketing newsletters in 2021

1. Tech Bound

  • Topic/s: Intersection of SEO and growth
  • Founder/Editor: Kevin Indig
  • Frequency: Every Monday

Growth expert and head of SEO at Shopify, Kevin Indig, uses his weekly essay to bring you fresh ideas and go deep on different aspects of growth. He digs way below the surface to explain the principles behind the topic he explores. What’s even better – he shows you how exactly how to apply these growth principles to your business.

If you want to go deep into complex topics with a piece of content that takes 15 minutes to consume, it’s worth hitting the subscribe button for this newsletter.

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2. Marketing Examples

  • Topic/s: Case studies
  • Founder/Editor: Harry Dry
  • Frequency: Twice a month

Harry’s niche is sharing case studies. He uses examples from successful brands to show you how to write copy that converts, how to position yourself, write a newsletter and improve your SEO.

He breaks down the successful tactics used by existing brands in a bite-sized yet actionable way. If you want great examples of how to improve your marketing, these case studies are awesome.

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3. Marketing Analytics Intersect (Occam’s Razor)

  • Topic/s: Marketing, Leadership, Analytics
  • Founder/Editor: Avinash Kaushik
  • Frequency: Weekly

The weekly newsletter breaks down the solutions to problems marketers commonly face in the start-up world.

Avinash shares articles and ideas to help you rethink your marketing framework and stay up to date with industry developments. He offers simple hacks on how to upgrade your analytics reports, how to be a better manager, and how to maximize your use of data.

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4. Think With Google

  • Topic/s: Google insights, research, tools, and trends
  • Founder/Editor: Google thought leaders
  • Frequency: Fortnightly

Google shares regular insights about its research and upcoming trends in the digital marketing sphere. They answer questions such as ‘How can data be used to inform better campaigns?’ and ‘How to Improve ROI.’ The newsletter includes interviews with thought leaders at Google to help inspire your approach to your marketing.

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5. Moz top 10

  • Topic/s: SEO and Online Marketing
  • Frequency: Monthly

The monthly email from Moz is a roundup of that month’s best articles on SEO and growth. This is an excellent source if you don’t have time to hunt down all the industry news. You get insight from different experts, handily collated in one place.

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6. Brian Balfour

  • Topic/s: Growth strategy, retention, and engagement
  • Founder/Editor: Brain Balfour
  • Frequency: Weekly

Ex VP Growth at Hubspot, Brain Balfour’s Reforge course is renowned amongst growth hackers for its excellence. As well as the weekly newsletter, he shares detailed monthly essays on user acquisition and growth strategy. The essays take you deep into the details of acquiring and retaining your audience using his growth strategies.

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7. Andrew Chen

  • Topic/s: Startups, growth, and metrics
  • Founder/Editor: Andrew Chen
  • Frequency: Weekly

Andrew Chen is the former Head of Growth at Uber. These days he shares his industry insights in his long-form essays on growth and his weekly newsletter. Content ranges from essays about how to build a growth team to sharing his failures at Uber.

For a true insight from a growth master, this email is a gold mine of information.

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8. Animalz

  • Topic/s: Content strategy
  • Founder/Editor: Walter Chen
  • Frequency: Weekly

The Animalz blog explores different aspects of content strategy on a weekly basis. From writing for search to allocating budget, no question about content is left unanswered.

The team put together in-depth reports on how to put together a killer content strategy. Their insights come from their extensive experience working with some of the world’s biggest SaaS products and start-ups.

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9. Zest

  • Topic/s: All things marketing
  • Founder/Editor: A curation of articles from the Zest community
  • Frequency: Weekly

This is a curation of the best content from the Zest community. From Google Ads to hacks for scaling your business, marketers share the most valuable articles on the web right now.

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10. Aleyda Solis

  • Topic/s: SEO
  • Founder/Editor: Aleyda Solis
  • Frequency: Weekly

Renowned agency founder and SEO expert Aleyda shares valuable guides, tips, resources, and news on SEO. From technical SEO to strategy and planning, Aleyda’s advice is well informed and will help you seriously advance your SEO game.

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11. Growth Design

  • Topic/s: Growth design
  • Founder/Editor: Dan Benononi & Louia-Xavier Lavallee
  • Frequency: Weekly

Helpful content about the place where growth and design intersect. Their content is all about delighting your customers by providing a meaningful user experience. They share the content in comic book format and share product tips and case studies.

If you want to learn about the psychology of your users and how to engineer these principles to create an exceptional customer experience, this newsletter is for you.

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  • Topic/s: Marketing news
  • Founder/Editor: Nicolas Scalice
  • Frequency: Weekly

Industry news and actionable insights along with the top tools you can use to implement the hacks. Nicolas scours the web for the latest growth tips and turns them into a digestible, fluff-free email.

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13. Copyblogger

  • Topic/s: Content marketing
  • Founder/Editor: Brain Clark, Stefanie Flaxman
  • Frequency: Sporadic

Copyblogger teaches you the strategic ingredients you need to write copy that attracts attention and draws traffic to your site. If you sign up for their email series called ‘The Killer and the Poet,’ you get access to free training on mastering your copy to grow your business.

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14. Backlinko

  • Topic/s: SEO
  • Founder/Editor: Brian Dean
  • Frequency: Sporadic

One of the best-known SEO blogs on the internet, Brain Dean’s site is renowned for its high quality, in-depth content, AND actionable tips. He goes where others don’t and breaks down the exact strategies he used to rank on the first page of Google for thousands of keywords.

The Backlinko team also produces regular reports about the state of SEO and analyzes billions of articles and search terms to back up their findings. Sign up for this newsletter if you want SEO to be the number one element driving your growth.

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15. Litmus

  • Topic/s: Email marketing
  • Frequency: You choose the frequency

Who knew emails about emails could be so helpful?! Ebooks, webinars, blog posts, and templates: Litmus has put together thousands of resources to keep you in the know about all things email marketing. From A/B testing to privacy to ROI and avoiding spam, you can find it on their blog.

Their emails cover industry news, tips, and trends about designing and writing the perfect marketing emails that will wow your customers.

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16. Search Engine Journal

  • Topic/s: SEO, PPC, content, social
  • Founder/Editor: Loren Baker
  • Frequency: Daily or monthly

Search Engine Journal offers a daily newsletter on all things search. It is one of the most referenced sites in the industry and is read by thousands every day.

SEJ is one of the original blogs on search – it started in 2003. The newsletter includes regular updates about new SEO practices, best practices, and all things paid advertising and social. Industry experts contribute content for the site, as well as the in-house team.

The site also produces annual ‘The State of Search’ reports which are regularly referenced throughout the industry.

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17. AdFreak

  • Topic/s: General advertising and marketing
  • Founder/Editor: Brain Stelter
  • Frequency: You choose

A long-existing news site on all things advertising, you can choose the frequency you receive updates from Adweek. Thought leadership pieces about brand marketing, performance marketing, and social marketing, the site will also keep you entertained with the latest marketing moves from your favorite brands.

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18. Buffer

  • Topic/s: Social media
  • Founder/Editor: Joel Gascoigne
  • Frequency: Weekly

From Twitter hacks to Facebook Ads, Buffer’s newsletter has you covered with all things social. Whatever you want to learn about social media, you can find it on their comprehensive blog. They regularly updated the content, so it stays relevant to the constantly changing landscape of social media.

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19. Social Media Examiner

  • Topic/s: Social media for small and medium businesses
  • Founder/Editor: Michael Stelzner
  • Frequency: Sporadic

If you subscribe, you instantly receive an in-depth social media industry report covering insights and trends from marketers about how they grew their businesses. You will then continue to receive regular tips that you can implement into your marketing plan.

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20. Really Good Emails

  • Topic/s: Email marketing; design and code
  • Founder/Editor: Sean Kennedy, Mike Nelson, Matthew Smith
  • Frequency: Weekly

An interesting series of emails, this newsletter curates all the best emails sent out by brands.

They include the visuals and the code for every email in the database so you can get inspiration for your next email campaign. Signing up to an account allows you to create a Pinterest-type board of emails you can collect to refer to later.

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21. Growth Hackers

  • Topic/s: Growth hacking
  • Founder/Editor: Jonathan Aufray
  • Frequency: You choose

One of the most well-known communities of growth hackers online, the site’s content includes AMA with growth leaders and content from industry legends, virtual events, and group discussions.

You can only receive emails if you sign up as a member. Community members post content, and it gets upvoted by other members. You’ll find growth ideas and inspiration as well as detailed how-to guides and pointers to accelerate your growth.

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  • Topic/s: Growth for mobile apps
  • Founder/Editor: Kevin Sandhu & Daniel Cowx
  • Frequency: Weekly boasts about their consistent 45%+ open rate for the newsletter, which curates the best articles on the web about acquisition and retention. The email also includes job listings, exclusive in-house content, and information about events.

A community of more than 20,000 acquisition and retention professionals, the content is very focused on this niche.

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23. CXL

  • Topic/s: Growth and optimization
  • Founder/Editor: Peep Laja
  • Frequency: Once or twice a week

Digital marketers, UX professionals, growth hackers, and analysts comprise the 95k strong CXL email list. The thing that makes the blog stand out is the elite they have creating the content.

CXL shares advanced-level content. Everything is written by people who have learned by doing; they have the knowledge and expertise to break down principles and make them actionable for you.

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24. UnBounce

  • Topic/s: Conversion rate optimization
  • Founder/Editor: Rick Perreault
  • Frequency: Daily or weekly

Learn how to craft clever copy, make people sign up when they land on your homepage, and attract new people into your funnel.

Unbounce has powered an impressive 1.5 billion conversions for their clients – they’re undisputed experts. Tips and topics covered include conversion centered and how AI is transforming the digital marketing industry.

When you sign up, you can choose daily or weekly emails and select your industry. This is so they can tailor the content you receive to be relevant to your business.

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25. InVision

  • Topic/s: Design
  • Founder/Editor: Clark Valberg
  • Frequency: You choose

Case studies, resources, and new blog content; this newsletter is an industry go-to for designers. The app helps designers to create a streamlined workflow.

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26. Responsive Design

  • Topic/s: Responsive web design
  • Frequency: Every Friday

Learn how to optimize your website from a visual standpoint. This newsletter will drop every nugget of information about image load times, device optimization, and webpage layout straight to your inbox.

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27. Non-Obvious Insights

  • Topic/s: Creative thinking
  • Founder/Editor: Rohit Bhargav
  • Frequency: Every Thursday

A curated weekly email of 5 or 6 unusual stories, along with insight as to their importance.

This newsletter focuses on non-obvious ideas to stir your creativity and how you can apply the ideas to your business. Rohit is the author of multiple best-selling books about how to learn from the non-obvious.

When you sign up for the newsletter, you receive an Ebook that contains 100 ideas.

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28. Exploding Topics

  • Topic/s: SEO
  • Founder/Editor: Brain Dean
  • Frequency: Weekly

A straightforward concept that is indispensable for marketers and SEO professionals. Every week you will receive a list of words and phrases that are accelerating in search popularity.

The insights give you the opportunity to build your marketing strategy around what’s trending and what people are searching for. Each topic includes a small synopsis with expert analysis as to why it’s trending.

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29. Vidyard

  • Topic/s: Video marketing
  • Founder/Editor: Michael Litt and Devon Galloway
  • Frequency: Weekly

This newsletter offers up all the insights and hacks for creating video content for your marketing efforts. You’ll learn how to use video for sales, how to use video on social media, as well as all the tools required to create professional video content that converts your prospects.

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30. Demand Curve

  • Topic/s: Growth acceleration
  • Founder/Editor: Julian Shapiro
  • Frequency: Twice a month

Demand Curve is a course for founders and growth professionals looking to accelerate their customer acquisition and revenue. A course driven by data, all the playbooks, and materials you receive is informed by data from start-ups in the community.

Twice a month, you receive a newsletter listing the most successful growth tactics from the community. They survey hundreds of members (most of whom are Y Combinator Alumni) to collate the list.

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31. The Ad Report by GetAds

  • Topic/s: Analysis of high performing ad creative
  • Founder/Editor: Luis Camacho (GetAds)
  • Frequency: Every Monday

Co-Founder and CEO at GetAds, Luis Camacho, sifts through hundreds of ads every week in order to find those that stick out the most, have been running for a while, and are different from all that’s out there.

The purpose of this newsletter is to (1) get inspiration from high-performing ad creative and (2) see what other successful companies are running in an effort to turn more eyeballs into customers.

What’s unique is that each weekly newsletter contains only four ads that are analyzed for what makes them stand out and stop people from scrolling and makes them click. Each ad is broken down to its most important elements and explained in a succinct manner.

If you’re looking for inspiration for fresh new ad creative, just want to see what other brands are bringing to the table, or simply don’t get enough ads on your feeds, subscribe for a FREE weekly send of knowledge.

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Other (more efficient) ways to level up your marketing game

If trailing through a bunch of newsletters each week sounds like more work to you, then why not speak with a Growth Mentor?

The vetted mentors are the industry’s top marketers who work for many of the companies mentioned in this list.

When you speak to a mentor, they’ll offer unique insights, as well as personalized advice on how to overcome your challenges. You’ll learn things you won’t find in blog posts or courses and get an expert second opinion on your marketing strategy.

Never Stop Learning

One of the most important takeaways from this list is that seeking out new knowledge, techniques, and inspiration is crucial to your business. If you aren’t changing and testing your strategies, you aren’t growing.

So whether you sign up for a new newsletter or book a call with a Growth Mentor, make the most of those new insights.