Accountability Check-ins

It used to be so much simpler…

Back in the day you would go to your office, sit in your cubicle and have your boss checking up on you from time to time to make sure you were getting your work done.

THANK GOD that is not the norm for a lot of us these days.

The one good thing about that guy peering over your shoulder, was that he ensured that sh!t got done.

How do you hold yourself accountable?

The GrowthMentor team wants to ensure that you have someone you can turn to who knows about your plans and the goals you have your business.

We have developed an Accountability Partner program so that you have someone in your corner who is going to follow up with you and check-in from time to time and see if you are on the path that you planned out.

Feedback from about Michelle and the Accountability Program

Benefits of an Accountability Partner

Small team:

Even though you have a team around you, everyone is usually so focused on building products and getting customers in the door that in-house accountability partners don’t always do the trick.

The whole team can easily get caught up in the moment and lose sight of what you said you would be working on.

Having an outside accountability partner is an amazing asset that will help you to step outside of the hectic day-to-day and reflect on how things are going and what changes need to be made.


The perks of having an accountability partner when you are working alone are pretty obvious.

Running a business can be dizzying and you are pulled in so many directions.

If you are going it alone, you 100% need someone to help keep you on task.

How it works

Fill in a form after purchasing a membership, and our Accountability Specialist Michelle will be in touch. You can expect weekly check-ins with her in our Slack group once you get the ball rolling. 🙌