“It’s insane how I’m able to hop on Zoom calls with hundreds of experts that work at some seriously impressive companies!”

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Jean-Patrick Bisson

CEO & Founder at Geonode.com

Why Mentorship

What if your portfolio could speak with mentors from startups like Uber

Give them direct access to operators in the field.

Know that the mentors that you’re portfolio is speaking to are hardened operators no more than 1 year removed from active duty at some of the hottest startups in tech.
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Higher survival rate of mentored startups compared non-mentored
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Higher revenue growth rate among mentored startups compared to non-mentored
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Startup founders confirm that mentors had a positive impact on their growth
But providing startups with ongoing mentorship can become an overhead for venture capital firms and accelerators.  Glueing together tools like Airtable, Zapier, and Calendly can be nightmare for program managers.  Until now. 

Build a world-class mentorship program inviting your current mentors and plugging the gaps with ours

Join Program

Get started by applying to our program. Once accepted, you're free to invite your entire portfolio along with any internal mentors at no extra cost.

Book Mentors

Startups choose and book sessions with internal or external mentors based on real-time availability and can book sessions directly.

Track and Optimize

Monitor and refine your mentorship program using our engagement analytics metrics to optimize for high usage rates.

Customizable Private Workspaces

Easily add mentors and mentees, including everyone from your portfolio or company employees.

Internal and External Mentors

Choose from your own trusted advisors or tap into our extensive network of external experts.

Scheduling and Calendar Integration

Streamline meeting coordination with our calendar-integrated scheduling.

Built-in Messaging

Built-in messaging that eliminating the need to switch between emails, Slack, and other apps.

AI Matching

Highly tuned AI matching model. Works with matching your portfolio companies to your own internal mentors and external mentors.

Self-Serve Booking System

Your portfolio companies can schedule sessions by themselves without program managers needing to “coordinate” things.

Analytics for Tracking Engagement

View session data and engagement levels to optimize your program's impact.

Flexible Mentor Access Control

Customize mentor availability within your program and manage who can access different mentors.
Alternatively efficient

Could we be a good fit?


How GrowthMentor solves these issues

  • We offers a customizable workspace for VCs and accelerators where they can invite unlimited mentors. This exclusive space is accessible only to companies within the VC, ensuring privacy and relevance.
  • Utilize our built-in scheduling tools to eliminate the back-and-forth hassle. Mentors can set their availability, allowing startups to book sessions directly without intermediaries.
  • Each mentor has a detailed profile page with in-depth information about their expertise, past experiences, and reviews from previous sessions. This feature helps startups make informed decisions when selecting mentors.
  • Our platform automates many aspects of the mentorship process, significantly reducing the need for manual oversight. Startups can self-serve by booking sessions, leaving reviews, and communicating directly with mentors.

Does any of this relate?

  • You’re relying on manual methods like spreadsheets, emails, and disparate tools such as Airtable and Zapier to manage mentorship. This approach is time-consuming and often inefficient
  • You’re organasing mentorship sessions involves a lot of back-and-forth communication, making it difficult to coordinate schedules and book calls efficiently.
  • Your existing systems often lack detailed profiles for mentors, making it hard for startups to find the right match based on expertise and experience.
  • Your current mentorship processes are usually high-touch, requiring significant manual intervention to manage and facilitate interactions between mentors and mentees.

Give your portfolio companies an unfair growth advantage

Just a few of the topics they can speak to mentors about.

How do we price a new product tier?

How can we boost customer LTV?

How do we predict TAM for a new segment?

Should we build a growth team?

How do we document our SOPs?

How can we expand upmarket?

How do we reduce time-to-value?

How do we expand to a new geo?

How do we reduce team silos?

Should we expand to a new marketing channel?

How do we reduce involuntary churn?

What's our monetization model's friction?

How can we improve marketplace liquidity?

Should we reduce onboarding friction?

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What people are saying about us

The platform offers great coaches! And it’s a big time-saver that you’re able to connect with them so easily.
GrowthMentor has helped SowFlow in the early stages of making crucial decisions and staying on the right track!
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Co-Founder @ SowFlow
Koen Vegter
"I’m thorough with my research and being thorough takes time. I can cut to the chase and ask the questions I need to ask from people who are experts in their field. "
I know I can reach out at any time and I’m not just another number.
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Founder @ Nown
Sarah Beardmore
“All mentors I’ve been talking to have great skills and they all feel eager to share and help.”
It helped me trust in my ideas and trust in myself, as well as develop them.
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Founder @ Code&Beans
Nils Nilsson
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Frequently asked questions

Why Choose GrowthMentor?

Our mentors are the top 3% of their field. Every mentor goes through a strict double-vetting process to ensure they’re the best of the best.

But, when vetting, we also look at an applicant’s soft skills:

  • Does this person have the patience to hop on a call with a total newbie?
  • Can they hang with someone who is even more advanced than themselves in a certain area?

We’re looking for humility, kindness, and warmth.

These traits are what set Growth Mentors apart from other “gurus”. They want to share their knowledge and help.

The short answer? Because they want to help people.

The long answer? Because…

  • They enjoy sharing their knowledge
  • They learn from their mentees
  • They want to be a “force for good” in the business world
  • They want to pay it forward

GrowthMentor covers 45 different skill areas across marketing, growth, product, and entrepreneurship. Our 700+ mentors specialize in a range of subtopics in each of those niches.

Yep. Purchase a team plan and your portfolio companies get unlimited calls every month.

Your package includes:

  • A custom growth roadmap for each of your portfolio team members
  • A 30 minute onboarding with your team concierge
  • Calls for each of your portfolio company members booked every week by your team concierge

There’s a 14 day trial period available for teams plans.

Booking Calls and Logistics

Like the name implies, your team concierge will book calls for your portfolio companies and assist with keeping them on track with their growth roadmaps.

Your portfolio company members can book calls in one of two ways:

First, there’s the DIY route. Your team members can browse GrowthMentor’s mentor roster and book calls with any mentor they feel would be a good fit.

Second, there’s the done-for-you route. Your team has a concierge who will talk through your team’s challenges on a weekly basis and book calls for each of your team members. Then, all your team has to do is show up to the call.

Calls are available as 15, 30, or 60 minute slots.

You’ll have three options to attend calls: Zoom, Google Meet, or GrowthMentor’s built-in video rooms.

When a member books with a mentor, they’ll automatically receive an invite through their platform of choice.

From there, it’s like joining any other video call.

Your members will be able to sync their Google calendars with their GrowthMentor account. The platform will block off event conflicts when booking.

We recommend planning to dedicate 1-2 hours per week per member:

  • 15 minutes for the team member to walk through their challenge with your team concierge
  • 30-60 minutes for the call
  • 15 minute for determining an action plan after the session


Full disclaimer: there are no silver bullets in growth. Success ultimately comes down to putting effort into calls and executing on the mentors’ advice.

But, we can guarantee your portfolio members will be speaking to the top experts in their fields when they book calls with our mentors.

If your members keeps a growth mindset and a bias towards action, you’ve got excellent odds of seeing positive results.

You will be able to see the number of calls each of your members have booked.

No. It’s all about psychological safety.

Mentorship is very personal and requires a lot of vulnerability on the part of the person being mentored. We want your members to feel free to talk about any topic, including ones that may be prickly or highly personal.

So, we only allow team admins to view the general category (i.e. “Leadership”, “Mindset Coaching,” or “Team Building”) for their team’s call.

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Make mentorship a competitive advantage for your portfolio.

    “I’m always looking for shortcuts, and this is probably the best hack you can get: asking someone who’s been there to show you the way.”
    As a piece of advice, I would rather have a shorter conversation with 2 mentors than having a longer conversation with only one mentor. Perspective is key here.
    Jonathan Magnin
    Founder at You're Closer Jonathan Magnin