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Stockholm startup ecosystem

Stockholm's startup ecosystem is a beacon of Scandinavian innovation, fueling the city's reputation as a tech powerhouse. With a history rooted in disruptive ideas and a strong focus on sustainability, Stockholm has become a magnet for ambitious entrepreneurs and forward-thinking investors. The city's vibrant startup hubs, supportive mentorship programs, and collaborative coworking spaces create an environment where groundbreaking startups thrive, making Stockholm a frontrunner in the global startup landscape.

Mentors in Stockholm

I’ve lived and worked in native Norway, US, Germany, Switzerland and Sweden. Worked for start-up, Dow 30 company or myself with global clients. Every 3 to 5 years, I dive into something completely new. I believe that the only constant is change. You either drive change or will be driven by change.

Hans Bunes
Multifaceted business leader from start up to Fortune 50

Startup exec, marketing strategist, people manager, mentor and coach. I’ve worked in the US and Europe, in startups and agencies, from early stage to scale-ups. I have particular experience growing mobile apps, scaling marketing teams/companies, and developing a company brand strategy.

Lisa Kennelly

Engineer and business graduate with with a wealth of experience from digital marketing, e-commerce and growth strategy, having worked with large, established brands as well as fast-growing scale-ups consulting them on both long-term brand strategy and short-term sales tactics.

Hugo Galvenius
Director of e-commerce

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Frequently asked questions?

What industries or sectors are dominant in Stockholm's startup ecosystem?

Stockholm’s startup ecosystem is strong in Tech, FinTech, Gaming, and HealthTech sectors, hosting companies like Spotify, Klarna, and King.

What are the key accelerators available for startups in Stockholm?

Notable accelerators in Stockholm include Sting, SUP46, and Norrsken Foundation, offering startups mentoring, networking, and funding opportunities.

What local funding opportunities are available for startups in Stockholm?

Local funding opportunities include venture capital firms like Northzone and Creandum, angel investor networks, and governmental initiatives.

Are there any tax incentives designed to support startups in Stockholm?

Sweden provides several tax incentives for businesses, including R&D tax credits and reduced employer social security contributions for certain companies.

What is the cost of living and operating a business in Stockholm?

While the cost of living and operating a business in Stockholm is higher than the global average, the city’s robust startup ecosystem can offset these expenses.

What is the talent pool like in Stockholm?

Stockholm boasts a highly skilled talent pool, particularly in technology, fostered by top-ranked universities and the presence of global tech firms.

How is Stockholm's infrastructure conducive to startup growth?

Stockholm’s infrastructure, including high-speed internet, modern transportation, and coworking spaces, is conducive to startup growth.

Are there any major networking events focused on startups in Stockholm?

Stockholm hosts various startup events such as Stockholm Tech Meetup, STHLM Tech Fest, and numerous networking events throughout the year.

What is the regulatory environment like for startups in Stockholm?

Sweden is known for a transparent, efficient regulatory environment that is supportive of startups, though companies must navigate a range of local and EU regulations.