Lisbon’s GrowthMentor Networking Event Summer 2021

Join us for some merriment and networking (in that order)
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7:00 pm
Wed 16th June, 2021
Church Santos-O-Velho,R. Santos-O-Velho 15 Β· Lisboa

Join us to network with growth-minded techie startup peeps (phew! That’s a mouth-full)

This event is open to anyone fitting the above description!

Want to network with the best startup people in Lisbon?

Mentors participating

Serial entrepreneur and consultant in Educational space, I’m stoked about making learning more accessible, fun and profitable for all sides of the industry. I’m currently working on Art Heroes 3D Art Academy and helping other founders succeed faster with their businesses.

Maria Sirotkina
Product launches πŸš€ EdTech & E-learning πŸŽ“ | Serial founder

Let’s talk if you need pointing in the right direction with: βœ” Lead sourcing strategies βœ” Building a predictable & scalable outbound sales process βœ” Digital PR / Podcasts βœ” All things Marketing Automation related βœ” B2B SaaS Product Onboarding βœ” Egyptian Technofunk

Mark Colgan
B2B SaaS | Outbound Sales, Product Onboarding, Brand Building via Podcasts & Marketing Automation | Techstars '18

Expert in implementing scalable Growth Methodologies across organisations. Currently mentoring startups of all stages in emerging markets in finding Product/Market Fit, Fundraising, Growth Frameworks, and generally brainstorming about growing a tech startup.

Satwik Govindarajula
Head of Products at Seedstars

I help business leaders build and launch products that users truly can’t put down. If you want to understand what drives your customers, run effective product experiments, and build a product that truly delights, let’s chat!

Jonathan Bree
Venture-backed founder | Head of Product | Pioneer tournament winner | UX & Product coach

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