Berlin Startup Networking Summer 2023

With an even mix of founders and marketers in attendance, the magic of the GrowthMentor platform comes to life with this event ✨
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6:00 pm
Thu 13th July, 2023
BrewDog Mitte Ackerstraße 29 10115 Berlin Germany

Berlin Meetup #2 is comin’ at ya!

Anyone who is down to chat about start-ups and business growth is welcome to this event.

Space is limited and tickets are expected to sell out, so please RSVP responsibly. GrowthMentor members and mentors, please use the 100% off discount in Slack.

Who is the event for?

Our meetups mirror our online community, an even mix of founders and marketers with a dash of UX and product folks.

What is included with the ticket?

A few drinkee drinks and pizza will be waiting for you at BrewDog Mitte 🍻🍕

What’s the vibe?

The atmosphere of our meetups would definitely be classified as lively 🎉 Check out some videos and pics from a few previous events. It’s very casual so if you want to pop by and chat with a few folks and take off, that’s totally cool with us.

What is discussed at these meet-ups?

Pretty much the same things that are discussed on the platform. The chart below are the topics of the calls booked on the GrowthMentor platform in the last year.

As an added bonus, some of our Berlin-based Growth Mentors will be in the house and ready to chat about all things growth and startups.

Mentors on our platform are highly vetted and one of the biggest characteristics we look for during the interview process is the genuine desire to help others. SO there is no need to be nervous, these folks are super friendly and knowledgeable.

Want to network with top startup people in Berlin?

Mentors participating

I’ll be an assisting light in your everyday start-up problems like funding, org, product, production and all the rest! I have 9+ years of software production experience with 6 shipped products and 7+ years of organizational experience with 4 organizations created and led to growth.

Ata Sergey Nowak
Managing Director and Co-Founder of Torpor Games

Hey there, growth mentees & mentors! Happy you found your way here. My name is Marcus and I currently lead the growth marketing at Tandem Language Exchange. I’m experienced in gaming and ed-tech (both IAP & subscription products) but would be happy to apply my knowledge to any interesting challenge.

Marcus Burke
Growth Opportunities for Subscription & Gaming Apps | Paid Acquisition, ASO, CRO, Product Experiments 📈

I help businesses to grow their revenue by combining customer data, sales & marketing results, into top-tier insights & marketing proposals. With my 12 years of experience in CRM marketing, marketing automation, e-mail marketing & marketing analysis I’ll give your strategy a fresh boost 🚀

Agnieszka Wojtkun
Data-Driven Marketing & CRM Expert

Everything you learned about mobile marketing, throw them out of the window. I’m gonna tell you the real deal. 💡 With a decade of experience in app marketing and 🎨 creative strategy, you’re at the right place for the wildest growth ideas.

Samet Durgun
Mobile Marketing Strategist

I’m an e-commerce leader with 10+ years of experience in the industry. In the early days I helped UK e-comm start-ups such as, and scale via Paid Social and Search ads. I now run an agency that is specialised in growing fashion & lifestyle brands through paid ads.

Valentin Raspe
Founder & Head of Growth

As VP of Growth at EuroVPS, I had to make a LOT of decisions, daily. This got exhausting, especially if I had multiple good ideas on how to do something, but wasn’t sure which to choose. Moments like these inspired me to build GrowthMentor. Does this resonate? If so, I’d love to try and help you.

Foti Panagiotakopoulos
Founder at GrowthMentor

Making things happen behind the scenes at GrowthMentor.

Jessica Volbrecht
COO @ GrowthMentor

Pics from previous Berlin meetup

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