Slack groups are super popular for entrepreneurs and marketers.

They can be very niche focus and offer an easy way to quickly ask a question or get some feedback that doesn’t involve context switching to another social media platform like Facebook or LinkedIn which can be more distracting.

If you’re a founder, marketers, or product person that’s looking for a list of the best slack groups to join, you won’t be disappointed.

Let’s begin!

Slack groups for marketers

Below are some of the most popular Slack groups for marketers.

If you’re a marketer, you might want to run something by for a second opinion, or maybe you’re curious to see what others are working on and want to offer feedback/advice.

Here are some of the most popular Slack groups for marketers.

Online Geniuses

This is the #1 most popular Slack group for marketers, so if you have to choose just one, go for this one. It’s completely free and has more than 18,000 members. There’s always stuff going on here.

What you need to know:

  • Audience: VPs, CMOs, freelancers, consultants, agency owners, basically anyone who’s in the digital marketing ecosystem
  • Activity Level: Extremely high
  • Cost to join: It’s 100% free, but if you pay $25 you can skip the vetting process and get instant access

Online Geniuses is an actual community of smart and supportive marketing experts sharing information across all aspects of the discipline. It should be the go-to source for anyone wanting to up their game and stay on top of the latest in marketing.

Barry W. Enderwick - Former Director of Global Marketing, Netflix

Unicorn Thinktank

This is a Slack group created by Nichole Elizabeth DeMeré, a passionate B2B SaaS consultant that’s a big fan of fostering communities. They were responsible for community at,, (when it still existed), and Product Hunt.

And because of their experience, even though this Slack group is kind of small at just 500 members, the engagement in the channels is just awesome.

I really like that this Slack group’s still kind of a secret.

What you need to know:

  • Audience: Anyone in SaaS, founders, marketers, product people. Lots of consultants and freelancers in there too.
  • Activity Level: Extremely high
  • Cost to join: It’s 100% free, but you have to get invited by someone (or politely ask Nichole to let you in).

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This Slack Group is all about helping you score backlinks.

The general idea is that if you’re looking for guest posters or you’re looking to guest post, you post in #guestposts channel and then the rest happens on DM.

Honestly, there’s no that much engagement in this Slack Group. I’ve never once noticed an admin post anything or try and get the group engaged.

But if you’re a brand new website in a niche’ that’s super hard to score links for, then maybe you’d find like-minded people and do the whole “you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours” thing.

  • Audience: People that want to build links (the easy “no work required” kind of way), there’s 1,721 members as of September 14th, 2019
  • Activity Level: Low
  • Cost to join: It’s 100% free

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Link Building HQ

This is one of the best link-building slack communities trusted by over 1000 companies. It is an invite-only community of link builders, guest bloggers, and SEOs. You can exchange backlinks and guest posts, network with other members, learn SEO, find link-building jobs, and more. You can join the waitlist by filling out the form on their website.

  • Audience – Link Builders, SEOs, Guest Bloggers
  • Activity Level – High
  • Cost to join – Free

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This is one of the most curated marketing Slack groups around.

Don’t be surprised if you don’t get in.

  • Audience: Growth marketers, heads of growth
  • Activity Level: Extremely high
  • Cost to join: Free, but you have to apply

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CRO Hacks

This slack group is focused on conversion rate optimization.

There are 1,549 members on the #general but the engagement and quality of discussion is on the lower end of the spectrum.

  • Audience: Digital marketers, CROs
  • Activity Level: Low
  • Cost to join: Free, but you have to apply

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Traffic Think Tank

For $119/month you’ll get access to Traffic Think Tank.

Founded by SEO experts Matthew Barby, Nick Eubanks, and Ian Howells, it includes hundreds of hours of exclusive video content and they often feature private webinars.

They’ve got around 600 active users.

  • Audience: SEOs
  • Activity Level: Extremely high
  • Cost to join: $119 per month

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Slack groups for startups

Startup Chat

So the deal with this Slack group is you have to pay $29 to get in, but then you get access to $47,426 in deals.

As a paying member, I have to say, it’s not really worth it.

Very little engagement in the Slack Group.

  • Audience: Founders
  • Activity Level: Low
  • Cost to join: $29

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Creative Tribes

I also paid to join this one, $27 one-time fee.

Very little engagement in the Slack Group, around 85% of the activity is the founder posting articles.

  • Audience: Solopreneurs
  • Activity Level: Low
  • Cost to join: $27

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Slack groups for product people

Product School


This is an awesome Slack Group.

Loads of engagement and the members are very keen to connect and network with each other.

I think that because product managers are very misunderstood by both developers, marketers, and C-suite, being able to just hang out together like this is really exciting for many of them.

It’s really cute to see super long threads of people giving advice and helping out fellow product managers with their specific situations.

  • Audience: Product managers (+46,000 members!)
  • Activity Level: Extremely high
  • Cost to join: 100% free

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Makers Kitchen

This is a fun Slack group with a rare sense of community.

Imagine that, members actually meeting each other!

Also, if you identify yourself as a maker, indie hacker, or solopreneur, then you might want to consider joining these no-code communities.

  • Audience: Indiehackers, solopreneurs, deveopers, product people (2,167 members)
  • Activity Level: High
  • Cost to join: 100% free

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Product-Led Growth

This is a slack community created by Wesley Bush, the founder of the Product-Led Institute.

If you know what #PLG stands for, then you’ll probably want to mingle in this exclusive slack channel.

What are you waiting for?

  • Audience: Product-led growth people (+600 members!)
  • Activity Level: Medium
  • Cost to join: 100% free, but you have to apply or be invited

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