When you’re pitching your startup to an investor or at a startup competition, your presentation deck is the only crutch you have to lean on.

A good presentation can make the difference between whether you secure funding or whether you’re sent away with your tail between your legs. A bad presentation sets you up for failure before you even start talking.

Pitch deck review sites are a great way to get a second opinion on your presentations and to make sure you’re ready to knock it out of the park when you secure a presentation spot. Here are ten of the best for you to choose from.

11 Pitch Review Sites You Should Know About



Design For Decks offers in-depth pitch deck review, along with resources to help improve and update your deck for anyone who buys the service. They built their pitch deck review service for founders who would otherwise be unable to buy their pitch deck design service (which starts at $5,000). They have a strong track record with $2B+ raised using their decks, including some big players, and this offer is focused on helping them reach a larger number of founders.

Pitch Deck Creators

For startups seeking insightful feedback on their pitch decks, Pitch deck creators offers a service that is hard to beat. Specialized in transforming pitch decks into captivating stories, this agency provides reviews that are not only free but delivered within a 24-hour window.

What sets Pitch Deck Creators apart is their headline copywriting. The team crafts headlines that narrate your entire story in the limited span that a VC would spend on your deck, which is roughly 60 seconds. This approach ensures that the core message of your startup grabs the attention of potential investors right from the get-go.


BaseTemplates offers pretty good bang for your buck, providing you with in-depth analysis, advice and strategy recommendations and a tailored feedback document with all of their notes. Their entire company is built around helping entrepreneurs to save time and money when starting a business, providing templates designed to help you get funded.

BaseTemplates also offers a free pitch deck template that you can use if you’re early on in the process and you’re not sure where to get started or how to structure your deck.

Perfect Pitch Deck

Perfect Pitch Deck is one of the costlier options, but the good news is that Alexander Jarvis is a successful entrepreneur with a billion dollar plus company to his name. He’s also the director of a VC firm. His feedback can be invaluable because he’s a perfect representation of your target audience.

One of the nice things about Perfect Pitch Deck is that Alexander allows people to book a free and confidential 15-minute chat where you can ask your questions. Part of that is because he knows his expertise will reel you in and have you going back to him for more.


7Startup’s pitch deck review service is interesting because their pricing varies depending upon what stage you’re at. If you’re at the pre-seed or seed stage, they’ll charge you £250 and give you a review of the narrative and business model with a focus on building an MVP and launching. For post-seed and series A funding, they’ll charge £999 for a more in-depth review that covers your financial model, as well as a focus on growth and product-market fit.

Their team has reviewed hundreds of fundraising decks and provides custom feedback for every customer. They’ll also give you a list of positives and negatives, along with actionable recommendations so you can make improvements.

One Dollar

The good thing about One Dollar is that all of the feedback comes from a venture capitalist, so you know that they’re giving you advice based on what VCs are actually looking for. They have a rapid turnaround time and base their review on ten key factors that they’ve identified based on over 200 investor screenings.

Better still, despite what the name suggests, this won’t even cost you a cent. That’s because they make their money from their investments, and they use their deck review services as a way of finding potential companies to invest in. If you score 80% or above on their scoring system, they’ll automatically share your deck with their network of venture capitalists.


  • URL: https://deck.vc/
  • Turnaround Time: Three business days
  • Pricing: $250 for pre-seed and seed / $1,000 for post-seed and series A

This pitch deck review site is designed to give people a detailed review of what works and what doesn’t in their pitch deck, along with common mistakes and potential red flags. They also offer an example report as a free download, meaning that you can get a good idea of whether they’re worth your time and money before you sign up.

They position themselves as like car mechanics but for your pitch deck, carrying out a full audit and providing a slide-by-slide report of what you can do to improve your pitch. Their team has reviewed thousands of fundraising decks, and the company’s founder, Andrew Cove, raised $7 million from top investors.

Pitch Deck Fire

Pitch Deck Fire combines business savvy with design minds to provide a comprehensive pitch deck review service, although they don’t have the pedigree that some of the other companies have. Still, they have a decent reputation and a bunch of positive reviews from happy customers.

One of the good things about Pitch Deck Fire is that they offer a variety of different packages, depending upon how much support you need. Their $299 package offers a full expert pitch review session via a video call, but you might want to opt for their $850 practice package, which includes a full session followed by two follow-up sessions.


Powerdeck helps startups to build investor ready pitch decks, and they’ve worked with over a hundred startups along their fundraising journey. As well as providing pitch deck review services, they can also help with the design and creation of your pitch deck, so they’re worth reaching out to if you’re struggling.

Founder Dilnawaz Khan has over twelve years of experience in the incubation industry and has previously worked as a consultant at Unitus Ventures. Unfortunately, he doesn’t share public-facing rates and so it’s hard to tell whether it’s value for money or not without asking for a quotation.

Pitch Genius

Pitch Genius provides a range of services including market research and deck creation. They boast that 42% of their clients have successfully raised funds, meaning that their clients are over 40x more likely to successfully raise a round than those who try to go it alone.

They have different packages available for different types of company, with their bootstrap package starting at $300/hour, rising to a $25,000 retainer for their unicorn package. Honestly, their prices place them firmly at the high end of the market, so if money is tight then you’re going to want to look elsewhere.

Easy to Pitch

Easy to Pitch is India’s first AI platform for founders who are looking to become investment ready, and they’re dedicated to helping you to build your deck in the first place. With that said, they also offer a free pitch deck review service that can be worth considering if cost is an issue.

Unfortunately, the quality isn’t anywhere near as high as you can expect from other providers, and seeing as their website says “things that you lag” instead of “things that you lack”, we’re also not convinced by their attention to detail.


AlphaValley specialises in providing advisory services to early-stage startups, as well as investment research to investors. That means that they occupy a pretty good mid-point and can apply their experience from both sides of the market to help you to make your pitch deck the best it can be.

Unlike some of the other companies on this list, they don’t offer pitch deck reviews as a standard service, preferring to partner with clients to build their decks from the ground up. This also means that they don’t have an off-the-shelf price or a standard turnaround time, but don’t let that put you off. They’ve worked with an impressive roster of brands that includes Google, Twitter, FreshDesk and Palantir.

What makes a good pitch deck review?

When you’re deciding on which firm to approach for pitch deck feedback, there are a bunch of different factors that you’ll want to think about. These include:

  • The number of experts: More experts means more viewpoints and greater variety.
  • Iteration count: Will they only look at your deck once, or will they also look over your revisions?
  • Turnaround time: If you have three days until your pitch and they won’t get back to you for a week, it’s too little too late.
  • Pricing: Expect to pay a premium on expertise and don’t be afraid to go for a high-end provider if you’re pitching for a large amount of funding


If you’re still struggling or you can’t find a pitch deck review company that ticks all of your boxes, another option is to find yourself a mentor. That’s where we come in.

Mentees on GrowthMentor are already booking calls with fundraising mentors to get ongoing feedback on their pitch decks. We’re uniquely placed to help, because we have dozens of fundraising and startup experts who can all be reached through a single membership.

A mentor can also provide shorter turnaround times and unlimited iterations, because it’s in their best interest to build an ongoing relationship with you. They’re not just providing a service. They’re actively invested in the future of your company. Check out our website to find out more!