Five years ago, I launched GrowthMentor to scratch my own itch.

I was craving a community where I could bounce ideas off of other growth people.

Working in an echo chamber, surrounded by engineers, and no team to speak of besides a motley crew of random freelancers from Upwork was doing my head in.

GrowthMentor was my solution.

A community where knowledge and experiences are shared freely and where good karma and positive vibes hold a precedent over purely monetary motivations.

It’s magical.

Next Stage, Next Itch to Scratch

Fast forward to today, my challenges have evolved.

Running a post-PMF bootstrapped startup is kind of weird.

You’re making enough money to finally not have to do “all the things” but you’re not flush with cash like your VC-funded competitors that are hiring (and firing) non-stop.

  • Should I bite the bullet and shell out for battle-tested full-time employees with six-figure salaries?
  • Should I roll the dice with freelancers on Upwork?
  • Should I use premium platforms like Marketerhire?

Ironically, despite being at the helm of one of the largest networks of growth and marketing professionals in the world, finding the right help still wasn’t easy.

It wasn’t about the lack of talent; the talent was there, abundant and skilled.

Mentors like Lucas Mondora, Eden Bidani, Ari Bencuya, Luis Camacho, and Agata Krzysztofik are all examples of incredible talent I’ve worked with on ad-hoc short and long-term projects here and there.

The real challenge?

Knowing who was available and willing to take on work.

GrowthExpert is our solution.

An exclusive talent pool of growth experts, cataloged, and accessible to anyone looking for “the good shit” but on a part-time basis.

Scratching that itch with GrowthExpert

Think of GrowthMentor as the “church” and GrowthExpert as the “state.”

Let me break it down for you.

Church vs. State Analogy

GrowthMentor GrowthExpert
Church It’s all about helping and nurturing. Like a church, it’s a sanctuary for growth people to share wisdom and support. No money talk here; just pure advice, growth hacks, and good vibes.
State This is where business happens. Mentors from our GrowthMentor ‘church’ take their talents to the ‘state’ market. It’s professional, it’s transactional. Skills get you paid here.

This duality maintains the sanctity of mentorship at GrowthMentor while facilitating the practical needs of businesses and professionals at GrowthExpert.

How it works

For the mentors:

  • Only mentors with 10+ reviews are eligible to apply for access to our lead database with 0% commission, and no matching fees.
  • If they see an interesting project, we make a warm intro.

For businesses that are looking to hire:

  1. Tell us what you’re looking for by filling in an intake form
  2. Demand-side vetting. We only syndicate job postings that we feel are a good fit for our talent pool
  3. Interested mentors request an intro, and we oblige.
  4. If there’s a mutual fit, hire your expert off the platform how you normally would any contractor using Revolut, Paypal, BTC, or whatever payment method you agree upon.

Fractional roles you can hire for

Need an entire team?

We’ve got that too. 

Data you’d like to know

Here’s the data that’s available on each profile page:

  • How much is your minimum engagement?
  • How much would a block of 10 hours of your time cost for a test engagement?
  • What services do you offer?
  • What industries do you have experience in?
  • What’s your toolstack?
  • What’s it like to work with you?
  • Who are you a good fit for?
  • What are some of your notable highlights?

While the identity of experts is revealed, you can fill in the matching form and hit us up to unlock the identity of any one of our experts.

Dip your toes in as slow or as fast as you want.

Monthly Fractional Retainer

This setup is a winner if you need consistent expertise over an extended period (think 3+ months).

Block of Hours

Ideal for trial runs, quick campaigns, or defined projects.

Here’s your low-risk, high-reward gateway.

Direct Hire

If you already know you’re in this for the long run, make it official from the get-go.

Hire full-time growth talent directly with no recruitment fees.

What you can expect to pay

Here’s a quick rundown of what can expect to pay to hire talent in our network:

  • Mid-tier: $75-150/hour
    • Solid growth know-how. They shine when they’re in the doing seat, executing upon growth strategies.
  • Top-tier: $150-250/hour
    • Deep-dive growth knowledge across channels. Self-sufficient, big on strategy, but not afraid to get their hands dirty.
  • Elite: $200-300/hour
    • The MVPs with years under their belt. They lead, strategise, and turn visions into realities.

Why GrowthExpert is Free (For Now)

I mentioned we charge 0% commission, and don’t charge a matching fee.

Here’s the lowdown:

Testing the waters

Right now, GrowhtExpert is like that new cafe’ in town offering free samples.

We’re trying things out, seeing what works and what doesn’t.

By offering our service free initially, we get to test the waters, collect feedback, and understand the needs of both our mentors and those hiring.

No Commission, No Hassles

Zero commission means less operational hassle for us.

Similar to how you can’t complain to Tinder because the person you matched with on Tinder wasn’t as cool as they looked on their profile.

We’re just the match makers.

Building Trust and Driving Engagement

By offering GrowthExpert for free, we’re hoping the mentors will get more involved in the GrowthMentor community.

It’s a win-win: mentors get more exposure and opportunities, and the community benefits from their increased participation.

Vibe Loops are the New Growth Loops

Doing things that bring positive vibes into the community just makes sense.

If we can help bring some business the way of the mentors, hell yeah.

Makes us feel good, makes them feel good.

Looking to hire (legit) fractional growth talent?

Check out and fill in the form, it’s free.