Today we’re announcing a new method of mentor onboarding based on a batch system.

How we onboarded mentors before

Up until now, mentors could apply here, and the vetting process would begin.

If they passed the vetting process they’d get onboarded.

Sometimes we’d add 5 mentors in a month, while other months we’d add 20.

It was all kind of random.

Why we’re switching to a batch system

  1. It’s more intentional

    Adding new mentors to the pool willy nilly isn’t intentional. By switching to a batch method, we are more mindful of what type of mentors would add the most value at this point in time. For example, if there’s a lot of demand for Facebook ads experts, we’ll make it known that we’re prioritizing adding mentors with Facebook ads skills.

  2. It increases the exclusivity

    By being transparent about how many new mentors we’ll be taking on each month we are leveraging the power of scarcity and increasing the exclusivity appeal, thus increasing the desirability of being a mentor.

  3. It gives us something to talk about each month

    We’ve just created a new monthly habit out of thin air. The last day of every month from this point onwards we’ll be promoting a blog post showcasing the newest growth mentors which we’ll share on social media.

  4. It gives some metadata about the mentors

    Each mentor gives some background information and answers a few questions to help you best decide who would be a good fit for you. The questions they answer in each post are:

    • In your words, what does a growth mindset mean to you?
    • If you could mentor a startup on one topic, what would it be?
    • Describe an out of the box solution to a complex problem that made you proud of yourself?
  5. It helps promote the profiles of the new mentors

    Since the mentor rankings are based on the count of reviews they have, new mentors who are just starting out and do not have any reviews could use a bit of a promo boost to get some early traction on the platform.

  6. It’s kind of fun!



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