Session Life-Cycle


From selecting a mentor to leaving a review

Here’s how things go down once you decide on a mentor that you would like to speak with.  

  1. Message the mentor and see if they are a good fit for your current needsĀ  (‘Message Me’ button on mentor’s profile)
  2. Select the button ‘Request a Call’ on the mentor’s profile
  3. Give details about what you want to speak about
  4. Select the session time durationĀ 
  5. Select the time and date (the calendar pulls the time zone from your computer settings)
  6. Enter your communication details
  7. Confirm and wait for the mentor to accept
  8. Meet with the mentor at the scheduled time
  9. Confirm the session upon completion
  10. Leave session feedback and a review of the mentor

Session Flow

Check out the session flow ->

Updated on January 12, 2020

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