Add more free calls

With membership you can have 3 free active calls at any point in time. Paid calls are not subject to any limit. You can book 3 free calls and 20 paid calls and are good to go. (but don’t seriously do this, your brain will explode :D)

If you would like to have more free calls in the active status (requested, scheduled, pending confirmation) you can upgrade to double your free calls to 6 free calls. This $100 upgrade is active for 30 days at a time and is a one time fee.

It does not affect your subscription and when the 30 days is up, you will go back to having 3 free active calls available.

Doubling the Active Call Limit

Once you have 3 free active calls, you will see a yellow box offering you the upgrade option under your sessions on your dashboard.

Updated on October 10, 2022

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