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How long does it usually take for a mentor to respond to a session request?

Some mentors respond to session requests the moment they get the first email notifications and some take a bit longer and may reply once they get a reminder email from us.

Please keep in mind that mentors are located all over the world in different time zones and fall into the category of ‘doers’ who tend to have a lot on their plate at one time 😀

Insider tip: If it’s Friday and you book a call for Monday, it may go to auto-decline if the mentor doesn’t check email on weekends 😉

Behind the scenes notifications

The mentor’s get an initial email when a call is requested and another reminder after 24 hours.

There is a reminder email sent 24 hours before the requested start time of the session.

12 hours before the requested start time the call will auto-decline if no action has been taken.

Mentor’s are also notified of this and may reach out to mentees at this point and say “Hey! I was busy and missed the request and reminder. I’d be happy to chat with you” and then admin can re-open the request to reschedule.

Finding Responsive Mentor Tips

Use these tips to find the mentors who are more active than others.

Touch base before requesting a call

Some mentees have found that it is best to send a direct message to a mentor regarding their request to guarantee the mentor is a good fit and available to help BEFORE filling in a session request. This is totally up to you!

You can find the Message Me button on the top of their profile.

Responsiveness Monitoring

As much as we try to avoid auto-declines, they do happen from time to time for whatever reason. As a platform we do keep track of this and remove mentors who are not responsive.

Cancelling a request

After a session is in requested mode for 48 hours, you can click into the session and cancel the request.

Updated on November 21, 2022

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