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Mentor’s role during a call

Mentor responsibilities during sessions

As a mentor, your main responsibility is to guide the discussion in a productive way.

You are the leader of the call in the sense that you need to continue to add value for the entire session duration.

Listen to the mentee’s story and identify critical points in their decision making that you can help to clarify. 

Empathise – put yourself in the mentee’s shoes and try to imagine what you would do in their position. They’re seeking your experience and insight, so apply it to their situation.

Help mentees look at perspectives that they may not be seeing.

The call doesn’t have to be technically focused, but it might be. If you have insights on how to better set up a workflow, or leverage features of a specific tool this is definitely the place to share it.

Wherever relevant, try to end calls with action points that your mentees can put to the test. This will increase the value that they get out of a session with you and drive your relationship with mentees forward.

You’re also responsible for ensuring that the call is respectful, productive and that you embody the values of the platform. This is a shared space from people of all walks of life – help us ensure that we to help one another in an open, tolerant and forward thinking environment.

Updated on August 12, 2019

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